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This is a list of Games of Darkness from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Toei anime.

Game Events Image
Dark Yugi VS Ushio Dark Yugi and Ushio hung at opposite ends of a rope strung around a pole at the top of a dome. A deck of standard playing cards was spread in a straight line between them. They took turns, turning over cards and climbing up a number of steps matching the number of the card they turned over, while their opponent climbed down the same number of steps. Dark Yugi won, but Ushio furiously climbed up to the top to steal the prize. For cheating, he suffered a Penalty Game where he believed he was being eaten by monsters.[1] First Shadow Game.png
Dark Yugi VS Jiro Dark Yugi and Jiro the Jorogumo were each allowed to only use one of their ten fingers. Jiro chose his right index finger, so he could shoot Dark Yugi with his gun. Dark Yugi chose his left thumb and lit a cigarette lighter with. He was allowed to light the cigarette in Jiro's hand before being shot. But after doing so, he placed in the lighter on Jiro's left arm, which was pouring vodka. If Jiro pulled the trigger, the lighter would fall into the overflowing vodka, setting him on fire. Jiro removed the lighter using his other fingers, but for cheating suffered a Penalty Game, where he thought he was on fire.[2] Dark Yugi and Jiro.png
Dark Yugi VS Kaiba
(Duel Monsters)
Dark Yugi and Seto Kaiba played a Duel Monsters Game of Darkness, where the monsters Summoned came to life and the cards were destroyed when the monsters were killed. Kaiba cheated in the Duel, by slipping in the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card he had stolen, from his pocket to his hand. However, when he tried attacking, "Blue-Eyes" refused to obey as its loyalties lay with Sugoroku Mutou, so it destroyed itself and Dark Yugi resurrected it with "Monster Reborn". Kaiba managed to use "Gremlin" to split the field in two, ending the game in a DRAW.[3] FSx003 Ready to Duel.jpg
Shadi VS Kanekura
(Weighing of the Heart)
Shadi performed the Weighing of the Heart on Curator Kanekura. Shadi placed the Feather of Ma'at on one side of the Millennium Scales and asked Kanekura a series of questions. If Kanekura told the truth, the side with the feather would lower. If he lied the other would lower. The side of lies hit the table after a few questions and Kanekura suffered a Penalty Game, where he was driven insane.[4] FSx005 Kanekura's Weighing.png
Shadi VS Dark Yugi Shadi searched Dark Yugi's soul room to find the true power of the Millennium Puzzle. However Dark Yugi turned the search into a Shadow Game and revealed that his soul room was a maze of stairs and doorways filled with traps. After finding the true soul room, Shadi would see the power he was looking for. However he eventually fell into one of the traps, but was saved by Dark Yugi.[4] FSx005 Shadi falls.jpg
Dark Yugi VS Ms. Chono This was played in the anime instead of the previous game. Dark Yugi and Ms. Chono raced to complete broken mirrors like jigsaws, while blindfolded. Ms. Chono cheated by removing her blindfold while Dark Yugi couldn't see her. Although she finished her puzzle first, she suffered a Penalty Game for cheating. Her makeup peeled away like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Although she fixed this with more makeup, the makeup would crack every time she tried to impose strict rules.[5] FSx010 Yugi VS Chono.png
Dark Yugi VS Kokurano Bottles of chloroform were strung from the ceiling, with the opposite ends of their ropes connected to a clock, which would cut a rope every minute. It was unknown which bottle was connected to which string and players had to take turns guessing which bottle would fall next and catch it. Kokurano tried to cheat by tripping Dark Yugi, but Dark Yugi threw the Millennium Puzzle at the rope, wedging it into something and stopping the bottle hitting the ground. Kokurano incorrectly guessed which bottle would fall next, causing one to smash and the chloroform to knock him unconscious.[6] FSx013 Yugi VS Kokurano.png


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