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The Log-in Bonus screen

The Log-in Bonus is a reward system in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. The player can receive a reward once per day for logging into the game.


When a player logs in for the first time on a given day, they are presented with the log-in bonus screen. The log-in bonus screen consists of a 20-entry sheet of rewards. The player automatically receives the next reward from the list after the one they last received.

Log-in Bonus sheets expire after exactly one month; the expiry date is the end of day on the same date in the following month. If the player completes a sheet, or the sheet expires, they start from the start of a new sheet.

If a player does not log into the game for a long time, they can receive a special Returning User Bonus sheet instead of the standard Log-in Bonus sheet. This special sheet has higher-quality rewards, but otherwise functions the same as the regular Log-in Bonus sheet.



Since 2018, the standard reward sheet is as follows.

Day Reward
1 1 N Ticket
2 5 Duel Orbs
3 10000 Gold
4 1 R Ticket
5 20 Gems
6 20 Gems
7 1 SR Jewel
8 1 N Ticket
9 50 R Jewels
10 40 Gems
11 1 R Ticket
12 50 R Jewels
13 10000 Gold
14 5 Duel Orbs
15 20 Gems
16 1 N Ticket
17 1 UR Jewel
18 1 R Ticket
19 50 R Jewels
20 20 Gems

Returning User Bonus[edit]

The Returning User Bonus
Day Reward
1 50 Gems
2 1 SR Ticket
3 20 Gems
4 20 Gems
5 20 Gems
6 1 SR Ticket
7 20 Gems
8 20 Gems
9 20 Gems
10 20 Gems
11 1 R Ticket
12 20 Gems
13 20 Gems
14 20 Gems
15 20 Gems
16 1 R Ticket
17 20 Gems
18 20 Gems
19 20 Gems
20 1 UR Ticket


Availability Expiry
February 2019 to March 2020 1 April 2020
March to June 2020 1 August 2020
July 2020 onward 1 January 2021


