Makoto Inotsume

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Makoto Inotsume
Makoto Inotsume
English name
  • Makoto Inotsume
Japanese name
RōmajiInotsume Makoto
  • Male
OrganizationJinzo Art Dojo
Anime DeckJinzo Art
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 163: "A Challenge from Psycho Shocker"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GX
Japanese voice
  • Shinji Kawada
Inotsume, Makoto

Makoto Inotsume (猪爪誠 Inotsume Makoto) is an arrogant practitioner of "Jinzo Art", a rival Dueling strategy to Cyber Art. He ambushes Chancellor Sheppard and defeats him, then travels to Duel Academy. He confronts Zane Truesdale, heir to the Cyber Style legacy and causes him to collapse during a Duel.


Syrus Truesdale then takes Zane's Duel Disk in mid-Duel, announcing that he will finish the Duel in his brother's place. Despite that comment, when Makoto and Syrus Duel, they start the Duel over from the beginning, with Makoto ultimately losing.


True to form, Makoto runs a Jinzo Art Deck, featuring the "Jinzo" monsters and a control strategy which focuses on limiting his opponents' options of counterattacking. His "Jinzo" prevents any Trap Cards from activating or being in effect, while, as added insurance that stronger monsters cannot defeat "Jinzo", "Crush Card Virus" (with "Jinzo - Returner" serving as its Tribute) prevents the opponent from using monsters with more than 1500 ATK. His strongest monster, "Jinzo - Lord", can not only prevent the use of Traps, but also destroy Traps and inflict effect damage.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Chancellor Sheppard 163 Win
Zane Truesdale 163 No result
Syrus Truesdale 164 Lose


  1. Three copies of this card can be seen while practising before facing Syrus Truesdale in episode 164.
  2. This card is drawn, but not played in episode 164.