Joey Wheeler pack (Link Evolution)

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Joey Wheeler pack
Joey Wheeler pack
  • Joey Wheeler pack
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Video games

Joey Wheeler pack

The Joey Wheeler pack is a Booster Pack available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. It becomes available in the Card Shop after completing the PaniK Attack scenario in the Yu-Gi-Oh! section of the campaign.

Notable archetypes are Battleguard, Djinn of Rituals, Impcantation, Jinzo, Mask, Red-Eyes and Ruin & Demise.

Each pack costs 400 DP and contains 8 cards (7 Commons and 1 Rare).


Name Rarity
"7 Completed" Common
"Advanced Ritual Art" Rare
"Alligator's Sword" Common
"Alligator's Sword Dragon" Common
"Amplifier" Common
"Ancient Tool" Common
"Anthrosaurus" Common
"Archfiend Black Skull Dragon" Rare
"Arma Knight" Common
"Armored Lizard" Common
"Ascending Soul" Common
"Axe Raider" Common
"B. Dragon Jungle King" Common
"B. Skull Dragon" Rare
"Baby Tiragon" Common
"Barrel Dragon" Common
"Battle Steer" Common
"Battle Warrior" Common
"Battleguard Howling" Common
"Battleguard King" Common
"Battleguard Rage" Common
"Beastly Mirror Ritual" Common
"Black Dragon's Chick" Common
"Black Metal Dragon" Common
"Blade Knight" Common
"Blast Sphere" Common
"Blue Flame Swordsman" Common
"BM-4 Blast Spider" Common
"Brain Jacker" Common
"Breaking of the World" Common
"Cards of the Red Stone" Common
"Chakra" Common
"Claw Reacher" Common
"Collected Power" Common
"Commencement Dance" Common
"Comrade Swordsman of Landstar" Common
"Contract with the Abyss" Rare
"Contract with the Dark Master" Common
"Copycat" Rare
"Crab Turtle" Common
"Cuben" Common
"Curse of Fiend" Common
"Curse of the Masked Beast" Common
"Cyber Jar" Rare
"Cyber Raider" Common
"Cycle of the World" Common
"Cú Chulainn the Awakened" Common
"Dark Dragon Ritual" Common
"Dark General Freed" Common
"Dark Master - Zorc" Common
"Dark Rabbit" Common
"Darklord Nurse Reficule" Rare
"Delinquent Duo" Rare
"Demise, Agent of Armageddon" Common
"Demise, King of Armageddon" Rare
"Demise, Supreme King of Armageddon" Rare
"Desperado Barrel Dragon" Rare
"Dice Jar" Common
"Dice Re-Roll" Common
"Dice Try!" Common
"Different Dimension Gate" Common
"Divine Grace - Northwemko" Rare
"Divine Knight Ishzark" Common
"Djinn Cursenchanter of Rituals" Common
"Djinn Demolisher of Rituals" Common
"Djinn Disserere of Rituals" Common
"Djinn Presider of Rituals" Rare
"Djinn Prognosticator of Rituals" Common
"Djinn Releaser of Rituals" Rare
"Dokurorider" Common
"Doriado's Blessing" Common
"Dragonic Attack" Common
"Earth Chant" Rare
"Earthshaker" Common
"Elemental Grace Doriado" Rare
"Elemental Mistress Doriado" Common
"Emblem of the Awakening" Common
"End of the World" Common
"Fairy of the Spring" Common
"Feast of the Wild LV5" Common
"Fiber Jar" Rare
"Field-Commander Rahz" Common
"Fiend's Mirror" Common
"Final Ritual of the Ancients" Common
"Flame Cerebrus" Common
"Flame Manipulator" Common
"Flame Swordsman" Common
"Fortress Whale" Common
"Fortress Whale's Oath" Common
"Freed the Brave Wanderer" Common
"Freed the Matchless General" Common
"Fulfillment of the Contract" Common
"Fusion Sword Murasame Blade" Common
"Gale Dogra" Common
"Gamble" Common
"Garlandolf, King of Destruction" Rare
"Garma Sword" Common
"Garma Sword Oath" Common
"Garnecia Elefantis" Common
"Garoozis" Common
"Gate Guardian" Rare
"Gatekeeper" Common
"Gear Golem the Moving Fortress" Common
"Gearfried the Iron Knight" Common
"Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight" Common
"Gearfried the Swordmaster" Common
"Gift Card" Common
"Giganto" Common
"Gilford the Legend" Common
"Gilford the Lightning" Common
"Goddess Bow" Common
"Graceful Dice" Common
"Grand Tiki Elder" Common
"Graverobber" Common
"Graverobber's Retribution" Common
"Ground Attacker Bugroth" Common
"Gryphon's Feather Duster" Common
"Hamburger Recipe" Common
"Heavy Metal Raiders" Common
"Hieroglyph Lithograph" Common
"Hungry Burger" Common
"Hymn of Light" Rare
"Impcantation Bookstone" Common
"Impcantation Candoll" Common
"Impcantation Penciplume" Common
"Impcantation Talismandra" Common
"Incandescent Ordeal" Common
"Inferno Fire Blast" Common
"Inspection" Common
"Invincibility Barrier" Common
"Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu" Common
"Javelin Beetle" Common
"Javelin Beetle Pact" Common
"Jerry Beans Man" Common
"Jinzo" Rare
"Jinzo #7" Common
"Jinzo - Jector" Rare
"Jinzo - Lord" Rare
"Jinzo - Returner" Common
"Karbonala Warrior" Common
"Kazejin" Common
"Keeper of the Shrine" Common
"Kiseitai" Common
"Kojikocy" Common
"Kunai with Chain" Common
"Labyrinth Wall" Common
"Launcher Spider" Common
"Lava Battleguard" Common
"Legendary Flame Lord" Common
"Light Laser" Common
