Joey's mother

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Joey's mother
Joey's mother
English name
  • Joey's mother
Japanese translatedJonouchi's mother
Japanese name
RōmajiJōnouchi no haha
  • Female
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! episode 05555: "Stalked by the Rare Hunters"
Appears in
English voice
Japanese voice
  • Chiaki Kōsaka [1]
Joey's mother

Joey's mother is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. She is the mother of Joey and Serenity Wheeler.


When Joey and Serenity were children, their mother was married to their father until he started gambling them into debt, drinking heavily and started getting abusive and caused chaos to the Wheeler family, which left her no choice but to file for divorce.

She took custody of Serenity, possibly because of her illness and needing the most attention, but she left her son behind with his father where the two had not seen eachother for six years. It's unknown why she left her son behind as her ex husband proved to be an unfit parent, but in episode 52, Joey tells Tristan when she took Serenity and left him, they didn't see eye to eye, which hints that even before the divorce she and Joey had a tense relationship for unknown reasons, and were only civil when Serenity was involved.

The night before her daughter's surgery, Serenity tells her mother that Joey was coming to the operation, which surprises her but makes her nervous as she would be faced to face with the son who she left behind with her abusive ex and the child she has a tense relationship with. However, in the morning Joey didn't show up and Serenity locked herself in her room, with her mother banging on the door telling her to come out, but Serenity refuses as she was terrified of the surgery that has a high risk chance of failing and won't do it until Joey was there, desperate she calls Yugi to find her son as time was running out for her daughter, for if she didn't get the operation she would go blind for the rest of her life. But thankfully, Joey showed up and made a heart filled apology to Serenity for being late, which surprised his mother, when Serenity comes out to hug Joey, she goes to hug her daughter and thanks Joey for getting Serenity out to go for the surgery. There was little to no tension between the mother and son and her daughter's operation was a success.

She was not seen for the rest of the series, she wasn't present when Serenity went into surgery, recovery or when she took her bandages off nor was she mentioned by Joey or anyone else. It's unknown if she and Joey truly reconciled, but Duke hints that Serenity moved to Domino city, either with her mother or their mother allowed Serenity to move in with Joey to make up for the years they spent apart because of her separating them.


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