Leo Institute of Dueling

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Leo Institute of Dueling

Leo Institute of Dueling




Reo Dyueru Sukūru

Japanese translated

Leo Duel School


Leo Institute of Dueling

Appears in (anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V


Leo Corporation

The Leo Institute of Dueling (often abbreviated as the Leo Institute or as LID), known as Leo Duel School (レオ・デュエル・スクール Reo Dyueru Sukūru, often abbreviated as LDS Erudīesu) in the Japanese version, is a preparatory Duel school located in Paradise City. It is the most prestigious of the Duel schools and is owned by the Leo Corporation.[2] The school offers courses for Fusion Summoning, Synchro Summoning and Xyz Summoning.[3] Declan Akaba also wants to include Pendulum Summoning in the curriculum. The school is currently headed by Henrietta Akaba.


A poster detailing LID's curriculum.

1st Tier[edit]

  • Duel Monsters Overall Studies
  • Staple Cards Studies
  • Integration Course
  • Basics of Duel Tactics
  • Construction of Main Deck
  • Basic Subjects

Synchro Course[edit]

2nd Tier[edit]

  • Synchro Summons I
  • Tuner Studies
  • Practical Battle I

3rd Tier[edit]

  • Synchro Summons II
  • Studies of Suitable Number of Tuner Cards
  • Continuous Draw Practical Studies
  • Side Deck Studies I
  • Practical Battle II

4th Tier[edit]

  • Side Deck Studies II
  • Extra Deck Studies
  • Fudo-Style Solitaire Theory

Xyz Course[edit]

2nd Tier[edit]

  • Xyz Summons I
  • Rank Basic Studies
  • Practical Battle I

3rd Tier[edit]

  • Xyz Summons II
  • Practical Rank Studies
  • Monster Effect Negation Studies
  • Side Deck Studies I
  • Practical Battle II

4th Tier[edit]

  • Side Deck Studies II
  • Extra Deck Studies
  • Special Card Changing Theory

Fusion Course[edit]

2nd Tier[edit]

  • Advantage Studies
  • Fusion Summons I
  • Extra Deck Basic Studies

3rd Tier[edit]

  • Disadvantage Studies
  • Deck Compression Studies
  • Fusion Summons II
  • Side Deck Studies I
  • Attribute-Based Fusions Practical Battle

4th Tier[edit]

  • Side Deck Studies II
  • Extra Deck Studies
  • Super Fusion Theory

Integrated Course[edit]

2nd Tier[edit]

  • Chain Block Studies
  • Advance Summons I
  • Damage Calculation Studies

3rd Tier[edit]

  • Old Rituals Studies
  • Contemporary Rituals Studies
  • Advance Summons II
  • Draw Experiment
  • Probability of Hand Destruction

4th Tier[edit]

  • D-Draw Probability Theory
  • Surrender Theory
  • Common Dueling Theory


List of students[edit]

List of exchange students[edit]


  • The students chosen by Henrietta to Duel the You Show Duel School all use Duel Terminal/Hidden Arsenal Decks.
  • Declan explains that LDS is also an abbreviation for Lance Defense Soldiers[10].
  • The curriculum contains several references to past series.
    • The 4th Tier Synchro Course includes a paper named "Fudo-Style Solitaire Theory", referring to Yusei Fudo, the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
    • The 4th Tier Xyz Course includes a paper named "Special Card Changing Theory", referencing Shining Draw.
    • The 4th Tier Fusion Course includes a paper named "Super Fusion Theory", referencing "Super Polymerization", which appeared later in the series.
    • In addition, the more "generic" course is named the "Integration Course". The Unity Summon (known as an "Integration Summon" in the Japanese version) would be used to Summon "Supreme King Z-ARC".


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