List of Top Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Gum cards

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This is a list of Top Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Gum cards. 50 different cards were available, released with Yu-Gi-Oh!-themed packets of cola-flavored Top Seika gum, in April 1999.

AphroditeWater10002300The one who protects the weak, the goddess of love
Beaver WarriorEarth12001500A monster that wears armor and carries a sword and a shield
Black ScorpionForest900800A venomous scorpion that finishes its enemies in one hit!
Blackland Fire DragonThunder1500800Its flame breath is extremely powerful!
Bloody ZombieDark1000800A blood-thirsty undead being
Blue-Eyes White DragonThunder30002500It has the highest power level in both ATK and DEF!
Celtic GuardianFire14001200It boasts exceptional swordsmanship even for the Warrior Type!
ChimeraFire16001400A legendary lion that can fly in the sky
Curse of DragonEarth
20001500The finishing move of this cursed dragon is "Hell Flame"!
Dark MagicianDark25002100A mage of justice who controls "Black Magic"
Dark MammothForest13001200Its giant tusks impale its enemies (prehistoric power)
Dark ZoraThunder12001500A monster with superhuman strength that can fly in the sky
Death WolfEarth1200800A lone wolf that rules over the wildlands
DemonomistForest18002000A Basic Insect that attacks with venomous fangs
ExodiaLight10001000The ATK of "Exod Flame" is infinite!
Exodia the Forbidden OneLight10001000The ATK of "Exod Flame" is infinite!
Feral ImpThunder13001400It gains ATK if you add "Horn of the Unicorn"!
Gaia The Fierce KnightDark23002100It crushes its enemies with "Spiral Shaver"!
GhostDark600800A phantom that wanders in the darkness
Golden PegasusLight12001800The incarnation of reason, it shines golden
GorgonForest24002000Revived from three goddesses!
Half-Fish ManWater600800It drags its enemies underwater
Hitotsu-Me GiantForest12001000A one-eyed monster with superhuman strength
King BeetleLight13001500The king of insects, it shines golden
King RexEarth15001000The strikes unleashed by its giant tail are extremely powerful!
Koumori DragonFire15001200Its "Hell Flame" burns its enemies to nothing
MedusaEarth15001200A monster with a head of venomous snakes
Meteor Black DragonDark24002000A dark meteorite dragon that burns everything with lava
Meteor DragonThunder12002000Its weapon is a powerful meteorite blast!
Mushroom ManForest800600The special move of this giant mushroom is a spore attack?
Mystical ElfLight8002000It makes a stand with spells that block enemy attacks
Neon KnightLight18001500It one-shots enemies with its giant sword!
Night SoldierEarth800600A proud warrior who protects chivalry
OlpheirForest17002000A flower spirit that sparkles among the morning dew
Red HecateFire18002000Together with the "Purple Goddess" and the "Yellow Goddess" it revives Gorgon
Red-Eyes Black DragonFire
24002000A powerful Dragon-Type second to Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Rock-GunEarth13002000A giant with a stone body
Ryu-KishinFire1000500It attacks from the darkness, after making itself appear to be a stone statue
Saggi the Dark ClownDark6001500A mysterious jester with the "Dark" attribute
SalamandraFire12001400It chars the land with its scorching flames
ShadowmanEarth12001500A shapeshifter! A mysterious warrior that lurks in the shadow
Silver FangForest1200800A demonic wolf powered up by the energy of the Moon
Skeleton BatDark800600A vampire bat flapping in the darkness
Skull ServantEarth300200Use Undead-types well!
Sleeping WormForest800600Beware of its hidden power!
Summoned SkullDark25001200Its finisher, Demon Lightning, vaporizes its enemies!
The Wicked Worm BeastDark14001700Its "Poison Zole" melts its enemies' bodies!
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1Thunder14001200Its burns its enemies to nothing with its "Fiery Cannonball"!
ZombieDark8000An undead being revived from the grave
ZombiemasterDark15000A magician who controls the dead