"Ancient Sorcerer"CommonNormal Monster
"Arlownay"CommonNormal Monster
"Armaill"CommonNormal Monster
"Battle Steer"CommonNormal Monster
"Bio-Mage"CommonNormal Monster
"Blackwing - Hillen the Tengu-wind"CommonEffect Tuner monster
"Blade Skater"CommonNormal Monster
"Boo Koo"CommonNormal Monster
"Brave Scizzar"CommonNormal Monster
"Celtic Guardian"CommonNormal Monster
"Chosen One"CommonNormal Spell
"Chrysalis Chicky"CommonEffect Monster
"Chrysalis Dolphin"CommonEffect Monster
"Chrysalis Larva"CommonEffect Monster
"Chrysalis Pantail"CommonEffect Monster
"Chrysalis Pinny"CommonEffect Monster
"Contact"CommonNormal Spell
"Crow Goblin"CommonNormal Monster
"Cyber Ouroboros"CommonEffect Monster
"Cycroid"CommonNormal Monster
"D. Tribe"CommonNormal Trap
"Dancing Elf"CommonNormal Monster
"Dark Chimera"CommonNormal Monster
"Dark Gray"CommonNormal Monster
"Dark King of the Abyss"CommonNormal Monster
"Dark Magician Knight"CommonEffect Monster
"Dark Plant"CommonNormal Monster
"Dark Rabbit"CommonNormal Monster
"Decoyroid"CommonEffect Monster
"Deepsea Shark"CommonFusion Monster
"Deepsea Warrior"CommonEffect Monster
"Dharma Cannon"CommonNormal Monster
"Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper"CommonNormal Monster
"Doma The Angel of Silence"CommonNormal Monster
"Dorover"CommonNormal Monster
"Dragon Statue"CommonNormal Monster
"Drill Bug"CommonEffect Monster
"Earthshaker"CommonNormal Trap
"Elemental HERO Avian"CommonNormal Monster
"Elemental HERO Burstinatrix"CommonNormal Monster
"Embryonic Beast"CommonNormal Monster
"Eyearmor"CommonNormal Monster
"Fairy Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
"Fiend Sword"CommonNormal Monster
"Fiend's Hand"CommonNormal Monster
"Five Brothers Explosion"CommonContinuous Trap
"Frenzied Panda"CommonNormal Monster
"Fungi of the Musk"CommonNormal Monster
"Fusion Guard"CommonCounter Trap
"Gadget Hauler"CommonEffect Monster
"Gatekeeper"CommonNormal Monster
"Ghoul with an Appetite"CommonNormal Monster
"Giant Mech-Soldier"CommonNormal Monster
"Gigobyte"CommonNormal Monster
"Goblin Out of the Frying Pan"CommonCounter Trap
"Goblin of Greed"CommonEffect Monster
"Gokibore"CommonNormal Monster
"Grand Tiki Elder"CommonNormal Monster
"Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation"CommonNormal Monster
"Griffore"CommonNormal Monster
"Guardian of the Labyrinth"CommonNormal Monster
"Hard Armor"CommonNormal Monster
"Hieroglyph Lithograph"CommonNormal Spell
"Hinotama Soul"CommonNormal Monster
"Hyosube"CommonNormal Monster
"Jam Defender"CommonContinuous Trap
"Kaminari Attack"CommonFusion Monster
"Kamionwizard"CommonFusion Monster
"Knight's Title"CommonNormal Spell
"Krokodilus"CommonNormal Monster
"Kumootoko"CommonNormal Monster
"Kuwagata α"CommonNormal Monster
"Lady of Faith"CommonNormal Monster
"Lava Battleguard"CommonEffect Monster
"Leghul"CommonEffect Monster
"Lesser Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
"Lightning Conger"CommonNormal Monster
