Knight of Hanoi (Duel Links)

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Knight of Hanoi
Knight of Hanoi
English name
  • Knight of Hanoi
Other language names
Cavaliere di Hanoi
Character typeStandard Duelist
Duel WorldDuel World (VRAINS)
First appearance onSeptember 28, 2022
Japanese voiceMasaaki Yano
Knight of Hanoi
defaultsort: Knight of Hanoi

The Knight of Hanoi (ハノイの騎士 Hanoi no Kishi) is a Standard Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. He appears in Duel World (VRAINS). This is a video game depiction of a member of the Knights of Hanoi, a character group from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.



In Duel World (VRAINS), the Knight of Hanoi uses Decks from the pool of Standard Duelist Decks for that Duel World.


  • In Duel World (VRAINS), after he loses a Duel, this character will claim to not actually be a member of the Knights of Hanoi, but merely a cosplayer. However, after he wins a Duel, he claims to be the last survivor of the Knights of Hanoi. These claims only occur in Duel World, and are not used during Duels.