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This is a listing of Shadow Games which take place in the manga.

Game Events Image
Tragoedia's Weighing of the Heart Akhenaden, the predecessor of both Seto and Kalim, performed the Weighing of the Heart on Tragoedia. Winged Kuriboh assimilated Tragoedia's sins and rested in one side of the Millennium Scales. The Feather of Ma'at was placed in the other. The side of sins, Winged Kuriboh's side, immediately hit the ground and the magnitude of the sins was so much that Winged Kuriboh turned from white to black.[1] Winged Kuriboh being weighed against the Feather of Ma'at
Money and Knife Dark Yugi and Ushio picked bank notes off their own hand by stabbing the money with a knife.
Ushio got greedy and tried to attack Yugi and take all the money for himself. However he suffered the Illusion of Avarice Penalty Game for cheating.[2]
Dark Yugi and Ushio's Shadow Game
Dice game Dark Yugi and the ZTV director played a simple die roll game. Whoever rolled lowest won. If it was a draw the director won. Dark Yugi rolled a 6. The director threw the die at Yugi on his turn, but Dark Yugi blocked it by holding up the Millennium Puzzle. This caused to die to break and land on a 1 and a 6, totaling 7. Dark Yugi inflicted the Mosaic Illusion Penalty Game on the director for losing.[3] Dark Yugi with a die
Silence game Dark Yugi and Sozoji sat at opposite ends of a table with Sound Pierrot dolls in front of them. The dolls dance upon hearing noise. The first one to make their doll dance lost. Sozoji thought he was going to win, as he noticed the jack from Dark Yugi's headphones ready to fall. However he got anxious, causing his heart to beat, while he was holding his microphone next to it. The sound of his heart was amplified on a speaker beside Sozoji, causing his doll to dance. Dark Yugi inflicted the Beat Festival Penalty Game on Sozoji for losing.[4] Dark Yugi and Sozoji's Shadow Game
One finger BATTLE! Dark Yugi and the escaped prisoner were each allowed to only use one of their ten fingers. The player to die loses. The prisoner chose his right index finger, so he could shoot Dark Yugi with his gun. Dark Yugi chose his left thumb and lit a cigarette lighter with. He was allowed to light the cigarette in the prisoner's hand before being shot. But after doing so, he placed in the lighter on the prisoner's left arm, which was pouring vodka. If the prisoner pulled the trigger, the lighter would fall into the overflowing vodka, setting him on fire. His cigarette fell into the vodka, incinerating him.[5] Dark Yugi and the convict's Shadow Game
Paper Crash! A bottle of chloroform was placed on a number of sheets on the center of a table. Players took turns pulling sheets out from under the bottle, trying not to break the bottle. On one of his turns Dark Yugi managed to cause the the bottle to stop partly over the edge of the table. He said if Kokurano really was a psychic, he should be able to make the bottle levitate. Kokurano tried this, but only imagined the bottle floating. He pulled a sheet causing the bottle to smash and got knocked out by the chloroform.[6] Dark Yugi and Kokurano's Shadow Game
Griddle Ice Hockey Griddle Ice Hockey was an air hockey-like Shadow Game Dark Yugi played against Goro Inogashira. A giant heated grill and spatulas were used as the field and bats. A test tube of explosive chemicals embedded in a block of ice was used as a puck. Players used their bats to hit the chemicals towards their opponent. If the chemicals touched the hot grill, a player could be injured by the explosion. Goro initially had the upperhand as he dealt powerful blows, but Dark Yugi managed to crack the ice, such that it broke next time Goro hit it, causing the chemicals to explode in front of him.[7] Griddle Ice Hockey
Dark Puzzle Ms. Chono put together Hiroto Honda's love jigsaw puzzle for Miho Nosaka in front of the class and threatened to expel the sender. Dark Yugi used the Millennium Puzzle to change the nature of the jigsaw puzzle to a Shadow Game. As Ms. Chono solved the jigsaw, she hurt herself as much as she hurt others. This caused the make-up on her face to peel away like pieces of a jigsaw and revealed her ugly face.[8] Chono working on the puzzle
Coin in sneaker A scorpion and ten coins were placed inside an Air Muscle shoe. Each player took turns trying to grab coins without getting stung. For the first few turns, each player got one coin at a time. The Junky Scorpion owner then tried killing the scorpion by sticking a knife into the shoe and grabbing all the remaining coins. However he failed to kill the scorpion and by grabbing too many coins, his fist was too big to fit back out of the foot hole. The scorpion then proceeded to sting the owner.[9] Dark Yugi and the Junky Scorpion owner's Shadow Game
Duel Monsters
(Dark Yugi and Kaiba)
Dark Yugi and Seto Kaiba played a Shadow Game of Duel Monsters, where the monsters Summoned came to life and the cards were destroyed when the monsters were killed. Kaiba cheated in the Duel, by slipping in the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card he had stolen, from his pocket to his hand. However when he tried attacking "Blue-Eyes" refused to obey as its loyalties lay with Sugoroku, so it destroyed itself and Dark Yugi resurrected it with "Monster Reborn". Dark Yugi won and inflicted the Experience of Death Penalty Game on Kaiba.[10][11] Blue-Eyes White Dragon refusing Kaiba's order to attack
Landmine Search Network Dark Yugi allowed himself to be beaten around a bit by Hirutani's gang, while he made a makeshift trap; he positioned an unconscious gangster's arm holding a stun gun on a vertical bar over a puddle of water. He tied his Millennium Puzzle to a chain over the gangster's forehead and stood on a tire over the puddle. He warned the gang that there was a time bomb and they would suffer a Penalty Game if they didn't find the switch.
