Life Breaker

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Life Breaker
Life Breaker
  • Life Breaker
Japaneseブレイク・ライブ パック
RōmajiBureiku Raibu Pakku
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Number of cards54
Cover cardSakuretsu Armor
Video games

Life Breaker

Life Breaker, known as Break Live Pack in the Japanese version, is a Booster Pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force. Players can unlock this pack by having at least 80% of the cards from First Effect Monster, Step Up Spell-Trap and Step Up fusion.

Each pack costs 100 DP and contains 5 cards.

The "Life Breaker" Booster Pack in the Japanese version of Tag Force


# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
4342 Dark Hole Spell Normal Ultra
5114 Torrential Tribute Trap Normal Ultra
5217 Lightning Vortex Spell Normal Ultra
5323 Exiled Force Monster EARTH Warrior 4 1000 1000 Ultra
5660 Tribe-Infecting Virus Monster WATER Aqua 4 1600 1000 Ultra
6682 Macro Cosmos Trap Continuous Ultra
4691 Acid Trap Hole Trap Normal Super
4692 Widespread Ruin Trap Normal Super
4835 Fissure Spell Normal Super
4836 Trap Hole Trap Normal Super
4856 Tribute to The Doomed Spell Normal Super
4963 Nobleman of Crossout Spell Normal Super
5400 Bottomless Trap Hole Trap Normal Super
5440 Bottomless Shifting Sand Trap Continuous Super
5445 Needle Wall Trap Continuous Super
5799 Sakuretsu Armor Trap Normal Super
5905 Smashing Ground Spell Normal Super
6670 Grand Convergence Spell Quick-Play Super
4813 Chain Destruction Trap Normal Rare
4823 Tragedy Trap Normal Rare
4939 Michizure Trap Normal Rare
5168 Mystic Box Spell Normal Rare
5268 Blind Destruction Trap Continuous Rare
5317 Throwstone Unit Monster EARTH Warrior 4 900 2000 Rare
5418 Swarm of Scarabs Monster DARK Insect 3 500 1000 Rare
5484 Newdoria Monster DARK Fiend 4 1200 800 Rare
5557 Rope of Spirit Trap Normal Rare
5599 Roulette Barrel Monster LIGHT Machine 4 1000 2000 Rare
5743 Soul Taker Spell Normal Rare
6130 Hammer Shot Spell Normal Rare
6446 D.D. Trap Hole Trap Normal Rare
6709 Icarus Attack Trap Normal Rare
6823 Jurassic World Spell Field Rare
6824 Volcanic Eruption Trap Normal Rare
4668 Eradicating Aerosol Spell Normal Common
4669 Breath of Light Spell Normal Common
4670 Eternal Draught Spell Normal Common
4687 House of Adhesive Tape Trap Normal Common
4688 Eatgaboon Trap Normal Common
4693 Goblin Fan Trap Continuous Common
4839 Two-Pronged Attack Trap Normal Common
4853 White Hole Trap Normal Common
4991 Earthshaker Trap Normal Common
5109 Return of the Doomed Spell Normal Common
5112 Infinite Dismissal Trap Continuous Common
5264 Skull Lair Trap Continuous Common
5292 Viser Des Monster DARK Fiend 4 500 1200 Common
5394 After the Struggle Spell Normal Common
5442 Needle Ceiling Trap Normal Common
5619 Pineapple Blast Trap Normal Common
6282 Assault on GHQ Trap Normal Common
6331 Medusa Worm Monster EARTH Rock 2 500 600 Common
6519 Weed Out Trap Normal Common
6621 Generation Shift Trap Normal Common