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Korea (Republic of South Korea) has risen to be considered the second most important country for the Official Card Game. They print and distribute cards in Korean. Maintaining a constant release of products to keep as close on track with Japan albeit usually some time on the back. They don't have as many promotional releases, but they compensate with exclusive packs that recollect them all in a single spot for their market.

In Tournaments they can use other OCG cards as long as the Card backings are covered as they use different logos. They follow the Japanese Forbidden & Limited lists, accounting for cards that haven't been released by the time (cards that are present in Japan but not in Korea are forbidden from tournament play, not unlike other regions that can't use cards from others unless they have their own print).

Their market isn't as large and isn't sought after overseas as much as the Japanese print, and this has kept the cost of their releases reasonably lower; used to be around 40% the cost of Japanese products, but in 2019 it rose to about 66% and the product presentation became more similar in an effort to homogenize the region.