The gang initially believed their own stun guns to be the switch, since they were standing in water and covered in water and would shock themselves by switching them on. However, water dripped from the Millennium Puzzle to the unconscious member's forehead, causing him to wake up and drop his stun gun in the puddle, shocking the other gangsters.[12]
Dark Yugi facing Hirutani's gang
Question of Truth Shadi performed the Weighing of the Heart on Curator Kanekura. Shadi placed the Feather of Ma'at on one side of the Millennium Scales and asked Kanekura a series of questions. If Kanekura told the truth, the side with the feather would lower. If he lied the other would lower. The side of lies hit the table after a few questions and Kanekura suffered a Penalty Game, which killed him.[13] Shadi performing Kanekura's Weighing of the Heart
Labyrinth Treasure Hunt Shadi searched Dark Yugi's soul room to find the true power of the Millennium Puzzle. However, Dark Yugi turned the search into a Shadow Game and revealed that his soul room was a labyrinth of stairs and doorways filled with traps. After finding the true soul room, Shadi would see the power he was looking for. However, he eventually fell into one of the traps, but was saved by Dark Yugi.[14] Shadi and Dark Yugi in the labyrinth in Dark Yugi's soul room
Trial of the Mind Shadi redecorated Anzu's soul room, turning her into a mindless doll. He stood her on a board suspended over the side of a building by four ropes strung through a fence and tied to four ushebti. The four ropes were also strung through the Millennium Key, which was held up by a fifth ushebti. If the first four ushebti broke, the board would lose its support and Anzu would fall to her death. If the fifth ushebti broke first, the Millennium Key would slide along the ropes and touch Anzu's hand, returning her to normal.
The four ushebti supporting the board represented Dark Yugi's heart and would break if a weakness in his heart was detected. The other ushebti represented Shadi's heart and would break if a weakness was detected in it. Shadi put Dark Yugi through a number of stages to try and expose weakness in Dark Yugi's heart, but in the end Dark Yugi and his friends showed Shadi the power of unity, which caused Shadi's ushebti to break.[15]
The Trial of the Mind
Hell Quiz This riddle was the first stage Shadi used to try to expose a weakness in Dark Yugi's heart. Shadi created the illusion of zombies breaking out of the ground and grabbing onto Dark Yugi. The only way for the illusion to disappear was for Dark Yugi to determine the true nature of the illusion using the riddle "What creeps on the ground and clings to the pillars?". Dark Yugi was the pillar for the clue and the zombies were what clung to him. The answer to the riddle was a shadow, so the zombies were his shadow.[16] The zombies, going after Dark Yugi
Concentration or Death Concentration or Death was the second stage Shadi used to try to expose a weakness in Dark Yugi's heart. An illusion of Ammit appeared out of the ground and grabbed onto Dark Yugi. Although she was an illusion her bite could still kill Dark Yugi. Nine face-down plates appeared before Dark Yugi. The plates represented a mirror and contained four pairs and one extra. Dark Yugi needed to say what the extra plate depicted within five minutes or he would be bitten by Ammit. Since the plates represented a mirror, Dark Yugi realized that the four pairs were four visible parts of Ammit that she had two of; eyes, ears, nostrils and arms and the odd plates was something she had one of; her mouth.[17] Dark Yugi, playing Concentration or Death
