List of "Supreme King" support cards

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This is a list of "Supreme King" support cards. "Supreme King" is an archetype in the anime, and a series in the OCG/TCG.

"Supreme King" support cards

NameJapanese namePrimary typeAttributeTypeLevelScaleATKDEF
Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm (anime)おうけんりゅうダークヴルムPendulum MonsterDARKDragon4518001200
Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes (anime)おうけんりゅうオッドアイズPendulum MonsterDARKDragon8425002000
Supreme King Gate Zero (anime)おうもんゼロPendulum MonsterDARKFiend7000
Supreme King Z-ARC (anime)おうりゅうズァークPendulum Monster
Synchro Monster
Xyz Monster
Effect Monster
Fusion Monster
NameJapanese nameCard typeProperty
Supreme DisdainおうれいTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Supreme FaceoffおうらんTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
Supreme PresenceおうれっSpell CardEquip Spell Card