Mako Tsunami (DDM)

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Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami
English name
  • Mako Tsunami
Japanese translatedRyota Kajiki
Japanese name
RōmajiKajiki Ryōta
  • Male
Appears in
Video gamesYu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters
Tsunami, Mako

Mako Tsunami, known as Ryota Kajiki (梶木漁太 Kajiki Ryōta) in the Japanese version, is a character in the video game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters. He is based on Ryota Kajiki from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.


A seafaring specialist turn dice player. He participates in tournaments so that he may buy a sonar-equipped boat with his winnings.

Dice Pool[edit]

Mako's Dice Pool contains Beast, Dragon and Spellcaster monsters.