Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (Japanese)

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Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
  • Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
RōmajiRejendo obu Burūaizu Howaito Doragon
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
  • LB (jp)
Number of cards61
Cover cardBlue-Eyes White Dragon
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • May 18, 2000

Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon

Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game Booster Pack, released only in Japanese on May 18, 2000. In other languages another set of the same name is a combination of this set and Phantom God.


This is the first reprint set in Series 2. It contained 61 cards chosen from the original Starter Box and Vol.1. Cards in this set featured the Series 2 layout introduced a month earlier by Magic Ruler, with wider text boxes and narrower ATK/DEF area. All cards in this set have since been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

The set is composed of Normal and Fusion Monsters and basic Spell and Trap Cards.

A number of the cards from the Duelist Kingdom arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were printed in this set.


Each pack contains five cards. Each box contains 30 packs.

The set contained 61 cards, including:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
LB-00"Celtic Guardian"「エルフのけんSecret RareNormal Monster
LB-01"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"青眼の白龍ブルーアイズ・ホワイト・ドラゴンUltra RareNormal Monster
LB-02"Hitotsu-Me Giant"「サイクロプス」CommonNormal Monster
LB-03"Flame Swordsman"ほのおけんUltra RareFusion Monster
LB-04"Skull Servant"「ワイト」CommonNormal Monster
LB-05"Dark Magician"「ブラック・マジシャン」Ultra RareNormal Monster
LB-06"Gaia The Fierce Knight"あんこくガイア」Ultra RareNormal Monster
LB-07"Basic Insect"昆虫人間ベーシック・インセクトCommonNormal Monster
LB-08"Mammoth Graveyard"「マンモスのはかCommonNormal Monster
LB-09"Silver Fang"「シルバー・フォング」CommonNormal Monster
LB-10"Dark Gray"「ダーク・グレイ」CommonNormal Monster
LB-11"Trial of Nightmare"ごくさいばんRareNormal Monster
LB-12"Nemuriko"ねむCommonNormal Monster
LB-13"The 13th Grave"「13にんまいそうしゃRareNormal Monster
LB-14"Charubin the Fire Knight"ほのお キラー」CommonFusion Monster
LB-15"Flame Manipulator"ほのおあやつものCommonNormal Monster
LB-16"Monster Egg"「モンスター・エッグ」CommonNormal Monster
LB-17"Firegrass"えんそうCommonNormal Monster
LB-18"Darkfire Dragon"あんこくえんりゅうCommonFusion Monster
LB-19"Dark King of the Abyss"しんえんめいおうRareNormal Monster
LB-20"Fiend Reflection #2"「ミラージュ」CommonNormal Monster
LB-21"Fusionist"「フュージョニスト」CommonFusion Monster
LB-22"Turtle Tiger"「タートル・タイガー」RareNormal Monster
LB-23"Petit Dragon"「プチリュウ」CommonNormal Monster
LB-24"Petit Angel"「プチテンシ」CommonNormal Monster
LB-25"Hinotama Soul"「スティング」CommonNormal Monster
LB-26"Aqua Madoor"「アクア・マドール」RareNormal Monster
LB-27"Kagemusha of the Blue Flame"エンかげしゃCommonNormal Monster
LB-28"Flame Ghost"「フレイム・ゴースト」CommonFusion Monster
LB-29"Two-Mouth Darkruler"二つの口を持つ闇の支配者ツーマウス・ダークルーラーCommonNormal Monster
LB-30"Dissolverock"「マグマン」CommonNormal Monster
LB-31"Root Water"「ルート・ウォーター」CommonNormal Monster
LB-32"The Furious Sea King"いかりのかいおうCommonNormal Monster
LB-33"Green Phantom King"りょくじゅれいおうCommonNormal Monster
LB-34"Ray & Temperature"きたかぜたいようCommonNormal Monster
LB-35"King Fog"「キング・スモーク」CommonNormal Monster
LB-36"Mystical Sheep #2"「スリーピィ」CommonNormal Monster
LB-37"Masaki the Legendary Swordsman"でんせつけんごう MASAKIマサキCommonNormal Monster
LB-38"Kurama"「ドレイク」CommonNormal Monster
LB-39"Legendary Sword"でんせつけんCommonEquip Spell
LB-40"Beast Fangs"もうじゅうCommonEquip Spell
LB-41"Violet Crystal"むらさきすいしょうCommonEquip Spell
LB-42"Book of Secret Arts"じゅつしょCommonEquip Spell
LB-43"Power of Kaishin"「ポセイドンのちからCommonEquip Spell
LB-44"Dragon Capture Jar"「ドラゴンぞくふういんつぼCommonContinuous Trap
LB-45"Forest"もりRareField Spell
LB-46"Wasteland"こうRareField Spell
LB-47"Mountain"やまRareField Spell
LB-48"Sogen"そうげんRareField Spell
LB-49"Umi"うみRareField Spell
LB-50"Yami"やみRareField Spell
LB-51"Dark Hole"「ブラック・ホール」Super RareNormal Spell
LB-52"Raigeki"「サンダー・ボルト」Super RareNormal Spell
LB-53"Red Medicine"「レッド・ポーション」CommonNormal Spell
LB-54"Sparks"CommonNormal Spell
LB-55"Hinotama"「ファイヤー・ボール」CommonNormal Spell
LB-56"Fissure"れ」Super RareNormal Spell
LB-57"Trap Hole"としあなSuper RareNormal Trap
LB-58"Polymerization"ゆうごうSuper RareNormal Spell
LB-59"Remove Trap"わなはずし」CommonNormal Spell
LB-60"Two-Pronged Attack"「はさみち」CommonNormal Trap

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