LaLa Li-oon (Capsule Monster Coliseum)

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LaLa Li-oon
Rara Raiūn
Attribute THUNDER
Type Thunder
Move x 2
Attack x 2
Capsule Rank C
PP 163
AT 133
DF 22
AP 58
+AP 26
MP 62
Attribute Effect Rates Symbol: 100% / Land: 88% / Map: 103%
Special Ability
Treacherous Rain

Inflicts damage on all pieces, both friend and foe, anywhere on the map.

Min. Level: / Uses: 1 / AP: 400

SPA Pattern s 2
Number 179 (247, including unused)

Obtained by

"LaLa Li-oon" is available ...

Capsule Decks

"LaLa Li-oon" is in the following Capsule Decks:

Character Deck Qty
Yami Bakura Wicked Ceremonial Site 1
Bandit Keith Treasure Trove 2