Game of Death The Game of Death was the last stage Shadi used to try to expose a weakness in Dark Yugi's heart. An illusion of Jonouchi, who had his old bully persona, was created. The Jonouchi illusion took the Millennium Puzzle from Dark Yugi and a bottomless pit appeared around them. The players were to take turns tossing the puzzle, which would cause their opponent to move two tiles in the direction it landed pointing, with the intention of making them walk over the edge. This stage succeeded in breaking two ushebti, as regular Yugi briefly had a moment of control of his body and wept seeing Jonouchi in his old persona. Dark Yugi refused to take his turns and relied on his trust that his friend wouldn't kill him. This caused the illusion of Jonouchi to stop playing and disappear.[18] The Game of Death
Maze of Fire Dark Yugi sprayed paint along the ground as he got chased by thugs with knives. Meanwhile, a cigarette butt burned away on the ground. Once the thugs cornered Dark Yugi, he directed their attention to the paint and the cigarette, which was being used as a fuse. The flame from the cigarette hit the paint, setting it on fire. The created a "Maze of Fire" separating the thugs from Yugi. With the legs of their trousers on fire, the three thugs ran away and leaped into the nearby canal.[19] The Maze of Fire
Capsule Monster Chess
(Dark Yugi VS Mokuba)
Dark Yugi and Mokuba Kaiba played a rigged game of Capsule Monster Chess, where Mokuba got high Level monsters, while Dark Yugi got low Level ones. If Mokuba won, he would cut off one of Yugi's fingers and if Dark Yugi won, Mokuba would receive a Penalty Game. In the game, Dark Yugi sacrificed his monsters to lure Mokuba into lining his up diagonally, allowing "Torigun" to take out Mokuba's last four monsters all at once using its special ability.[20] Dark Yugi and Mokuba, with their monster lineups
Duel Monsters
(Sugoroku VS Kaiba)
Kaiba faced Sugoroku "Grandpa" Mutou in a game of Duel Monsters. It was an artificial Shadow Game as he simulated the effects of earlier Duel with Dark Yugi by using Solid Vision to make the monsters lifelike. Kaiba won and used Solid Vision monsters to recreate the "Experience of Death" Penalty Game.[21] Sugoroku and Kaiba's Duel
Capsule Monster Chess
(Dark Yugi VS Mokuba)
In Death-T, Dark Yugi and Mokuba played a game of Capsule Monster Chess, enhanced by Solid Vision, where the loser was to suffer the simulated "Experience of Death" Penalty Game. Dark Yugi made use of his monsters' effects to destroy or backfire the effects of Mokuba's monsters and clearing a path to an evolution square to win the game. Kaiba inflicted the "Experience of Death" Penalty Game on Mokuba, despite being his brother. However he was saved by Dark Yugi.[22][23] Death T-4
Duel Monsters
(Dark Yugi VS Kaiba)
In the final stage of Death-T, Dark Yugi and Kaiba played a game of Duel Monsters, enhanced by Solid Vision. Kaiba dominated the Duel after Summoning "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and proceeded to bring out two more. Dark Yugi managed to turn the Duel around by Summoning "Exodia", defeating Kaiba instantly. For losing, Kaiba suffered the Penalty Game known as Mind Crush, where he remained in a coma while he reconstructed his heart, so it would no longer be corrupted.[24][25][26][27] Death T-5
Red Paint Lottery Dark Yugi played a Shadow Game against the ZTV technician, who on behalf of the producer had rigged The Get the Million Game for Jonouchi to lose. Dark Yugi and the technician tied their hands to ropes, one of which was tied to an overhead paint bucket. The two of them pulled their ropes at the same time. The paint bucket turned out to be attached to the technician's rope and landed on his head. This made him unable to press the button which rigged Jonouchi's game. The director was also unable to push the button, as the switchboard had been covered in paint, preventing him from distinguishing the necessary button from the others. Dark Yugi inflicted the Mind on Air Penalty Game on the director, causing him to run out on set and demand the viewers to sent him money.[28] Dark Yugi, the ZTV producer, the ZTV technician, the paint bucket and ropes.
