Jade Insect Whistle (Tag Force 1)

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Jade Insect Whistle
Hisui no Mushibue
Card type Spell
Property Normal
Rarity Common
Internal number 5911
Password 95214051

Your opponent selects 1 Insect-Type Monster from their Deck. After shuffling the Deck, place the card on top of the Deck.

Obtained by

"Jade Insect Whistle" is available in the following packs:

"Jade Insect Whistle" can be obtained from the card converter by inputting 71 cards.

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Deck Recipes

"Jade Insect Whistle" is in the following Decks:

Character Deck Level Qty
Hiro Horror of Black Light 3 3

Other languages

Name Lore
French Appeau à Insectes en Jade Votre adversaire sélectionne 1 Monstre de Type Insecte de son Deck. Après avoir mélangé le Deck, placez la carte au-dessus du Deck.
German Jade Insektenpfeife Dein Gegner wählt 1 Monster vom Typ Insekt aus seinem Deck. Nachdem das Deck gemischt wurde, wird die gewählte Karte oben auf seinem Deck platziert.
Italian Whistle Insetto di Giada Il tuo avversario sceglie 1 Mostro di Tipo Insetto dal suo Deck. Dopo aver mischiato il Deck, metti la carta in cima al Deck.
Spanish Silbato de Jade de Insectos Tu adversario selecciona 1 monstruo de Tipo Insecto de su Deck, baraja el Deck y coloca la carta en la parte superior del Deck.