Mako's father

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Mako's father
Mako's father
English name
  • Mako's father
Japanese translatedKajiki's father
Japanese name
RōmajiKajiki no chichi
  • Male
Mako Tsunami (son)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! episode 06969: "Legendary Fisherman, Part 2"
Appears in
Japanese voice
Mako's father

Mako's father, known as Kajiki's father (カジちち Kajiki no chichi) in the Japanese version, is the father of Mako Tsunami.


Boating accident[edit]

Mr. Tsunami taught his son, Mako, how to cook and fish. He had a boat, in which he and Mako would go fishing in. One day the boat got caught in a storm. Mr. Tsunami tied Mako to a mast to keep him on the boat, but got swept away into the sea himself. The boat managed to drift back to shore, without Mr. Tsunami.[1] In the English dub, Mako was certain his father survived since the boat's lifeboat went missing.[2]

Post disappearance[edit]

It had been Mako's father's wishes that should anything happen to him, a grave be built overlooking the ocean. So a monument was built for him on a cliff. Mako used to visit it every day in the hopes that his father would come home yelling "How dare you build my grave!". (In the English dub, it is not described as a grave, but rather a monument that Mako built to guild his father home.)[2]

Before his disappearance, Mako's father had asked a friend to get a copy of the card "The Legendary Fisherman" for Mako and gave the friend a letter to enclose with it. However the letter did not arrive until months after his disappearance. When Mako received the letter, he initially believed it had been written recently and that it meant his father was still alive. He learned the truth later, but he considered "The Legendary Fisherman" to have briefly shown him a miracle and came to believe his father's soul resided in the card.[2]

After losing to Joey Wheeler in Battle City, Mako gave "The Legendary Fisherman" to Joey. Joey initially could not accept it, but Mako explained that he didn't need to rely on a card that looked like his father and he believed that his father would always be fighting by his side.[2]

Other appearances[edit]


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