Monster Fighter
(Dark Yugi VS Nagumo)
Dark Yugi played a Shadow Game of Monster Fighter against Koji Nagumo. The game consisted of three rounds. Dark Yugi won the first round by taking advantage of Nagumo slipping his attention from the game as he attempted to make an outside interference. Nagumo won the second round by cheating, so Dark Yugi upped the level of the Shadow Game from 1 to 3 for the final round. This time Nagumo was unable to cheat as his monsters held him back. His own monster was replaced with a representation of his inner-self. Dark Yugi defeated it and left Nagumo to be eaten by shadows.[29][30] Nagumo and Dark Yugi playing Monster Fighter.
Dragon Cards
(Yugi VS Imori)
Imori forced Yugi into a Shadow Game of Dragon Cards to try and claim the power of the Millennium Puzzle. Imori predicted which dragons Yugi was planning on Summoning judging by the cards he was discarding. Yugi Summoned a fire and metal dragon, which Imori easily overpowered with two water dragons. Yugi's soul was sucked into the soul-eating jar as his Penalty Game.[31] Yugi and Imori playing Dragon Cards.
Dragon Cards
(Dark Yugi VS Imori)
After losing in their previous game, Yugi touched off the Millennium Puzzle, allowing Dark Yugi to take control and face Imori in a rematch. Imori again predicted which dragons Dark Yugi was gathering and Summoned water and wood dragons to counter Dark Yugi's earth and metal dragons. Imori tried making use of how different elements affect each other to win, but Dark Yugi made good use of his dragons abilities and won the game. Imori's soul was sucked into the jar as his Penalty Game and Yugi's soul was freed as the jar only had the capacity for one human soul.[32] Dark Yugi and Imori playing Dragon Cards.
Dark Bakura VS Karita Dark Bakura faced Mr. Karita in a Shadow Game for Karita's disrespect to Ryo Bakura. The events of the game were unseen, but Karita lost and received the "Mind Doll" Penalty Game, where his soul was sealed in a Monster World miniature.[33] Karita's Penalty Game.
Monster World
(Dark Bakura VS Yugi's group)
Dark Bakura, initially posing as Ryo Bakura, faced Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda in the tabletop role-playing game Monster World. He played as the game master and used Dark Master Zorc as his avatar. He began trapping his opponent's souls in their miniatures. Dark Yugi then took control of Yugi's body and continued to roll for his friends. Ryo aided Yugi's team through the little control he could get of his own body and through his miniature, the White Wizard, Bakura. Dark Bakura, as game master with miniatures of Jonouchi, Honda, Anzu and Yugi
Duel Monsters
(Dark Yugi VS Pegasus)
Maximillion J. Pegasus Dueled Dark Yugi through a TV, by appearing on a special videotape. As Penalty Game, Pegasus sucked Sugoroku's soul into the videotape, forcing Yugi to participate in the Duelist Kingdom tournament. Pegasus and Dark Yugi Dueling through the TV
Duel Monsters
(Dark Yugi VS the Ventriloquist)
The Ventriloquist of the Dead Dueled Dark Yugi using a puppet, which he claimed housed the soul of Seto Kaiba, seeking revenge on the Yugis. For mocking Kaiba's soul and stealing his Deck, Dark Yugi inflicted the Puppet Illusion Penalty Game on the ventriloquist, making him believe he was attacked by a demonic puppet modeled after himself. Dark Yugi and the ventriloquist Dueling
Duel Monsters
(Dark Yugi VS Player Killer of Darkness)
Dark Yugi Dueled the Player Killer of Darkness, while he had a wire around his neck. If the Player Killer won, he planned on strangling Dark Yugi to death. Throughout the Duel, Dark Yugi showed the Player Killer visions of the gallows. When Dark Yugi won, he inflicted the Darkness of Naraku Penalty Game, causing the Player Killer to believe he was hanged at the gallows. Dark Yugi and the Player Killer Dueling
Duel Monsters
(Kaiba VS Pegasus)
Pegasus defeated Kaiba in a Shadow Game of Duel Monsters, after which he applied the Mind Card Penalty Game on Kaiba, sealing his soul in a "Soul Prison" card.[34] Kaiba and Pegasus Dueling
Shadow RPG The Shadow RPG was said to be the ultimate Shadow Game. It was a tabletop role-playing game played by Dark Yugi and Dark Bakura, which re-enacted the events of Atem's past. Dark Bakura played to resurrect Zorc Necrophades, while Dark Yugi played to regain his memories and defeat Zorc. Dark Yugi and Dark Bakura playing the Shadow RPG.


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