List of "Forbidden Beast" cards

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This is a list of "Forbidden Beast" cards. "Forbidden Beast" is an archetype in the manga.

"Forbidden Beast" cards

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Forbidden Beast Boa Bolanふういんじゅうボア・ボーランEffect Monster417001000
Forbidden Beast BronnふういんじゅうブロンEffect Monster827002100
Forbidden Beast DharmjulふういんじゅうヂャルムジュルEffect Monster312001400
Forbidden Beast InunふういんじゅうイヌンEffect Monster1200300
Forbidden Beast NibunuふういんじゅうニブヌEffect Monster827002000
Forbidden Beast NunuraoふういんじゅうヌヌラオEffect Monster2500800
Forbidden Beast WatsumuふういんじゅうワツムEffect Monster3800700