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A packet of Lucky Stripe cigarettes.

Lucky Stripe is a brand of cigarettes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It is an imitation of the real life cigarette brand, Lucky Strike.

The escaped prisoner considered himself a lucky man and thought this was the perfect brand for him. While holding Anzu Mazaki hostage at Burger World, he ordered Yugi Mutou to bring him cigarettes of this brand along with vodka.[1]

When Dark Yugi faced the escaped prisoner in the Shadow Game, one finger BATTLE!, he offered to light one of the cigarettes and placed the lighter on the convict's arm. Due to the nature of the Shadow Game, the players could not move more than one finger, so the vodka the convict was pouring overflowed. He was unable to pull the trigger on his gun, without the lighter falling. Eventually the cigarette fell from his mouth, into the vodka incinerating him.[1]


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