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"Farmgirl", "Goodwitch"  and "Wickedwitch" in the artwork of "Kozmo Lightsword".
"Farmgirl", "Goodwitch" and "Wickedwitch" in the artwork of "Kozmo Lightsword".
  • Kozmoコズモ
  • Kozmo (base)
  • コズモ (ruby)
  • Kozumo (romanized)
  • Kozmo
  • Kozmo
  • Kozmo
  • Kozmo코즈모
  • Kozmo (base)
  • 코즈모 (ruby)
  • Kojeumo (romanized)
  • Kozmo
  • Kozmo

"Kozmo" (Kozmoコズモ Kozumo) is an archetype consisting of LIGHT and DARK Psychic "pilot" monsters and Machine "spaceship" monsters. The archetype debuted as one of two TCG-exclusive archetypes that premiered in Clash of Rebellions, the other being the "Kaiju" archetype.

The archetype and its cards were first revealed in a series of blog posts posted on the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Strategy Site in 2015, written by by Konami R&D Specialist Jerome McHale. Background lore information surrounding some individual cards in the "Kozmo" archetype were provided in these blog posts.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


The "Kozmo" cards seem to be based on properties from The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars. The pilot monsters are based on characters, the spaceship monsters on objects and vehicles, and the Field Spell Card on a location. The pilot monsters being Psychics is likely a reference to the Force-sensitive characters from Star Wars.


Class Level Kozmo card Wizard of Oz Star Wars
Pilot 1 Tincan Tin Woodman R2-D2
2 Strawman Scarecrow C-3PO
Scaredy Lion Cowardly Lion Chewbacca
3 Farmgirl Dorothy Gale Anakin Skywalker/Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade
Soartroopers Winged monkeys Stormtrooper
4 Goodwitch Good Witch of the North Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi / Yoda
Wickedwitch Wicked Witch of the East Darth Maul
5 Dark Lady Wicked Witch of the West Darth Vader
Spaceship 5 Delta Shuttle Wild Crow V-19 Torrent/Imperial Shuttle
Sliprider Ruby slippers ARC-170 Starfighter/X-wing starfighter
6 DOG Fighter Wolf TIE fighter/Vulture Droid
Landwalker Giant spider All Terrain Armored Transport/Homing Spider Droid
7 Forerunner Silver Shoes Millennium Falcon
8 Dark Destroyer Flying Broomstick Scimitar Sith Infiltrator
9 Dark Eclipser Black Bee Star Destroyer
10 Dark Planet The Wicked Witch's Castle Death Star


Kozmo card Wizard of Oz Star Wars
Kozmotown Emerald City Coruscant
Kozmo Lightsword Wand Lightsaber
Kozmojo Magic The Force/Force Choke
Kozmourning The death of the Wicked Witch of the West The death of Darth Vader

Playing style[edit]

The pilot monsters have a Quick Effect to banish themselves from the field to Special Summon any "Kozmo" monster from the hand with a higher Level, while the spaceship monsters have a Trigger Effect to banish themselves from the Graveyard when destroyed to Special Summon or add to the hand (depending on the card) any "Kozmo" monster from the Deck with a lower Level.[9]

The "Kozmo" strategy generally focuses on dealing large amounts of damage as fast as possible through winning battles rather than more complicated card combos. The "Kozmo" monsters themselves have few removal effects, so instead must focus on their attacks. Fortunately, their Summoning Quick Effects can make up for this lack of removal, and they can work well with both "Honest" and "Juragedo" to ensure damage.


  • "Imperial Iron Wall" is a solid choice to use against this archetype, as it relies primarily on banishing monsters to Summon more "Kozmo" monsters from the hand or Deck. However, ignoring the presence of generic cards such as "Mystical Space Typhoon" and "Galaxy Cyclone" that may be teched, this card can still be destroyed if the "Kozmo" player manages to Summon a "Kozmo Sliprider".
  • "Vanity's Emptiness" will greatly slow down the deck for a short moment.

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