Leo/Luna pack (Link Evolution)

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Leo/Luna pack
Leo/Luna pack
  • Leo/Luna pack
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
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Leo/Luna pack

The Leo/Luna pack is a Booster Pack available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. It becomes available in the Card Shop after completing the The Lockdown Duel scenario in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's section of the campaign.

Each pack costs 400 DP and contains 8 cards (7 Commons and 1 Rare).


Name Rarity
"Acrobat Monkey" Common
"Ancient Crimson Ape" Common
"Ancient Dragon" Common
"Ancient Fairy Dragon" Rare
"Ancient Forest" Common
"Ancient Pixie Dragon" Rare
"Ancient Sacred Wyvern" Rare
"Ancient Tree of Enlightenment" Common
"Ape Fighter" Common
"Ape Magician" Common
"Armades, Keeper of Boundaries" Rare
"Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring" Rare
"Autonomous Action Unit" Common
"Axe of Fools" Common
"Battle Tuned" Common
"Bazoo the Soul-Eater" Common
"Beast of the Pharaoh" Common
"Bee List Soldier" Common
"Berserk Gorilla" Common
"Break! Draw!" Common
"By Order of the Emperor" Common
"Celestia" Common
"Change Slime" Common
"Closed Forest" Common
"Commander Covington" Rare
"Concentrating Current" Rare
"Cross-Sword Beetle" Common
"Cursed Armaments" Common
"Cursed Fig" Common
"Dark Hunter" Common
"De-Synchro" Common
"Desert Protector" Common
"Dimension Fortress Weapon" Common
"Dimensional Alchemist" Common
"DNA Checkup" Common
"Double Tool C&D" Common
"Downbeat" Rare
"Dracocension" Common
"Dragon Mastery" Common
"Dragon Ravine" Rare
"Dragunity Aklys" Common
"Dragunity Angusticlavii" Common
"Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" Common
"Dragunity Arma Mystletainn" Rare
"Dragunity Brandistock" Common
"Dragunity Corsesca" Common
"Dragunity Couse" Common
"Dragunity Darkspear" Common
"Dragunity Divine Lance" Common
"Dragunity Dux" Rare
"Dragunity Javelin" Common
"Dragunity Knight - Ascalon" Rare
"Dragunity Knight - Barcha" Rare
"Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg" Rare
"Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg" Rare
"Dragunity Knight - Luin" Common
"Dragunity Knight - Trident" Rare
"Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana" Rare
"Dragunity Legion" Common
"Dragunity Legionnaire" Rare
"Dragunity Militum" Common
"Dragunity Partisan" Common
"Dragunity Phalanx" Rare
"Dragunity Pilum" Common
"Dragunity Primus Pilus" Common
"Dragunity Senatus" Common
"Dragunity Tribus" Common
"Dreamsprite" Common
"Ebon Arrow" Common
"Egotistical Ape" Common
"Emergency Assistance" Common
"Emperor of the Land and Sea" Common
"Emperor Sem" Common
"Factory of 100 Machines" Common
"Fairy Archer" Common
"Fairy King Truesdale" Common
"Fairy Wind" Common
"Flame Spirit Ignis" Common
"Gaap the Divine Soldier" Common
"Gadget Arms" Common
"Gadget Driver" Common
"Gadget Hauler" Common
"Gallis the Star Beast" Common
"Genex Ally Axel" Rare
"Genex Ally Bellflame" Common
"Genex Ally Birdman" Rare
"Genex Ally Changer" Common
"Genex Ally Chemistrer" Common
"Genex Ally Crusher" Common
"Genex Ally Duradark" Rare
"Genex Ally Powercell" Common
"Genex Ally Reliever" Common
"Genex Ally Remote" Common
"Genex Ally Solid" Common
"Genex Ally Triarm" Rare
"Genex Ally Triforce" Rare
"Genex Ally Volcannon" Common
"Genex Army" Common
"Genex Blastfan" Common
"Genex Controller" Common
"Genex Doctor" Common
"Genex Furnace" Common
"Genex Gaia" Common
"Genex Neutron" Common
"Genex Power Planner" Common
"Genex Recycled" Common
"Genex Searcher" Common
"Genex Solar" Common
"Genex Spare" Common
"Genex Turbine" Common
"Genex Undine" Rare
"Genex Worker" Common
"Genomix Fighter" Common
"Geo Genex" Common
"Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion" Rare
"Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit" Rare
"Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries" Rare
"Golem Sentry" Common
"Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" Common
"Green Phantom King" Common
"Guardian of Order" Rare
"Half or Nothing" Common
"Hidden Armory" Rare
"Hydro Genex" Rare
"Ido the Supreme Magical Force" Common
"Insect Knight" Common
"Intercept" Common
"Iron Call" Rare
"Iron Draw" Rare
"Junk Box" Common
"Jurrac Aeolo" Common
"Jurrac Brachis" Common
"Jurrac Dino" Common
"Jurrac Gallim" Common
"Jurrac Giganoto" Rare
"Jurrac Guaiba" Rare
"Jurrac Herra" Common
