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Janko Entant
Janko Entant
  • Janko Entant
RōmajiArisugawa Jango
  • Unnamed cousin
  • Career
  • Education
OccupationGoha 6th Elementary Student Council (president)
SchoolGoha 6th Elementary
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Dark Rush Duel Tournament No result
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Did not place (with Osamu Rojihara and Botan Kenzaki)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 03131: "Rebelli-Ant is Mine"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Nicholas Corda
  • YouthK Saeki
Entant, Janko

Janko Entant, known as Jango Arisugawa (ありがわジャンゴ Arisugawa Jango) in Japanese, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is the president of the Student Council at Goha 6th Elementary, who holds the "Dark Rush Duel Tournament" in defiance of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club's stance on Rush Dueling.[1]



Full-body view of Janko

Janko is a skinny young boy with blue eyes and green and brown hair that sticks up in messy spikes. He dresses in smart clothing, but in an unkempt manner, wearing an untucked white collared shirt with the collar sticking up, a crooked red tie hanging limply around his neck, a blue jacket with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, blue pants that bag around his ankles with his brown belt being untucked, and simple brown shoes. He also wears a yellow hexagonal badge on his left lapel. Prior to being kicked off the Goha 6th Elementary Student Council he was more neatly dressed.


Janko has a laid-back and careless disposition, though he is more serious than this initial impression. He shows himself to be somewhat dramatic, directly referring to his past as his "tragic backstory" and expositing about it when given the slightest opportunity. He likens himself and his fellow students to ants capable of rebellion against those that oppose them, in a somewhat similar manner to Shinji Weber.

After he was kicked off the Student Council, Janko was traumatized by his defeat in the Duel and his body became reliant on the sensation of drawing cards. Unless Janko regularly draws cards he goes into spasms and must be calmed by being provided cards to draw. Janko experiences a euphoric joy when drawing a card, to the point that he has to be prevented from drawing more cards than is legally permitted during a Duel, and he even asks permission to draw Luke's cards for him during their Duel. The introduction of Rush Dueling has soothed this trauma, though Janko is still reliant on the sensation. It is later suggested that this might have instead been the product of not being on the Student Council.[2]


Arisugawa was the surname used by a now-extinct branch of the Japanese imperial family. The first character, ari, is an homophone of the Japanese word for "ant".



Janko was the president of Goha 6th Elementary's Student Council and he enjoyed Dueling with his friends until they were challenged by Asana Mutsuba and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club one day. Janko and his friends were defeated and removed from the Student Council. The incident caused Janko to develop a trauma that required him to regularly draw cards lest he break out in seizures.[1]

Janko learned about Rush Dueling through the Goha 7th Elementary newspaper given to him by a friend of a relative who lived next to his cousin, and he became enamored with them as they helped to ease his trauma. He and his fellow students began Rush Dueling in secret at the old Goha 6th campus in defiance of the school's stance on the format.[1]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Janko decided to hold a Dark Rush Duel Tournament, and he disguised his invitations to the tournament as advertising a "Trumpet Duet Tournament". As his friends Dueled at the tournament, Yuga Ohdo, the format's creator, and his friends Luke, Romin Kassidy, Gavin Sogetsu, Kaizo and Seatbastian arrived, having been fooled by Janko's false notice. Janko apologized for the misunderstanding and explained his history and the purpose of the tournament after he had a seizure. He asked to Duel Yuga, but was instead challenged to a Rush Duel by Luke, who was angry that his preparation for the so-called Trumpet Duet Tournament had been for nothing. Janko accepted Luke's challenge, believing a friend of Yuga's would be of similar strength as a Duelist. Luke opposed Janko's ant monsters with powerful Dragon monsters, angry at Janko's request to draw his cards for him, and Janko was able to destroy all of Luke's monsters with "Gi-ant Revolution". He attempted to defeat Luke on his next turn with "Antrebellion of the Rebellion", but Luke was able to not only Special Summon "Volcano Attack Dragon" to defend him, but reduce the ATK of Janko's "Oppressed Ant" and survive the turn, though Janko was confident that his second "Gi-ant Revolution" would protect him. To his shock, Luke Summoned the zero ATK "Insurrection Dragon", which also grew stronger depending on the number of monsters on the field, and its effect prevented it from being destroyed by a Trap, allowing it to defeat Janko. As Janko lamented over his loss, Luke offered him a hand up, reassuring him that he'd put up a fight, and Janko got to his feet himself before taking Luke's hand.[1] However, they were discovered by the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, and Janko was irritated by the Goha 7th Elementary students getting distracted by Asana's quirks given their situation. To Janko's despair the old campus was demolished and he and his fellow students were led away, but Yuga challenged Asana to a Rush Duel to allow the students of Goha 6th Elementary to Rush Duel freely, a challenge Janko slyly reminded everyone that Asana could not decline given their school's traditions. Unfortunately, Asana defeated Yuga with a Maximum Summon, forcing him, Luke, Romin and Gavin to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary.[3]

