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Yuma recovering Kattobingu

Kattobingu (かっとビング) is a term used by Yuma Tsukumo in the original Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL series. In the English dubbed anime, it is usually changed to "feeling the flow" and/or "high five the sky"; in the English manga, to "jetting". The term has no actual meaning, and has many possible origins. It may come from either katto (カッと), which means "to flare up" or "to act resolutely", or from kattobasu (かっ飛ばす), which means "to slam" or "to knock out", while bingu may either be simply a Japanese rendering of the English onomatopoeia "bing" or a term added to the end of the word to make it sound "cool".

The term is used by Yuma as a catchphrase, created by his father, Kazuma Tsukumo and was passed on to him. Yuma considers it to be among the most important things his father ever taught him. According to him, the meaning behind the term is to never give up even if it seems impossible, to always challenge, and to believe in oneself.[1] Yuma follows this thought firmly thanks to the pendant his father gave him, which makes him feel like his father is always with him and thus makes him able to "kattobingu", no matter how much other people laughed at him.[2][3]

This term appears in the name of "Hi-Five the Sky" (Kattobingu Challenge). The Field Spell "Onomatopia" uses "Hi-Five the Sky Counters" (Kattobingu Counter). The illegal card "Creator of Hope" requires the player to shout a phrase including this term as a cost in order to activate its effect.


After hearing it from Yuma, other characters have also developed their own versions of "Kattobingu":

User Japanese English Portmanteau
Cathy Katherine キャットビング Kyattobingu[4] "Catbingu" This is a portmanteau of "kattobingu" and "cat".
Pip ドッグビング Doggubingu[5] "Dogbingu" Modeled after Cathy's "catbingu", this is a similar portmanteau of "kattobingu" and "dog".
Tori Meadows かっとビング 小鳥 Kattobingu Kotori[6][7] "Tori Kattobingu" This is a portmanteau of "kattobingu" and Tori Meadows' first name in the Japanese version, Kotori.
Yuma Tsukumo カイトビング Kaitobingu[8] "Kitebingu" This is a portmanteau of "kattobingu" and Kite Tenjo's first name in Japanese, Kaito.
Caswell Francis とどろビング Todorobingu "Francisbingu" This is a portmanteau of "kattobingu" and Caswell Francis's last name in Japanese, Todoroki.[9]
Girag 終わったビング Owattabingu[10] "It's the end-bingu"/"I'm finished-bingu" This is a parody of "kattobingu", uttered by Girag when he was about to be defeated alongside Yuma and disappear.
Orbital 7 Kashikomaringu da, oira [11] "Understood-ingu"/"Roger-ingu" This is a portmanteau of "kattobingu" and "kashikomari" (meaning "Understood" or "Roger"), a typical expression used by Orbital 7.
Bronk Stone ウエディンビング Weddinbingu[12] Weddingbingu This is a portmanteau of "kattobingu" and "wedding".


  • Before the English dub's release, the English fanbase came up with several equivalents, such as "Bring It to 'Em", "Pop Flying" and "Fly High to the Sky" or "Rise to the Sky", but it is ultimately a made-up word and therefore cannot be properly translated.


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