List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Collectible Figure Game monsters

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This is a list of Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Collectible Figure Game monsters. The game features 42 monsters, numbered starting from 101 and with several skipped and repeated numbers, released in a single set; each monster is represented by a figure and a collectible card with its stats, card number, and, if it has one, its effect.

101Dark KingDARK5/71
102Curse of DragonDARK3641O21+2
103Curse of Dragon (2)DARK4651O21+2
104Feral ImpDARK3441+22X1
105Feral Imp (2)DARK4641+22X1
107Kuriboh (2)DARK3531X22+1
109Ryu-Kishin (2)DARK35Special1+20+2
110Summoned SkullDARK3631X11+3
111Summoned Skull (2)DARK4631X21+3
112Earth KingEARTH???
113Battle SteerEARTH4931+11+1
114Battle Steer (2)EARTH5821+22+1
116Sengenjin (2)EARTH5830+31+1
117Celtic GuardianEARTH2621+11+1
118Celtic Guardian (2)EARTH3621+20+1
119Gaia the Fierce KnightEARTH4741+32+2
120Gaia the Fierce Knight (2)EARTH4741X31+2
122Megazowler (2)EARTH3732+31+1
123Light KingLIGHT5/72
124Blue-Eyes White DragonLIGHT4731+41+1
125Blue-Eyes White Dragon (2)LIGHT5731+41+1
126Giltia the D. KnightLIGHT3632+40X1
127Giltia the D. Knight (2)LIGHT4631+21X2
128Mystical ElfLIGHT2331X41+1
129Mystical Elf (2)LIGHT3431+41+2
131Skelengel (2)LIGHT4721+10X3
132Time WizardLIGHT4430O20O2
133Time Wizard (2)LIGHT4430O20O2
134Thunder KingThunder???
135Bolt PenguinThunder3531O21+2
136Bolt Penguin (2)Thunder3531O20+2
137Thunder KidThunder2431X31O1
138Thunder Kid (2)Thunder3421X31+1
139Mega ThunderballThunder3441X12O3
140Mega Thunderball (2)Thunder4441X12O3
141Sanga of the ThunderThunder4621O21X3
142Sanga of the Thunder (2)Thunder4621O21X3
143Steel Ogre Grotto #1Thunder3632+20X2
144Steel Ogre Grotto #1 (2)Thunder4641+21X3