Janko explained to Yuga and his friends what life at Goha 6th Elementary was like on their first day there, participating in the grueling trek to the school. He was shocked when Gavin began having similar seizures to him at the prospect of not being on the Goha 7th Elementary Student Council and this triggered his own seizure.[2]

Eventually, Yuga and Asana had a second Rush Duel to decide whether Rush Dueling would be banned at all elementary schools in Goha City. Yuga was able to defeat Asana, who rescinded the ban on Rush Dueling at Goha 6th Elementary, something Janko joyfully announced to the student body, though he had one of his seizures during his speech and had to be sated by drawing cards again.[4]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

An official Goha-sponsored Rush Duel Tournament, the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, was announced, and Janko, Botan, and Osamu entered the tournament as a three-person team.[5] Janko, Botan and Osamu failed to place in the tournament, so they attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal on the third day, watching Romin's victory against Roa Kassidy and Gavin's Duel against Nail Saionji and was shocked by Gavin's new "Gakuting" persona. Faced with "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", Gavin eventually returned to his normal persona and forced a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to have a final Duel.[6][7]

Janko watched Yuga and Luke's Duel. After Yuga Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", the Solid Vision images of the monsters began to glitch, and Janko learned from the Space Operations Duel Squadron that the Goha Duel Server was actually on the moon and the portion that contained the data for Rush Duels, the Super Rush Robot, was being eroded in an effort to uninstall Rush Dueling.[8] Yuga and Luke decided to continue their Rush Duel despite knowing it would erase the format, and Luke eventually defeated Yuga, winning the tournament. Afterwards the Rush Duel program on the surface of the moon was destroyed, but Yuga had immediately reinstalled Rush Dueling and had the Super Rush Robot reconstructed out of space debris by Nail, making it a far stronger program. Janko and his friends then watched Luke's coronation.[9]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

Following the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, the Goha Siblings, the true Goha Presidents, returned to Earth and issued a challenge to Yuga and his friends with the Super Rush Robot held hostage. After Yuga and his friends lost three times to the Goha Siblings out of the required six, Gavin called a meeting of the Goha 7th and 6th Student Councils at the A.I. Restaurant to fight against Yuo Goha's Fusion Summon. As Gavin and his aides Rayne and Rino introduced themselves, Janko had one of his seizures, forcing Osamu and Botan to provide him with cards to draw. After they ordered, Osamu argued with Gavin over the order of Goha 6th Elementary and Goha 7th Elementary in his presentation's title until Janko told him off. To their shock their food had been eaten while they weren't looking, though Janko knew instantly that Botan was responsible and told her off for losing control (while indulging in his own drawing addiction), warning the twins they couldn't go easy on Botan. As they ordered again and Gavin continued his presentation, Romin arrived to join them in their meal and Osamu criticized her for being an outsider until falling for her and allowing her to stay, much to Janko's exasperation. After Rayne dropped a notebook with observations on the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, Janko and Gavin recalled their solidarity and suggested it was what they needed most, though Romin took it as a rally to protect their food from Botan. As the meeting began spiralling out of control, Janko asked if he could take over from Gavin, believing him to be too undistinguished, and Gavin warned Janko they'd never know when he'd have a seizure. Sure enough, Janko ran out of cards to draw and was set off.[10]

Goha Employee[edit]

Janko was recruited by Romin and Gavin to help teach Yuo to say "thank you", hoping Janko's experience with ants could help Yuo practice "ari", though they had mixed results.[11]


Janko uses an Ant Deck, composed of Insect monsters with 100 ATK that are based on the Huge Revolution series. His general strategy is to Summon as many low-Level monsters as possible to bait his opponent into attacking, allowing him to destroy their monsters with his "Gi-ant Revolution" Trap Card and leave them wide open on his next turn, allowing him to increase the ATK of his Insect monsters with 100 or less ATK with the effect of his ace monster, "Antrebellion of the Rebellion".


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 31 Lose


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