"Mabarrel"CommonNormal Monster
"Machine Attacker"CommonNormal Monster
"Madjinn Gunn"CommonNormal Monster
"Magical Ghost"CommonNormal Monster
"Master & Expert"CommonNormal Monster
"Mavelus"CommonFusion Monster
"Meda Bat"CommonNormal Monster
"Melchid the Four-Face Beast"CommonNormal Monster
"Metal Dragon"CommonFusion Monster
"Metalzoa"CommonEffect Monster
"Mighty Guard"CommonNormal Monster
"Moon Envoy"CommonNormal Monster
"Morphtronic Magnen Bar"CommonEffect Monster
"Mountain Warrior"CommonNormal Monster
"Muse-A"CommonNormal MonsterJuly 2020
"Mushroom Man"CommonNormal Monster
"Nekogal 1"CommonNormal Monster
"Obese Marmot of Nefariousness"CommonNormal Monster
"Ocubeam"CommonNormal Monster
"Ojama Black"CommonNormal Monster
"Ojama Green"CommonNormal Monster
"Ojama Yellow"CommonNormal Monster
"Orion the Battle King"CommonNormal Monster
"Oscillo Hero"CommonNormal Monster
"Parrot Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
"Patroid"CommonEffect Monster
"Phantom Dewan"CommonNormal Monster
"Phantom Ghost"CommonNormal Monster
"Pragtical"CommonFusion Monster
"Prisman"CommonNormal Monster
"Protector of the Throne"CommonNormal Monster
"Psychic Kappa"CommonNormal Monster
"Queen of Autumn Leaves"CommonNormal Monster
"Rainbow Marine Mermaid"CommonNormal Monster
"Rallis the Star Bird"CommonEffect Monster
"Red Archery Girl"CommonNormal Monster
"Red Medicine"CommonNormal Spell
"Rhaimundos of the Red Sword"CommonNormal Monster
"Rock Ogre Grotto 1"CommonNormal Monster
"Rose Spectre of Dunn"CommonFusion Monster
"Science Soldier"CommonNormal Monster
"Sectarian of Secrets"CommonNormal Monster
"Shovel Crusher"CommonNormal Monster
"Skull Servant"CommonNormal Monster
"Solitude"CommonNormal Monster
"Souls of the Forgotten"CommonNormal Monster
"Steel Ogre Grotto 1"CommonNormal Monster
"Steel Ogre Grotto 2"CommonNormal Monster
"Succubus Knight"CommonNormal Monster
"Supporter in the Shadows"CommonNormal Monster
"Terra the Terrible"CommonNormal Monster
"That Which Feeds on Life"CommonNormal Monster
"The Bewitching Phantom Thief"CommonNormal Monster
"The Dragon's Bead"CommonContinuous Trap
"The Drdek"CommonNormal Monster
"The Judgement Hand"CommonNormal Monster
"The Shadow Who Controls the Dark"CommonNormal Monster
"The Wandering Doomed"CommonNormal Monster
"Three-Headed Geedo"CommonNormal Monster
"Tiger Axe"CommonNormal Monster
"Toon Defense"CommonContinuous Trap
"Torike"CommonNormal Monster
"Tripwire Beast"CommonNormal Monster
"Unknown Warrior of Fiend"CommonNormal Monster
"Ushi Oni"CommonNormal Monster
"Violent Rain"CommonNormal Monster
"Virus Cannon"CommonNormal Trap
"Vishwar Randi"CommonNormal Monster
"Waterdragon Fairy"CommonNormal Monster
"Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head"CommonNormal Monster
"Wing Egg Elf"CommonNormal MonsterJuly 2020
"Witty Phantom"CommonNormal Monster
"Wood Remains"CommonNormal Monster
"Worm Drake"CommonNormal Monster
"Yamatano Dragon Scroll"CommonNormal Monster


