Kan Hakubutsu

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Kan Hakubutsu
Kan Hakubutsu
  • Kan Hakubutsu
  • Male
  • Education
SchoolGoha 2nd Elementary
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 9: "Wonderful Jurassic"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Yuki Sakakihara
Hakubutsu, Kan

Kan Hakubutsu is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is a sixth-grade student at Goha 2nd Elementary, and he is the President of the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club.



Full-body view of Kan.

Kan is a tan-skinned young boy with dark blue eyes and black hair that curls into spikes at the ends, including a short ponytail. Appropriately for his passion, he wears a white lab coat over a yellow shirt and dark pants tucked into dark wellington boots, in addition to red goggles that he keeps on his forehead and a green bandanna tied around his right bicep with a dinosaur face print on it.

In his youth, Kan wore teal overalls and black boots over a yellow shirt, his ponytail was smaller, and he wore white gloves to handle fossils carefully.


Kan is described as scholarly and full of romanticism, and is stated to seek to understand the relationships between dinosaurs and Dueling.[1] Kan is generally polite and well-spoken, and passionate regarding his enthusiasm for dinosaurs. He is not above attempting to use dinosaurs for profit, but he turns his back on this philosophy after Yuga Ohdo tells him that his adventurous spirit is genuine.

Kan tends to use the word "Jurassic" in sentences. He tends to speak poetically and dramatically about the history of dinosaurs when he Duels, likening his moves to natural processes.


Kan Hakubutsu's full name read as one word in Japanese (Hakubutsukan) is the Japanese word for "museum".



Kan's first fossil was a coprolite, which his grandfather told him to put to his ear. Kan heard the sound of a dinosaur defecating, which he and his grandfather agreed was truly Jurassic.[2]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

After hearing about the appearance of Gossie in a construction site in Goha City, Kan, Hanto and Kaseki decided to search for it and use it to create their own Jurassic Duel World, believing it to be a Rush Duel Dinosaur. After stopping at the Tahayasty Restaurant, they encountered Yuga Ohdo, Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo, Romin Kirishima and Gakuto Sogetsu, who were also looking for Gossie using Yuga's modified Goha Corporation Drone Kaizo. Kaseki introduced the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club to Yuga and his friends and suggested that they work together to find Gossie, though in reality they planned to use Yuga and his friends to find Gossie and then find it first themselves. After several fruitless stops, Yuga's friends finally determined that Gossie could be at the location of the Relic where Yuga had installed Rush Dueling, though Luke left them before they headed to it. Kan, Hanto and Kaseki reconvened in a bathroom to discuss their plans, unaware that Luke was in the same bathroom, and he confronted them and revealed their plans to Yuga, Gakuto and Romin. Despite the group's treachery, Yuga was still willing to tell them where the Relic was if Kan could defeat him in a Rush Duel.[2]

Kan started by swiftly assembling resources with "Mysterious Sea", though Yuga was able to gain an early lead. Kan made a comeback with his Dinosaurs, summoning two "Megazowler" and his "Super King Rex" and reducing Yuga to 800 LP. But as he and his friends celebrated, Yuga stated that he didn't believe Kan to be someone who would exploit dinosaurs. Kan thought on the idea, clutching the coprolite in his pocket and he wondered if his dreams had been tainted, though Yuga reassured him they hadn't. Kaseki and Hanto happily agreed, and suggested they check the construction site where Gossie was rumored to have first appeared. Yuga abruptly tried to stop them from looking for Gossie, though Luke eagerly joined forces with the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club. Yuga Summoned his own ace monster, "Sevens Road Magician", so Kan increased the ATK of "Super King Rex" to protect it with "Transcendental Evolution". Yuga instead tried destroying Kan's high-Level Dinosaurs with "Fullmeteor Impact", though "Super King Rex" survived due to "Transcendental Evolution". Kan believed he'd won, but Yuga was able to fill his Graveyard with all six Attributes and reduce the ATK of "Super King Rex", defeating Kan. Despite Kan's defeat, the group decided to check the construction site anyway, only to learn that "Gossie" had been nothing more than heating pipes and a noise produced by one of Yuga's "Roads", much to Kan's dismay. To make it up to them, Yuga brought the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club to where the Relic had been, and Hanto sneezed, uncovering seven previously unseen symbols carved in the floor.[2]


Kan uses a Jurassic Deck, composed of WATER Aqua monsters based on prehistoric sea creatures and EARTH Dinosaur monsters. Kan's strategy references the evolution of life on Earth; he begins by using his Aqua monsters to swiftly assemble resources and defenses, then moves onto using his Dinosaurs, which are his more powerful monsters, including his ace monster, "Super King Rex". Once he Summons "Super King Rex", Kan centers his moves around increasing its ATK and protecting it from his opponent's cards.



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 9 Lose


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  1. This card is sent from the top of the Deck to the GY to activate the effect of "Super King Rex" in episode 9.