Magician's Four

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Magician's Four

Three of the Magician's Four

Japanese translated

Magician's Four

Appears in (anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's


Sector D, Satellite

The Magician's Four were a Duel Gang living in sector D of Satellite years ago. They defeated Crow in a Duel, but Crow uses himself as bait to lure his friends into the Magician's Four's territory by hiding an transmitter inside his Duel Disk. Once The Enforcers arrived, they battled the Magician's Four, defeated them by destroying their Duel Disks at the end of the Duel, and took over their territory. They specialize in using Spellcasters.

The leader wears a hood and has light brown hair. His signature card is "Dark Eradicator Warlock".

The first member is a fat man with dark green hair.

The second member is a female with short brown hair. In the English dub, it's a male.

The third member is a man with long curly black hair.

The members of Magician's Four all wear a pendant with a pentagram around their necks in the dub. Pentagrams and other symbols with religious connections are usually censored and replaced with something else in the dub, a notable exception however is the symbol used for the Seal of Orichalcos.