Japanese National Duel Monsters Championship

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Japanese National Duel Monsters Championship
The tournament finals
Tournament details
StructureSingle-elimination (finals)
Final positions
WinnerWeevil Underwood
Runner-upRex Raptor
Third placeMako Tsunami (anime)

The Japanese National Duel Monsters Championship, known as the Duel Monsters Tournament in the manga, was a Duel Monsters tournament in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and anime to determine the Japanese champion.

In the dub, it was referred to as a Regional Duel Monsters Championship, suggesting it only encompassed a region, rather than the whole country. In the manga and Japanese anime, the regionals are mentioned as being a lower stage than this tournament.


The tournament consisted of 200 Duelists and the winner was Weevil Underwood, who defeated Rex Raptor in the finals. Mako Tsunami came in third place.

Maximillion Pegasus invited the finalists of this tournament to participate in his Duelist Kingdom tournament. Unlike other competitors in Duelist Kingdom, the finalists were given rooms in the boat journey to the tournament. The finalists of the regional championship were awarded the card "Serpent Night Dragon".

In the manga, Yugi Mutou did not take part in the tournament, as he had vowed that when he entered a tournament it would be to face Seto Kaiba in a fair Duel. Kaiba did not take part as he was in a vegetative state after receiving the Mind Crush during Death-T.