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Itamae's Case Files (いたまえけん簿 Itamae Jikenbo) is a series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime, watched by both Sushiko Maki and Luke. In the series proper, Princess G guest stars during "The Serial Sushi Murder Case, the Mystery of the Sliced Ginger Legend Left by the Striking Skipjack Tuna" arc.[1]


Only one episode of the series was discussed; three potential culprits of the Serial Sushi Murder Case were identified, with the hint to the true culprit being a love letter written in sushi. The suspects were a man covered in fur, a shrewd businessman, and a female fishmonger with a tuna, played by Princess G in a guest-starring role.[1]

Princess G's holding of a tuna in the episode served as a clue to Luke discerning her identity when she infiltrated Goha 7th Elementary under her civilian name due to her holding of a tennis racket in a similar manner.[2]


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