Joey Wheeler (Duel Monsters 4)

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Joey Wheeler
Joey Wheeler
English name
  • Joey
Japanese translatedJonouchi
Japanese name
  • Male
Appears in
Game Boy ColorYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist
Wheeler, Joey

Joey, known as Jonouchi (じょうのうち Jōnouchi) in Japan, is the player character in the Joey Deck version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist. This is a video game depiction of Katsuya Jonouchi from the manga. The player plays as Joey and has their name set to his kana name, じょうのうち.

Certain cards can only be used when playing as Joey, notably including "The Winged Dragon of Ra" and a number of cards used by Joey in the manga.

Marik is the only campaign mode opponent that Joey cannot face. His drops include "The Winged Dragon of Ra" and many cards used by Joey in the manga. Players must trade with Yugi or Kaiba in order to acquire them.


Joey appears in the following scenes in the game:

  • The Password menu
  • The trade menu, if the player does not have sufficient cards or Deck Cost to conduct a trade
  • The new game menu, asking players to confirm that they wish to overwrite their saved game


Joey begins the game with the same Starter Deck as Yugi and Kaiba.

This can be customized using the 658 cards usable in the Joey Deck version of the game.

395Dancing ElfForestFairy13002001
475Sinister SerpentWaterReptile13002502
504Fungi of the MuskForestFiend24003001
590Beaked SnakeWaterReptile38009003
402Monster EyeFiendFiend22503501
548Bone MouseFiendZombie24003001
436White DolphinWaterFish25004001
563Wretched Ghost ofShadowFiend25504002
422Jinzo #7FiendMachine25004001
516Muka MukaEarthRock26003001
197Mech Mole ZombieFiendZombie25004001
410Mechanical SpiderForestMachine24005001
486Boo KooLightSpellcaster26505001
524Star BoyWaterAqua25505001
579Abyss FlowerForestPlant37504001
202Air Marmot of NefaFiendBeast24006001
207Droll BirdWindWinged Beast26005001
611Hiro's Shadow ScouFiendFiend26505002
137Mystery HandFiendFiend25005003
122Yamatano Dragon ScWindDragon39003001
549Frog The JamWaterAqua37005001
506Gale DograForestInsect26506001
182Masked ClownShadowWarrior35007001

Card usability[edit]

Cards Explanation
Always usable 620 These cards can be included in the Deck, as soon as they are acquired.
Usable post-game 38 These cards can be included in the Deck, only after the player has completed the main part of the campaign.
Total usable 658 All cards that can be included in the Deck at some point.
Exclusively usable 125 Cards which are usable in Joey Deck, but not in Yugi Deck or Kaiba Deck
Unusable 242 Cards which cannot be included in the Deck.


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