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Release Removal Acquisition Cost/requirement Qty.
2018-07-31 Ranked Duels R Ticket (Glossy) — Season 31 onward
2018-07-31 Ranked Duels R TicketSeason 31 onward
2016-11-17 Level-Up Reward — Seto Kaiba (DM) Level 21 1
2016-11-17 Level-Up Reward — Seto Kaiba (DM) Level 10 1

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese ロード・オブ・ドラゴン-ドラゴンのはいしゃ ①:このカードがモンスターゾーンに存在する限り、お互いのプレイヤーはフィールドのドラゴン族モンスターを効果の対象にできない。
Rōdo Obu Doragon - Doragon no Shihaisha -

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Characters' Decks

The following characters use "Lord of D." in their Decks.

Character Deck Qty
Mokuba Kaiba My Very Own Dragon Deck 2
Mokuba Kaiba My Divine Dragon Deck 2
Seto Kaiba (DSOD) Way of the D. 3
Seto Kaiba KC Deck 2
Seto Kaiba Path of Power 3