"Jurrac Iguanon" Common
"Jurrac Impact" Common
"Jurrac Meteor" Rare
"Jurrac Monoloph" Common
"Jurrac Protops" Common
"Jurrac Ptera" Common
"Jurrac Spinos" Common
"Jurrac Stauriko" Common
"Jurrac Titano" Rare
"Jurrac Tyrannus" Rare
"Jurrac Velo" Common
"Jurrac Velphito" Rare
"Just Desserts" Common
"Kaiser Sea Snake" Common
"Kasha" Common
"Kuribon" Common
"Life Stream Dragon" Rare
"Lifeforce Harmonizer" Common
"Lightforce Sword" Common
"Locomotion R-Genex" Rare
"Machina Armored Unit" Common
"Machina Cannon" Rare
"Machina Defender" Common
"Machina Force" Rare
"Machina Fortress" Rare
"Machina Gearframe" Rare
"Machina Megaform" Rare
"Machina Peacekeeper" Common
"Machina Sniper" Common
"Machina Soldier" Common
"Machine Lord Ür" Common
"Magna Drago" Common
"Magnetic Mosquito" Common
"Mana Dragon Zirnitron" Rare
"Maniacal Servant" Common
"Martial Metal Marcher" Rare
"Masked Chameleon" Rare
"Messenger of Peace" Rare
"Mist Wurm" Rare
"Montage Dragon" Rare
"Morphtransition" Common
"Morphtronic Accelerator" Rare
"Morphtronic Bind" Common
"Morphtronic Boarden" Common
"Morphtronic Boomboxen" Rare
"Morphtronic Cameran" Common
"Morphtronic Celfon" Rare
"Morphtronic Clocken" Common
"Morphtronic Cord" Common
"Morphtronic Datatron" Common
"Morphtronic Engine" Common
"Morphtronic Forcefield" Common
"Morphtronic Lantron" Common
"Morphtronic Magnen" Common
"Morphtronic Magnen Bar" Common
"Morphtronic Map" Common
"Morphtronic Mix-up" Common
"Morphtronic Monitron" Common
"Morphtronic Radion" Common
"Morphtronic Remoten" Common
"Morphtronic Repair Unit" Common
"Morphtronic Rusty Engine" Common
"Morphtronic Scopen" Common
"Morphtronic Slingen" Common
"Morphtronic Smartfon" Common
"Morphtronic Staplen" Common
"Morphtronic Vacuumen" Common
"Morphtronic Videon" Common
"Morphtronics, Scramble!" Common
"Mucus Yolk" Common
"Natural Tune" Common
"Nettles" Common
"Night Dragolich" Common
"Noisy Gnat" Common
"Oasis of Dragon Souls" Rare
"Omega Goggles" Common
"Oni Tank T-34" Common
"Orient Dragon" Common
"Overworked" Common
"Oyster Meister" Common
"Pacifis, the Phantasm City" Rare
"Phantasm Spiral Assault" Common
"Phantasm Spiral Battle" Common
"Phantasm Spiral Crash" Common
"Phantasm Spiral Dragon" Common
"Phantasm Spiral Grip" Common
"Phantasm Spiral Power" Common
"Phantasm Spiral Wave" Common
"Pixie Ring" Common
"Poison Chain" Common
"Pot of Avarice" Rare
"Power Break" Common
"Power Filter" Common
"Power Pickaxe" Common
"Power Tool Dragon" Rare
"Power Tool Mecha Dragon" Rare
"Power-Up Adapter" Common
"Powered Tuner" Common
"Prevent Rat" Common
"Protector of the Throne" Common
"R-Genex Accelerator" Common
"R-Genex Crusher" Common
"R-Genex Magma" Common
"R-Genex Oracle" Common
"R-Genex Overseer" Common
"R-Genex Turbo" Common
"R-Genex Ultimum" Common
"Regulus" Common
"Remote Revenge" Common
"Ribbon of Rebirth" Common
"Risebell the Star Adjuster" Common
"Roaring Earth" Common
"Rocket Pilder" Common
"Samsara Kaiser" Common
"Scanner" Common
"Shiba-Warrior Taro" Common
"Silent Graveyard" Common
"Silent Strider" Common
"Soldier Dragons" Common
"Solitude" Common
"Space-Time Police" Common
"Spacegate" Common
"Spiral Serpent" Common
"Spirit Burner" Common
"Spirit of the Harp" Common
"Spiritual Forest" Common
"Sunlight Unicorn" Common
"Sunny Pixie" Common
"Symph Amplifire" Common
"Symphonic Warrior Basses" Common
"Symphonic Warrior Drumss" Common
"Symphonic Warrior Guitaar" Common
"Symphonic Warrior Miccs" Common
"Symphonic Warrior Piaano" Common
"Symphonic Warrior Synthess" Common
"Synchro Deflector" Common
"Synchro Magnet" Common
"Thermal Genex" Rare
"Three-Legged Zombies" Common
"Tongue Twister" Common
"Trap Eater" Common
"Twin-Shield Defender" Common
"Twister" Common
"Unmasked Dragon" Common
"Verdant Sanctuary" Common
"Victoria" Common
"Vindikite R-Genex" Rare
"Voltic Kong" Common
"Vylon Alpha" Rare
"Vylon Charger" Common
"Vylon Component" Common
"Vylon Cube" Common
"Vylon Delta" Common
"Vylon Disigma" Rare
"Vylon Element" Common
"Vylon Epsilon" Rare
"Vylon Filament" Common
"Vylon Hept" Common
"Vylon Material" Common
"Vylon Matter" Common
"Vylon Ohm" Common
"Vylon Omega" Rare
"Vylon Pentachloro" Common
"Vylon Polytope" Common
"Vylon Prism" Common
"Vylon Segment" Common
"Vylon Sigma" Common
"Vylon Soldier" Common
"Vylon Sphere" Common
"Vylon Stella" Common
"Vylon Stigma" Common
"Vylon Tesseract" Common
"Vylon Tetra" Common
"Vylon Vanguard" Common
"Windmill Genex" Rare
"Yellow Baboon, Archer of the Forest" Common
"Zeman the Ape King" Rare