It's Over

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"It's Over" is the sixth song featured on the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Soundtrack and the fourth song to play during the end credits of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light. It is performed by Fatty Koo.


Break it it how you want it 'cuz we got this
Young white stallion, the king of the game, holler back
And I got my whole crew with me
Steadfast, young blood, them boys got heat
Consider it done a new champion take over kid
Heavyweight I size you up, man you ain't great
I fill these cards, man you know Im insane
I be the best there ever, best there ever was
You remember my name, SHAPOW
I feel the pain
I see you under
Hear the thunder
Let it rain
I been down there before
gotta crawl before you walk
If you cant battle
I suggest you not talk,
Flip that
Strategize, energize, against all odds, I strike back
Put the faith in the gods, show 'em, yeah

Can't take this from me
This is my life
Burnin' in flames
Tears in my eyes
It's over, It's Over

Rise up, Round one, are ya ready or not
Get ready
Cuz I'm takin' the spot
We got this game on lockdown, sho' nuff hard knocks
Ready if you ready, man, come and get it, huh
Do ya got what it takes, take your best shot
Dont stop now, show me what ya got
Cuz we got the unstoppable crew
Its Fatty Koo, man I thought you knew

Feel me, know me, my pain, my game
High reign, king of this card game, unstoppable
Round 1, Round 2 look man I got you
Face it give it up, my world, my rules
Your battle my war, vengeance is my door
I'm a knock your points off
Bombs, we set 'em off
Feel my wrath come down destroy you, man
I thought I told you, dog, it's over, man
(It's over!)


Song Credits[edit]

Performed by: Fatty Koo
Written by: Ron Riley, Eddie Brickerson, Gabrielle Travis and Kiana Allison
Produced by: Herminio Quiroz and Ron Riley
Fatty Koo appears courtesy of The DASLabel/Columbia Records