"Lightning Blade" Common
"Little-Winguard" Common
"Lord of the Red" Common
"Lucky Punch" Common
"Lycanthrope" Common
"M-Warrior #1" Common
"M-Warrior #2" Common
"Machine Conversion Factory" Common
"Machine King" Common
"Machine King - 3000 B.C." Common
"Machine King Prototype" Common
"Magical Arm Shield" Common
"Magical Labyrinth" Common
"Maha Vailo" Common
"Majesty's Fiend" Rare
"Makyura the Destructor" Rare
"Malefic Red-Eyes B. Dragon" Rare
"Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands" Rare
"Masaki the Legendary Swordsman" Common
"Mask of Brutality" Common
"Mask of Darkness" Rare
"Mask of Dispel" Common
"Mask of Restrict" Rare
"Mask of the Accursed" Common
"Mask of Weakness" Common
"Masked Beast Des Gardius" Common
"Mechanicalchaser" Common
"Megasonic Eye" Common
"Melchid the Four-Face Beast" Common
"Metal Armored Bug" Common
"Metalmorph" Rare
"Metalzoa" Common
"Meteor B. Dragon" Rare
"Meteor Black Comet Dragon" Rare
"Meteor Dragon" Common
"Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact" Common
"My Body as a Shield" Rare
"Nekogal #1" Common
"Nekogal #2" Common
"Neo the Magic Swordsman" Common
"Novox's Prayer" Common
"Numinous Healer" Common
"Obnoxious Celtic Guard" Common
"Orgoth the Relentless" Rare
"Paladin of Dark Dragon" Rare
"Panther Warrior" Common
"Pendulum Machine" Common
"Perfect Machine King" Common
"Performance of Sword" Common
"Pixie Knight" Common
"Preparation of Rites" Rare
"Primal Cry" Common
"Prohibition" Rare
"Proton Blast" Common
"Psychic Shockwave" Common
"Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning" Common
"Red-Eyes B. Dragon" Rare
"Red-Eyes Baby Dragon" Common
"Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword" Rare
"Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon" Rare
"Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon" Rare
"Red-Eyes Burn" Common
"Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" Rare
"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" Rare
"Red-Eyes Fang with Chain" Common
"Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon" Rare
"Red-Eyes Fusion" Common
"Red-Eyes Insight" Common
"Red-Eyes Retro Dragon" Common
"Red-Eyes Slash Dragon" Rare
"Red-Eyes Spirit" Common
"Red-Eyes Transmigration" Common
"Red-Eyes Wyvern" Rare
"Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon" Common
"Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon" Rare
"Reflect Bounder" Common
"Release Restraint" Common
"Renewal of the World" Common
"Reshef the Dark Being" Rare
"Resurrection of Chakra" Common
"Return of the Red-Eyes" Rare
"Revival of Dokurorider" Common
"Ritual Buster" Common
"Ritual Cage" Common
"Ritual Foregone" Common
"Ritual of Destruction" Common
"Ritual of Grace" Common
"Ritual Raven" Common
"Ritual Sanctuary" Common
"Ritual Sealing" Common
"Ritual Weapon" Common
"Rocket Hermos Cannon" Common
"Rocket Warrior" Common
"Roulette Barrel" Common
"Roulette Spider" Common
"Royal Command" Rare
"Royal Oppression" Rare
"Ruin, Angel of Oblivion" Common
"Ruin, Queen of Oblivion" Rare
"Ruin, Supreme Queen of Oblivion" Rare
"Saffira, Queen of Dragons" Rare
"Samsara" Common
"Sanga of the Thunder" Common
"Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended" Rare
"Second Coin Toss" Common
"Seiyaryu" Common
"Senju of the Thousand Hands" Rare
"Shadow Ghoul" Common
"Shadowslayer" Common
"Shield & Sword" Common
"Shinato's Ark" Common
"Shinato, King of a Higher Plane" Common
"Sixth Sense" Rare
"Skull Dice" Common
"Skull Guardian" Common
"Snipe Hunter" Common
"Solomon's Lawbook" Common
"Sonic Bird" Rare
"Suijin" Common
"Summon Dice" Common
"Super War-Lion" Common
"Swamp Battleguard" Common
"Sword of Dragon's Soul" Common
"Sword Slasher" Common
"Synthesis Spell" Common
"The Black Stone of Legend" Rare
"The Claw of Hermos" Rare
"The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave" Common
"The Eye of Truth" Common
"The Fiend Megacyber" Common
"The Forceful Checkpoint" Common
"The Forceful Sentry" Rare
"The Little Swordsman of Aile" Common
"The Mask of Remnants" Common
"The Masked Beast" Rare
"The Stern Mystic" Common
"Thousand Dragon" Common
"Throwstone Unit" Common
"Tiger Axe" Common
"Time Machine" Common
"Time Magic Hammer" Common
"Time Wizard" Rare
"Timeater" Common
"Toll" Rare
"Trance the Magic Swordsman" Common
"Trap Dustshoot" Common
"Tribute to The Doomed" Common
"Turning of the World" Common
"Turtle Oath" Common
"Twin-Barrel Dragon" Common
"Vanity's Call" Common
"Vanity's Emptiness" Rare
"Vanity's Fiend" Rare
"Vanity's Ruler" Rare
"Vennu, Bright Bird of Divinity" Common
"Wall Shadow" Common
"War-Lion Ritual" Common
"Warrior Lady of the Wasteland" Common
"Wolf" Common
"Woodland Sprite" Common
"Yado Karu" Common
"Zera Ritual" Common
"Zera the Mant" Rare
"Zoa" Common