Marik Ishtar (The Sacred Cards and Reshef of Destruction)

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Marik Ishtar
Marik Ishtar
English name
  • Marik Ishtar
Other namesNamu
Japanese name
RōmajiMariku Ishutāru
  • Male
Appears in
Game Boy Advance
Ishtar, Marik

Marik Ishtar is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction. This is a video game depiction of Marik Ishtar from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Marik Ishtar from the anime.


The Sacred Cards[edit]

Marik spent years angrily cursing the world, while bearing a pain carved onto his body. He hoped to obtain the Egyptian God cards to get revenge on Yami Yugi and the world.

Marik became the leader of the Ghouls. Using the brainwashing powers of the Millennium Rod, he forced a number of people to join his ranks, including Bandit Keith. He dispatched the Ghouls during the Battle City tournament as a part of a ploy to steal rare cards.

Marik learned of the antics of the player and decided that he had become a hindrance to his plan. After the player defeated Arkana, Marik used the Millennium Rod to take over the mind of Arkana to warn the player that there would be consequences of interfering with his plans.

Using the disguise "Namu", Marik befriended Joey Wheeler and went with him to the toy shop, where he met the player in person. Marik pretended to be a weak Duelist and would not accept challenges from the player, saying he would not be able to win.

Marik used the Millennium Rod to brainwash Joey and get him to collect Tea Gardner, whom he also brainwashed. He then had one of his Ghouls inform the player and Yugi Muto that he had taken Joey and Tea captive and tell them to hand over their Decks and quit the tournament

Having brainwashed Lumis and Umbra, Marik was able to watch their Duels with the player and Yugi from afar. After Lumis and Umbra lost, Marik took control of Lumis to let the player and Yugi know that he had seen the Duels and studied their Decks. He explained the brainwashing powers of the Millennium Rod and said that he had used it on Joey and Tea. He then left Lumis and Umbra both fall unconscious.

Maintaining his "Namu" disguise, Marik participated in the Battle City finals, letting on that he was a timid Duelist, who was very lucky to have qualified. He met up with the other finalists at the stadium site, including Odion, whom he had pretend to be Marik. They then boarded the airship for the next stage of the tournament.

Marik witnessed Yami Yugi defeat Yami Bakura in the first quarterfinal.

In the second quarterfinal, Odion posed as Marik, while Dueling the player. Before the game, Marik kept up his disguise by wishing the player luck. At the end of the Duel, Marik called Odion a fool for losing. Odion was then stuck by the wrath of the gods for using "The Winged Dragon of Ra", despite not being its rightful owner. Marik commended Yami Yugi for understanding what happened, revealing himself to be the real Marik in the process. Odion pleaded with Marik to forgive his failure, but fell unconscious. This allowed Yami Marik to take control of Marik's body.

Reshef of Destruction[edit]


The player cannot Duel against Marik in The Sacred Cards. However, an unused copy of Marik's Deck from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist exists in the game's code.

Reshef of Destruction[edit]

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF Qty
119 "Humanoid Slime" MonsterWater Aqua4 800 2000 3
124 "Worm Drake" MonsterEarth Insect4 1400 1500 3
132 "Humanoid Worm Drake" MonsterWater Aqua7 2200 2000 1
134 "Revival Jam" MonsterWater Aqua4 1500 500 3
280 "Darkfire Soldier #1" MonsterFire Pyro4 1700 1150 2
337 "Raigeki" Magic 2
341 "Soul of the Pure" Magic 2
348 "Swords of Revealing Light" Magic 3
349 "Spellbinding Circle" Magic 1
601 "Monster Reborn" Magic 3
606 "Newdoria" MonsterDreams Fiend4 1200 800 3
616 "Executor - Makyura" MonsterDark Warrior4 1600 1200 3
619 "Byser Shock" MonsterThunder Fiend5 800 600 1
623 "Viser Des" MonsterDark Fiend4 500 1200 3
665 "Des Volstgalph" MonsterEarth Dragon6 2200 1700 1
672 "Harpie's Feather Duster" Magic 1
686 "Widespread Ruin" Trap 2
789 "Pot of Greed" Magic 1
799 "Cyber-Tech Alligator" MonsterWind Machine5 2500 1600 1
800 "Talons of Shurilane" MonsterDreams Fiend6 2100 2050 1


The following cards can be won from Marik by the ante rule, provided the player does not wager a low-level ante card. The chance of winning a card is indicated by the "%" (chance out of 100) and "2048th" (chance out of 2048) columns.

Reshef of Destruction[edit]

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF % 2048th
022 "Summoned Skull" MonsterFiend Fiend6 2500 1200 3.56 73
033 "Judge Man" MonsterLight Warrior6 2200 1500 3.56 73
185 "Dark Zebra" MonsterForest Beast4 1800 400 3.56 73
248 "Amphibian Beast" MonsterWater Fish6 2400 2000 3.56 73
280 "Darkfire Soldier #1" MonsterFire Pyro4 1700 1150 3.56 73
337 "Raigeki" Magic 3.56 73
341 "Soul of the Pure" Magic 3.56 73
348 "Swords of Revealing Light" Magic 3.56 73
349 "Spellbinding Circle" Magic 3.56 73
415 "Mechanicalchaser" MonsterFiend Machine4 1850 800 3.56 73
434 "Harpie's Brother" MonsterWind Winged Beast4 1800 600 3.56 73
447 "Giant Red Seasnake" MonsterWater Aqua4 1800 800 3.56 73
458 "Kaminari Attack" MonsterThunder Thunder5 1900 1400 3.56 73
462 "The Immortal of Thunder" MonsterThunder Thunder4 1500 1300 3.56 73
483 "Garvas" MonsterForest Beast6 2000 1700 3.56 73
514 "Asura Priest" MonsterDreams Fairy4 1700 1200 3.56 73
601 "Monster Reborn" Magic 3.56 73
665 "Des Volstgalph" MonsterEarth Dragon6 2200 1700 3.61 74
675 "Exarion Universe" MonsterDark Beast-Warrior4 1800 1900 3.61 74
686 "Widespread Ruin" Trap 3.56 73
708 "Cosmo Queen" MonsterDivine Spellcaster8 2900 2450 3.56 73
713 "Meteor B. Dragon" MonsterFire Dragon8 3500 2000 3.56 73
714 "Firewing Pegasus" MonsterFire Beast6 2250 1800 3.56 73
770 "Neo the Magic Swordsman" MonsterEarth Spellcaster4 1700 1000 3.66 75
778 "Beast of Gilfer" MonsterDark Fiend6 2200 2500 3.56 73
795 "Dunames Dark Witch" MonsterLight Fairy4 1800 1050 3.56 73
799 "Cyber-Tech Alligator" MonsterWind Machine5 2500 1600 3.56 73
800 "Talons of Shurilane" MonsterDreams Fiend6 2100 2050 3.56 73