Ishizu Ishtar (The Sacred Cards and Reshef of Destruction)

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Ishizu Ishtar
Ishizu Ishtar
English name
  • Ishizu Ishtar
Japanese name
RōmajiIshizu Ishutāru
  • Female
Appears in
Game Boy Advance
Ishtar, Ishizu

Ishizu Ishtar is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction. This is a video game depiction of Ishizu Ishtar from the manga and Ishizu Ishtar from the anime.


The Sacred Cards[edit]

Ishizu's younger brother, Marik Ishtar undertook a scheme to gather the three Egyptian God cards to give him ultimate power and the title of Duel King. Ishizu believed that Marik had allowed evil to consume his heart and set out to stop him.

Ishizu came into possession of one of the Egyptian God cards, "Obelisk the Tormentor". In order to prevent the God cards falling into the wrong hands, she was willing to entrust "Obelisk" to a worthy Duelist, who would stop Marik. She considered two such Duelists, Seto Kaiba and the player, and during the Battle City tournament, arranged for them to meet at the art museum.

Ishizu greeted the player when he arrived at the gallery, just before the tournament finals. Inside, she told him of the ancient Egyptian roots of Duel Monsters; how wizards sealed monsters in stone tablets to protect the land and how corrupt priests rebel against the pharaoh by using the wizards and the monsters in the stone tablets. She showed the player a 3000-year old artifact which recorded that war and told him that Maximillion Pegasus based Duel Monsters on those stone tablets.

Before explaining why she needed to tell the player of the origins of Duel Monsters, she asked him to Duel her to confirm that he possessed true power. After the player won, she said that he may be the one to put an end to her brother's mad scheme. She showed the player a tablet depicting the three Egyptian Gods and told him of the power said to be bestowed upon the person who collects their three cards. She then introduced Seto Kaiba, as the final test to see who was worthy of bearing a God card. Ishizu congratulated the player when he won and entrusted him with "Obelisk the Tormentor".


Ishizu uses the following deck in The Sacred Cards. In Reshef of Destruction, she is not a Duelable opponent, and therefore does not have a Deck.

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF Qty
109 "Goddess with the Third Eye" MonsterLight Fairy4 1200 1000 2
120 "Dream Clown" MonsterDreams Warrior3 1200 900 3
165 "The Judgement Hand" MonsterLight Warrior3 1400 700 2
282 "Mystical Sheep #2" MonsterDreams Beast3 800 1000 3
283 "Holograh" MonsterLight Machine3 1100 700 2
290 "Moon Envoy" MonsterLight Warrior4 1100 1000 2
293 "Masaki the Legendary Swordsman" MonsterLight Warrior4 1100 1100 2
299 "Sonic Maid" MonsterLight Warrior3 1200 900 2
582 "Dark Witch" MonsterLight Fairy5 1800 1700 2
603 "Fairy Dragon" MonsterLight Dragon4 1100 1200 2
608 "Shining Friendship" MonsterLight Fairy4 1300 1100 2
612 "Lady of Faith" MonsterLight Spellcaster3 1100 800 2
642 "Mystical Sheep #1" MonsterDreams Beast3 1150 900 3
687 "Goblin Fan" Trap 1
688 "Bad Reaction to Simochi" Trap 1
689 "Reverse Trap" Trap 1
711 "Mikazukinoyaiba" MonsterLight Dragon7 2200 2350 2
816 "Senju of the Thousand Hands" MonsterLight Fairy4 1400 1000 2
824 "Shining Angel" MonsterLight Fairy4 1400 800 2
832 "Obelisk the Tormentor" MonsterDivine Warrior12 4000 4000 1
870 "Amazon Archers" Trap 1


The following cards can be won from Ishizu in The Sacred Cards by the ante rule, provided the player does not wager a low-level ante card. In Reshef of Destruction, she is not a Duelable opponent, and therefore cards cannot be won from her by ante. The chance of winning a card is indicated by the "%" (chance out of 100) and "2048th" (chance out of 2048) columns.

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF % 2048th
708 "Cosmo Queen" MonsterDivine Spellcaster8 2900 2450 99.95 2047