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  • (cur | prev) 23:37, 6 September 2021UltimateKuriboh (talk | contribs). . (79,092 bytes) (+43,556). . (Card Tickets: adding. The SR/UR card pools are the exact same ones for the recent Special Duels SR/UR Ticket card pools) (undo)
  • (cur | prev) 20:58, 5 September 2021UltimateKuriboh (talk | contribs)m . . (35,536 bytes) (+103). . (KC Grand Tournament Participants: adding other qualification methods. As for the Deck, there's no absolute proof of this (wasn't stated in-game), but I believe other "special" participants displayed the Deck they used during the KC GT 2021 prelims) (undo) (Tags: Mobile edit, Mobile web edit)
  • (cur | prev) 20:52, 5 September 2021UltimateKuriboh (talk | contribs). . (35,433 bytes) (+35,433). . (Supplemental info found here: . Also, they made heavy use of "KC GT" abbreviation in in-game notices, and 2021 in the middle of the name in other promo material elsewhere)