"A Rival Appears!"RareNormal Trap
"Ally Mind"RareNormal Tuner monster
"Alpha The Magnet Warrior"RareNormal Monster
"Amazoness Chain Master"RareEffect Monster
"Ambulanceroid"RareEffect Monster
"Ancient Gear Beast"RareEffect Monster
"Ancient Gear Drill"RareNormal Spell
"Ancient Gear Factory"RareNormal Spell
"Ancient Gear Soldier"RareEffect Monster
"Anti-Fusion Device"RareNormal Trap
"Arcana Force VI - The Lovers"RareEffect Monster
"Armed Dragon LV3"RareEffect Monster
"Armed Dragon LV7"RareEffect Monster
"Assault Dog"RareEffect Monster
"Attack Reflector Unit"RareNormal Trap
"Barrel Rock"RareNormal Monster
"Beta The Magnet Warrior"RareNormal Monster
"Bicular"RareEffect Monster
"Black Illusion Ritual"RareRitual Spell
"Black Potan"RareEffect Monster
"Black Veloci"RareEffect Monster
"Blackwing - Brisote the Tailwind"RareEffect Monster
"Bonding - H2O"RareNormal Spell
"Bone Temple Block"RareNormal Trap
"Break! Draw!"RareEquip Spell
"Broken Blocker"RareNormal Trap
"Carrierroid"RareEffect Monster
"Chthonian Polymer"RareNormal Trap
"Constellar Aldebaran"RareEffect Monster
"Constellar Belt"RareContinuous Spell
"Constellar Star Cradle"RareNormal Spell
"Constellar Virgo"RareEffect Monster
"Crevice Into the Different Dimension"RareNormal Trap
"Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat"RareEffect Monster
"Curse of the Masked Beast"RareRitual Spell
"Cyber Angel Benten"RareRitual Monster
"Cyber Barrier Dragon"RareEffect Monster
"Cybernetic Zone"RareQuick-Play Spell
"D.D. Scout Plane"RareEffect Monster
"Damage Polarizer"RareCounter Trap
"Dangerous Machine Type-6"RareContinuous Spell
"Dark Driceratops"RareEffect Monster
"Dark Hunter"RareEffect Monster
"Dark-Eyes Illusionist"RareFlip monster
"Darkfall"RareNormal Trap
"Defense Maiden"RareContinuous TrapJuly 2020
"Destiny HERO - Departed"RareEffect Monster
"Destiny HERO - Doom Lord"RareEffect Monster
"Destruction of Destiny"RareNormal Trap
"Double Payback"RareContinuous Trap
"Elemental HERO Sparkman"RareNormal Monster
"Evoltile Pleuro"RareEffect Monster
"Fiend Griefing"RareNormal Trap
"Forest"RareField Spell
"Fortune Lady Rewind"RareNormal Trap
"Gamble"RareNormal Trap
"Gauntlet Warrior"RareEffect Monster
"Genex Ally Chemistrer"RareEffect Tuner monster
"Gernia"RareEffect Monster
"Getsu Fuhma"RareEffect Monster
"Ghost of a Grudge"RareNormal Trap
"Gladiator Taming"RareQuick-Play Spell
"Grave Protector"RareEffect Monster
"Guiding Light"RareEffect Monster
"Handcuffs Dragon"RareEffect Monster
"Happy Marriage"RareEquip SpellJuly 2020
"Harpie Lady 2"RareEffect Monster
"Harpie Lady 3"RareEffect Monster
"Harpie's Feather Rest"RareNormal Spell
"Heroic Gift"RareNormal Trap
"Hidden Temples of Necrovalley"RareContinuous Spell
"House of Adhesive Tape"RareNormal Trap
"Infernity Beast"RareEffect Monster
"Inherited Fortune"RareNormal Trap
"Intercept"RareCounter Trap
"Ivy Shackles"RareContinuous Trap
"Jenis, Lightsworn Mender"RareEffect MonsterJuly 2020
"Jurrac Protops"RareEffect Monster
"Jurrac Spinos"RareEffect Monster
"Kanan the Swordmistress"RareNormal Monster
"Layard the Liberator"RareEffect Monster
"Lightray Diabolos"RareEffect Monster
"Lightray Gearfried"RareEffect Monster
"Little-Winguard"RareEffect Monster
"Lost Blue Breaker"RareEffect Monster
"Machine Angel Ritual"RareRitual Spell
"Mad Archfiend"RareEffect Monster
"Madolche Chouxvalier"RareEffect Monster
"Magna Drago"RareEffect Tuner monster
"Medium Piece Golem"RareEffect Monster
"Mirror Resonator"RareEffect Tuner monster
"Morphtronic Vacuumen"RareEffect Monster
"Nettles"RareEffect Tuner monster
"Ojama Knight"RareFusion Monster
"Over Capacity"RareNormal Trap
"Phantom Hand"RareContinuous Trap
"Photon Booster"RareNormal Spell
"Photon Generator Unit"RareQuick-Play Spell
"Power Invader"RareEffect Monster
"Power-Up Adapter"RareNormal Trap
"Proto-Cyber Dragon"RareEffect Monster
"Pyramid Energy"RareQuick-Play Spell
"Rainbow Gravity"RareNormal Trap
"Reborn Zombie"RareEffect Monster
"Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World"RareNormal Monster
"Rescueroid"RareEffect Monster
"Roc from the Valley of Haze"RareEffect Monster
"Rockstone Warrior"RareEffect Monster
"Rose Tentacles"RareEffect Monster
"Royal Keeper"RareEffect Monster
"Ruthless Denial"RareNormal Spell
"Scarlet Security"RareNormal Spell
"Second Goblin"RareUnion monster
"Skull Dog Marron"RareNormal Monster
"Space Gift"RareNormal Spell
"Spacetime Transcendence"RareNormal Spell
"Spell Reproduction"RareNormal Spell
"Spellstone Sorcerer Karood"RareEffect Monster
"Spikebot"RareNormal Monster
"Spirit Barrier"RareContinuous Trap
"Star Siphon"RareNormal Trap
"Stealthroid"RareEffect Monster
"Steam Gyroid"RareFusion Monster
"Storm"RareNormal Spell
"Summon Gate"RareContinuous Trap
"Teleport"RareContinuous Spell
"Terrible Deal"RareNormal Trap
"The Mask of Remnants"RareNormal Spell
"The Sky Lord"RareContinuous Spell
"Thousand Knives"RareNormal Spell
"Time Passage"RareQuick-Play Spell
"Togex"RareNormal Monster
"Toon Buster Blader"RareToon monster
"Tricular"RareEffect Monster
"Truckroid"RareEffect Monster
"Trust Guardian"RareEffect Tuner monster
"United Front"RareCounter Trap
"Voltic Kong"RareEffect Monster
"Wave-Motion Inferno"RareContinuous Spell
"White Potan"RareEffect Monster
"Witch Doctor of Chaos"RareFlip monster


