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"Blue-Eyes White Dragon", the first released Legend Card

A Legend Card (レジェンドカード Rejendo Kādo) is a type of card exclusive to Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel. Legend Cards are indicated by the icon Legend Icon.

Each player can include only 1 Legend Card in their Deck or Extra Deck.

So far, all Legend Cards are OCG/TCG cards imported to the Rush Duel format. They usually have powerful effects or higher ATK/DEF for their Levels (relative to other Rush Duel cards), and are often supported by name by other cards.

Legend Icon[edit]

Legend Cards are indicated by the Legend Icon (「LEGENDレジェンド」アイコン).[1] It is printed on the top left corner of the card's artwork. Normally, the icon is golden in color, but can be other colors depending on the card's rarity; Secret Rare cards have a silver icon, while cards with the Rush Rare SPECIAL RED Ver. rarity have a red icon.


Most Legend Cards are included as high-rarity pulls from booster packs. Deck Modification Packs always introduce a new Legend Monster Card each set, while side sets (such as the Maximum Ultra Packs) always introduce 2 new Legend Spells/Traps each. So far, all Legends included in main sets have been Rush Rares, with later sets also including them in Secret Rare; Legends in side sets have all been Secret Rares. Certain preconstructed decks have also introduced a handful of new Legend Cards in the form of randomized bonus card pools (for example, the Strongest Battle Deck +1 Bonus Card). Additionally, Legend Cards have also been introduced or reprinted as promotional cards.

In other media[edit]

Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS[edit]

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime, cards that appear as Legend Cards in the real-life game lack the Legend Icon. However, no Duelist has used more than 1 Legend Card during a Rush Duel, though some Duelists have used multiple different Legend Cards across different Duels. As a homage to the mechanic's concept, cards that appear as Legend Cards in real life are sometimes referred to as being "legendary" in-universe.[2][3]


NameJapanese namePrimary typeAttributeTypeLevelATKDEF
Abyss Soldierアビス・ソルジャーEffect MonsterWATERAqua418001300
Alien Shocktrooperエーリアン・ソルジャーNormal MonsterEARTHReptile41900800
Barrel Dragonリボルバー・ドラゴンEffect MonsterDARKMachine726002200
Blue-Eyes White Dragon青眼の白龍ブルーアイズ・ホワイト・ドラゴンNormal MonsterLIGHTDragon830002500
Buster Bladerバスター・ブレイダーEffect MonsterEARTHWarrior726002300
The Creator創世神ザ・クリエイターEffect MonsterLIGHTThunder823003000
Cyber-Tech Alligatorサイバティック・ワイバーンNormal MonsterWINDMachine525001600
Dark Magicianブラック・マジシャンNormal MonsterDARKSpellcaster725002100
Jinzoじんぞうにんげん-サイコ・ショッカーEffect MonsterDARKMachine624001500
Levia-Dragon - Daedalus海竜リバイアドラゴン-ダイダロスEffect MonsterWATERSea Serpent726001500
Luster DragonサファイアドラゴンNormal MonsterWINDDragon419001600
Millennium ShieldせんねんたてNormal MonsterEARTHWarrior503000
Mystical Elfホーリー・エルフNormal MonsterLIGHTSpellcaster48002000
Pitch-Black Warwolfしっこくせん ワーウルフEffect MonsterDARKBeast-Warrior41600600
Red-Eyes Black Dragon真紅眼の黒竜レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴンNormal MonsterDARKDragon724002000
Summoned SkullデーモンのしょうかんNormal MonsterDARKFiend625001200
Vorse Raiderブラッド・ヴォルスNormal MonsterDARKBeast-Warrior419001200
NameJapanese nameCard typeProperty
Card DestructionふだまっさつSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Dark Factory of Mass ProductionやみりょうさんこうじょうSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Graceful Charityてん使ほどこSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Mirror Forceせいなるバリア -ミラーフォース-Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Monster RebornしゃせいSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Monster ReincarnationしゃてんせいSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Pot of AvariceどんよくつぼSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Pot of GreedごうよくつぼSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Recurring NightmareあくふたたSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Sakuretsu Armor炸裂装甲リアクティブアーマーTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Shield & SwordみぎたてひだりけんSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Smashing GroundくだSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Trap HoleとしあなTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Tribute to The DoomedしゃへのSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Upstart GoblinなりきんゴブリンSpell CardNormal Spell Card
The Warrior Returning AliveせんせいかんSpell CardNormal Spell Card


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