Jiro's jailbreak

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Jiro's jailbreak was an escape from Domino City Jail in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Toei anime.

The escaped prisoner was unnamed in the manga and called Jiro the Jorogumo in the anime. The anime version adds extra elements to the escape, where Jiro framed a fellow inmate, Tetsu Tasaki.

Manga version[edit]

The convict was numbered 777 in the prison and considered himself to be a lucky man, despite being on death row. One day is horoscope said that the stars were on his side today, so he believed anything he did that day would go well. He took advantage of this to make his escape. In the process he got hold of a gun and killed a security officer.

The convict headed to Domino City and the alarm was raised. Students at Domino High School were advised to be cautious and go straight home after school.

The convict became thirsty and proceeded to Burger World, where he held Anzu Mazaki hostage and forced Yugi Mutou to serve him vodka and Lucky Stripe cigarettes. However Yugi switched to Dark Yugi, who defeated the convict in one finger BATTLE!, incinerating him.

Anime version[edit]

The convict, Jiro, was a master of disguise. He disguised himself as Tetsu Tasaki, a different inmate, and attacked a prison guard. He then put on a police uniform, allowing him to slip past the police and escape in a squad car. Having seen him disguised as Tetsu, Tetsu was believed to be the man who escaped. The real Tetsu Taseki had also escaped.

Jiro proceeded to rob several banks. The nature of the robberies matched that of Tetsu, who was then accused of committing the crimes. The real Tetsu did try to rob a warehouse — only to find the safe had already been emptied by the staff. Jiro also stole thirty jewels, again posing as Tetsu, but got hit in the leg by a police baton in this raid. The real Tetsu stole a Marie Antoinette necklace, which turned out to be a fake.

Jiro disguised himself as the manager at Burger World, while Tetsu went into the restaurant for a meal. The police chief alerted the staff at the restaurant that Tetsu could be in there and mentioned that he could have a bruised leg. Jiro assisted them in searching for Tetsu. When he was found, Tetsu resisted arrest and knocked over Jiro, spotting his bruised leg. He quickly exposed Jiro by revealing a tattoo on his back. Jiro took Anzu Mazaki hostage and ordered Yugi Mutou to serve him alcohol and cigarettes. However, Yugi switched to Dark Yugi and faced Jiro in a Shadow Game. Jiro tried to cheat, so he received a Penalty Game, causing him to believe he was on fire.