SR Tickets are only available as part of the Returning User Bonus.

"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon"Super RareNormal Spell
"Advance Draw"Super RareNormal Spell
"Against the Wind"Super RareNormal Spell
"Altar of the Bound Deity"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Amano-Iwato"Super RareSpirit monster
"Amazoness Sage"Super RareEffect Monster
"Amazoness Swords Woman"Super RareEffect Monster
"Amazoness Tiger"Super RareEffect Monster
"Amazoness Willpower"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Ancient Gear Knight"Super RareGemini monster
"Anti-Magic Arrows"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Arcana Force III - The Empress"Super RareEffect Monster
"Arcana Force XIV - Temperance"Super RareEffect Monster
"Archfiend Palabyrinth"Super RareField Spell
"Archfiend's Call"Super RareSynchro Monster
"Armed Dragon LV5"Super RareEffect Monster
"Armored White Bear"Super RareEffect Monster
"Battleguard Rage"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Berserk Gorilla"Super RareEffect Monster
"Blackwing - Ghibli the Searing Wind"Super RareEffect Monster
"Call of the Mummy"Super RareContinuous Spell
"Card of Distrain"Super RareNormal Spell
"Centaur Mina"Super RareFusion Monster
"Central Shield"Super RareEquip Spell
"Chaos Goddess"Super RareSynchro Monster
"Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight"Super RareEffect Monster
"Cocoon Party"Super RareNormal Spell
"Comrade Swordsman of Landstar"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
"Constellar Algiedi"Super RareEffect Monster
"Constellar Zubeneschamali"Super RareEffect Monster
"Crusader of Endymion"Super RareGemini monster
"Cubic Mandala"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell"Super RareCounter Trap
"Cyber Angel Dakini"Super RareRitual Monster
"Cyber Dragon Zwei"Super RareEffect Monster
"Cyber Repair Plant"Super RareNormal Spell
"Cyberdark Cannon"Super RareEffect Monster
"Cyberdark Edge"Super RareEffect Monster
"Cyberdark Horn"Super RareEffect Monster
"Cyberdark Keel"Super RareEffect Monster
"Cybernetic Fusion Support"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"D.D. Survivor"Super RareEffect Monster
"D.D. Trainer"Super RareNormal Monster
"DNA Transplant"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Dark Archetype"Super RareEffect Monster
"Dark Jeroid"Super RareEffect Monster
"Dark Magic Expanded"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Dark Sacrifice"Super RareNormal Trap
"Dark Verger"Super RareEffect Monster
"Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude"Super RareEffect Monster
"Destroyersaurus"Super RareEffect Monster
"Diana the Light Spirit"Super RareEffect Monster
"Dimension Gate"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Divine Punishment"Super RareCounter Trap
"Djinn Demolisher of Rituals"Super RareEffect Monster
"Double Hero Attack"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Earthbound Wave"Super RareCounter Trap
"Elemental HERO Core"Super RareFusion Monster
"Enemy Controller"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Evilswarm Golem"Super RareEffect Monster
"Evilswarm Hraesvelg"Super RareFlip monster
"Evilswarm O'lantern"Super RareEffect Monster
"Evilswarm Obliviwisp"Super RareEffect Monster
"Fighting Spirit"Super RareEquip Spell
"Final Gesture"Super RareNormal Spell
"Flare Resonator"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
"Forgotten Temple of the Deep"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Fortress Warrior"Super RareEffect Monster
"Fortune Lady Earth"Super RareEffect Monster
"Fortune Lady Wind"Super RareEffect Monster
"Fossil Excavation"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Fusion Sword Murasame Blade"Super RareEquip Spell
"Gate Blocker"Super RareEffect Monster
"Goblin Attack Force"Super RareEffect Monster
"Goblin Elite Attack Force"Super RareEffect Monster
"Goblin Marauding Squad"Super RareEffect Monster
"Golden Dragon Summoner"Super RareEffect Monster
"Gravekeeper's Recruiter"Super RareEffect Monster
"Gravekeeper's Stele"Super RareNormal Spell
"Green Turtle Summoner"Super RareFlip monster
"Gren Maju Da Eiza"Super RareEffect Monster
"Harvest Angel of Wisdom"Super RareEffect Monster
"Heartless Drop Off"Super RareCounter Trap
"Horse of the Floral Knights"Super RareEffect Monster
"Hydrotortoise, the Empowered Warrior"Super RareFlip monster
"Infernity Beetle"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
"Infernity Force"Super RareNormal Trap
