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Kallister Gear Company logo

The Kallister Gear Company (カミジョウ・ギヤ・カンパニー Kamijou Giya Kanpanī), more commonly known as the KGC (ケージーシー Kē Jī Shī), is a family-owned corporate entity in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. They are an ancient and esteemed company who produce gears of all sizes and types for use across the globe. Akinori "Gavan" Kallister is the current head of the family and company; his great-grandson Lucidien "Luke" Kallister is the current heir as the eldest son of the family.


The Kallister Gear Company began over 1000 years before the series, having been responsible for inventing the water wheel. Since then they have produced all types of gears for all manner of uses and appliances. They, and by extension their current leader Gavan, are old enough to remember Goha Enterprises as a group of upstarts who sprang up out of nowhere. Unlike Mutsuba Heavy Machinery, who were eventually absorbed into Goha Enterprises and made redundant, the Kallister Gear Company have continued to flourish and maintain considerable resources.[1]


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