Magical Musket

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Magical Musket
"Magical Musket Mastermind Zakiel" and "Magical Musketeer Max" in the artwork of "Magical Musket - Crooked Crown"
  • だん
  • 魔弾 (base)
  • まだん (ruby)
  • Madan (romanized)
  • Magibullet (translated)
  • Magie de Mousquet
  • Magische/r Musket
  • Magico Moschet
  • 마탄환
  • Mosqueteiro/a Mágico
  • Mágico/a Mosquete/Mosquetero

"Magical Musket" (だん Madan, "Magibullet" in the OCG) is an archetype of LIGHT Fiend monsters debuting in Deck Build Pack: Spirit Warriors.


As indicated by its Japanese name, "Magibullet", this archetype is inspired by the German opera Der Freischütz. According to German folklore, the term "Freischütz" refers to a marksman who made a contract with the devil to obtain seven magic bullets with supernatural accuracy. The first six bullets are subservient to the wielder's control, while the seventh will be in the devil's grip completely.

All members of this archetype are based on legendary characters associated with guns. Visually, all of them share three design aspects: a demonic-styled weapon, a clawed blue arm holding the weapon, and one or more large, red wings with blue eyes near the joint.


Musketeer Folklore Spell/Trap Firearm
Zakiel Samiel, the Black Huntsman (Der Freischütz) Fiendish Deal
Crooked Crown
Caspar Kaspar (Der Freischütz) Fiendish Deal
Max Max (Der Freischütz) Crooked Crown Rifle
Calamity Calamity Jane Desperado Rocket launcher
Doc Doc Holliday Steady Hands Sniper rifle
Kidbrave Billy the Kid Cross-Domination Revolver
Starfire Belle Starr Dancing Needle Derringer
Wild "Wild Bill" Hickok Last Stand MANPADS

Playing style[edit]

This archetype revolves around using their monsters to accumulate their Spells/Traps in order to disrupt almost any moves their opponents may be attempting. All of their monsters can activate their effects when a Spell/Trap is activated in the same column as theirs (including opponent's). In addition, they also allows player to activate "Magical Musket" Spell/Traps from their hand, essentially turning them into hand traps, making their moves harder to predict and protect against.

Their monsters all have different effects, ranging from searching ("Caspar"), recycling ("Wild" and "Doc"), advantage generators ("Kidbrave" and "Zakiel"), and even swarming ("Starfire" and "Calamity"). Therefore, it is important to get those monsters onto the field as fast as possible. Since they're all LIGHT Fiends, they can utilize "Ties of the Brethren" as their main card to swarm the field, most of the time to bring out "Caspar", "Doc", and "Kidbrave" for maximum benefits. Cards like "Double Summon" can also be used to emphasize this further.

Since their monsters can activate their effects from activation of any Spell/Traps, cards like "Upstart Goblin", "One Day of Peace" and the Toon engine (consisting of "Toon Table of Contents" and "Toon World") can also be used. Outside of "Starfire", they don't rely on too much Special Summoning, so they can use cards like "Pot of Duality" to increase their consistency without noticeable drawback.

Recommended cards[edit]


While powerful and consistent with their plethora of monster effects to generate advantage, it is also their greatest weakness. All "Magical Musket" Spells/Traps can only be activated while the player controls a "Magical Musket" monster, limiting their utility. Furthermore, they almost have no means of Special Summoning outside of their own theme (that doesn't rely on monster presence on the field), so any Summon negation cards such as "Forced Back", "Solemn Warning", "Chaos Trap Hole", and "Horn of Heaven" can help slow them down. Because of this Normal Summon dependence, this deck's particularly vulnerable when going second.

Hand traps are also effective against this deck, particularly "Effect Veiler", "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit", "Herald of Orange Light", or "PSY-Framegear Gamma", since they can negate "Magical Musket" monster effects while also being out of reach from negation effect of "Cross-Domination". Mass-removal cards that can avoid "Last Stand" or "Fiendish Deal" are also effective to clear their entire field in one fell swoop, preventing them from activating more "Magical Musket" cards for the rest of that turn.