"Infernity Knight"Super RareEffect Monster
"Inzektor Giga-Weevil"Super RareEffect Monster
"Jurassic World"Super RareField Spell
"Jutte Fighter"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
"Kelbek"Super RareEffect Monster
"Krystal Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
"Kuriboh"Super RareEffect Monster
"Lancer Archfiend"Super RareEffect Monster
"Ledger of Legerdemain"Super RareNormal Spell
"Legendary Maju Garzett"Super RareEffect Monster
"Leng Ling"Super RareUnion monster
"Lucius the Shadow Vassal"Super RareEffect Monster
"Machine Angel Absolute Ritual"Super RareRitual Spell
"Magical King Moonstar"Super RareEffect Monster
"Magical Stone Excavation"Super RareNormal Spell
"Magician's Robe"Super RareEffect Monster
"Magnificent Machine Angel"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Mahjong Munia Maidens"Super RareFlip monster
"Merciful Machine Angel"Super RareNormal Spell
"Metalmorph"Super RareNormal Trap
"Minar"Super RareEffect Monster
"Missing Force"Super RareEffect Monster
"Monster Rebone"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Morphtronic Cameran"Super RareEffect Monster
"Necroid Synchro"Super RareNormal Spell
"Noble Knight's Shield-Bearer"Super RareEffect Monster
"Noble Knight's Spearholder"Super RareEffect Monster
"Obsidian Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
"Ojamandala"Super RareNormal Spell
"Pair Cycroid"Super RareFusion Monster
"Phantom Skyblaster"Super RareEffect Monster
"Psychic Shockwave"Super RareNormal Trap
"Pulse Mines"Super RareNormal Trap
"Pyrotech Mech - Shiryu"Super RareEffect Monster
"Ra's Disciple"Super RareEffect Monster
"Rainbow Life"Super RareNormal Trap
"Rare Metalmorph"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Red Ogre"Super RareEffect Monster
"Red-Eyes Insight"Super RareNormal Spell
"Red-Eyes Spirit"Super RareNormal Trap
"Regenerating Rose"Super RareEffect Monster
"Retaliating "C""Super RareEffect Monster
"Reverse of Neos"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Revival Rose"Super RareEffect Monster
"Risebell the Star Adjuster"Super RareEffect Monster
"Rose Witch"Super RareEffect Monster
"Sabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone"Super RareNormal Spell
"Sage's Stone"Super RareNormal Spell
"Samsara Lotus"Super RareEffect Monster
"Scrap Recycler"Super RareEffect Monster
"Search Striker"Super RareEffect Monster
"Second Coin Toss"Super RareContinuous Spell
"Shield Warrior"Super RareEffect Monster
"Silent Graveyard"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Skull Invitation"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Skull Meister"Super RareEffect Monster
"Snyffus"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
"Soul Tiger"Super RareNormal Monster
"Splendid Venus"Super RareEffect Monster
"Sunlight Unicorn"Super RareEffect Monster
"Survival of the Fittest"Super RareNormal Trap
"Survival's End"Super RareNormal Trap
"Swift Birdman Joe"Super RareEffect Monster
"Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight"Super RareEffect Monster
"Swords at Dawn"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Synchro Spirits"Super RareNormal Trap
"Temple of the Kings"Super RareContinuous Spell
"The First Monarch"Super RareContinuous Trap
"The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"The Legendary Exodia Incarnate"Super RareEffect Monster
"The Monarchs Awaken"Super RareNormal Trap
"The Prime Monarch"Super RareContinuous Trap
"The Supremacy Sun"Super RareEffect Monster
"The Tripper Mercury"Super RareEffect Monster
"Thorn of Malice"Super RareEquip Spell
"Thunder Dragon Discharge"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Thunder Dragonmatrix"Super RareEffect Monster
"Toon Ancient Gear Golem"Super RareToon monster
"Toy Magician"Super RareEffect Monster
"Toy Soldier"Super RareEffect Monster
"Trance Archfiend"Super RareEffect Monster
"Troposphere"Super RareEffect Monster
"Union Attack"Super RareNormal Spell
"Valkyrian Knight"Super RareEffect Monster
"Vehicroid Connection Zone"Super RareNormal Spell
"Vision HERO Poisoner"Super RareEffect Monster
"Volcanic Eruption"Super RareNormal Trap
"Vylon Alpha"Super RareSynchro Monster
"Vylon Delta"Super RareSynchro Monster
"Vylon Tetra"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
"Winged Kuriboh LV9"Super RareEffect Monster
"Wrath of Neos"Super RareNormal Spell
"Yaksha"Super RareSpirit monster
"Zeradias, Herald of Heaven"Super RareEffect Monster
"Zero Force"Super RareNormal Trap


