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The lab technicians
Left-to-right: Watanabe, Kagami, Kuwabara, Toyoda, Noh[1]

The Kaiba Corporation researchers (かいコーポレーションけんきゅういん or カイバコーポレーションけんきゅういん Kaiba Kōporēshon kenkyūin)[1] are a crew in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, who contributed to Seto Kaiba's projects, relating to his attempts to Duel Pharaoh Atem, who had departed to the underworld.

Two such crews appear in the film, including a team of lab technicians and a team of engineers.


In the Japanese version, the researchers were named after members of the animation production team.

Character Animator Position
Chief Kuwabara 桑腹主任 Satoshi Kuwabara 桑原智 Director
Tanda 担田 Seiji Tanda 反田誠二 Concept, monster design
Kagami 各務 Takahiro Kagami 加々美高浩 Animation director, character design
Toyoda 登代田 Akiko Toyoda 豊田暁子 Sub character design
Watanabe 綿名部 Ruriko Watanabe 渡辺るりこ Sub character design
Noh 野尾 Gill Bo No 노길보 Sub character design


The engineers, including Tanda (left)

Engineers from this crew, worked at the Valley of the Kings excavation to retrieve the Millennium Puzzle.[2]

The lab researchers worked in the virtual Dark Yugi reconstruction of the pharaoh. Following Kaiba's Duel with him, they regarded the battle a success, but Kaiba was dissatisfied. Regardless of how accurate they had reconstructed the pharaoh, it was not the real thing, making it inadequate.[2]

The crew conducted the necessary preparations for the robot to reconstruct the Millennium Puzzle in space and noted Kaiba of their progress at the earthport, before Kaiba departed to the space station.[2]

Voiceover contest[edit]

In the English dub, three of the crew members' voice roles were given to winners of the 4K Media Inc. voiceover contest:[3]

  • The line for Tanda (Engineer), "Anything in those scans?" was given to the male New York winner, Luis Alfonso.
  • The line for Watanabe (Lab Technician A), "A success on every level. You should be proud." was given to the female Orlando winner, Lindsay Victoria Granduke.
  • The line for Toyoda (Lab Technician B), "I concur. It was no contest." was given to the female Minneapolis winner, Bethany Cardinal.


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