UR Tickets are only available as part of the Returning User Bonus.

"Ally of Justice Core Destroyer"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Amazoness Paladin"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Arcana Force XII - The Hangman"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Archfiend Commander"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Archfiend's Manifestation"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Assault Wyvern"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Barrel Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Blackwing - Elphin the Raven"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"Ultra RareNormal Monster
"Chimeratech Overdragon"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Constellar Meteor"Ultra RareNormal Trap
"Cyber Angel Izana"Ultra RareRitual Monster
"Cyber Blader"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Cyberdark Dragon"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Cyberdarkness Dragon"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Dark Magician"Ultra RareNormal Monster
"Dark Magician" (Arkana artwork)Ultra RareNormal Monster
"Dark Magician Girl"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Dark Necrofear"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Doppelwarrior"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Duke Shade, the Sinister Shadow Lord"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Elemental HERO Chaos Neos"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Elemental HERO Divine Neos"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Elemental HERO Electrum"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Elemental HERO Grandmerge"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Elemental HERO Neos"Ultra RareNormal Monster
"Fortune Lady Light"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Gandora the Dragon of Destruction"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Ghost Ship"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Giant Rex"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Goyo Chaser"Ultra RareSynchro Monster
"Granmarg the Mega Monarch"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Infernity Mirage"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Inzektor Firefly"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Junk Berserker"Ultra RareSynchro Monster
"King's Consonance"Ultra RareNormal Trap
"Lava Golem"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Lightning Warrior"Ultra RareSynchro Monster
"Mach Synchron"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
"Magician of Dark Illusion"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Morphtronic Videon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Nine-Tailed Fox"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Ojama King"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Ojamatch"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell
"Plasma Warrior Eitom"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Prime Material Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Psychic Ace"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Rainbow Dark Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Red Rising Dragon"Ultra RareSynchro Monster
"Relinquished"Ultra RareRitual Monster
"Rosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Shutendoji"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Sirenorca"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Starlight Road"Ultra RareNormal Trap
"Statue of Anguish Pattern"Ultra RareContinuous Trap
"Stegocyber"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Strong Wind Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Stygian Security"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
"Thunder Dragondark"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Toon Cyber Dragon"Ultra RareToon monster
"Toon Dark Magician"Ultra RareToon monster
"Tyrant's Tantrum"Ultra RareContinuous Trap
"Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Umbramirage the Elemental Lord"Ultra RareEffect Monster