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Blue Maiden and Aqua with "Marincess Blue Slug" and "Sea Horse".
  • マリンセス
  • Marinsesu (romanized)
  • Marincesse
  • Marinzessin
  • Marincipessa
  • 마린세스
  • Marinseseu (romanized)
  • Marincesa
  • Marincesa
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

Marincess (マリンセス Marinsesu) is an archetype of WATER Cyberse monsters used by Blue Maiden in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


The archetype displays some similarities with "Trickstars", which have also been used by Skye. Nearly all the members are females dressed in colorful idol-like attires (each using a shade of blue somewhere), inspired by, and incorporating accessories based on, the physical traits of sea creatures (several of which being poisonous ones). Main Deck monsters tend to be younger girls, while Link Monsters are often older women.

The "Marincess" crest.

The archetype's crest seems to be an heart-shaped golden jewel with an intricate, deep blue gem embedded in the center, as well as six lighter-blue crystals arranged on the rim. Almost all members wear it somewhere in their outfits, usually as badge.

Marincess Origin
Aqua Argonaut Argonaut
Basilalima Basilan Lima (Limaria basilanica)
Blue Slug Blue sea slug
Blue Tang Blue tang
Coral Anemone Coral + Sea anemone
Coral Triangle Coral Triangle
Crown Tail Crowntail
Great Bubble Reef Sea foam + Great Barrier Reef
Mandarin Mandarinfish
Marbled Rock Marbled rockfish
Pascalus Pseudanthias pascalus
Sea Angel Sea angel
Sea Horse Seahorse
Sea Star Starfish
Sleepy Maiden Sleeper Goby
Springirl Chrysiptera springeri

Playing style[edit]

The Main Deck members "Marincess" monsters have effects that Special Summon themselves from the hand when an Extra Deck member is on the field to facilitate further Link Summoning. The Extra Deck members, in turn, have effects such as Special Summoning more of their members from the GY or add cards from the GY to their hand. The archetype also has Normal Trap Cards that may have additional effects if the player controls "Marincess" Link Monsters with higher Link Rating, and by controlling at least a Link-3 "Marincess" Link Monster, some of those traps can turn into literal hand-traps to distrupt counterplays.

As more "Marincess" cards were released, the archetype's playing style now shifted towards banishing and equipping "Marincess" Link Monsters in the GY to ones the player controls. Some Main Deck "Marincess" monsters have effects related to banishing, and most of them can banish themselves from the GY to activate various effects. Any of those banished "Marincess" monsters can be Special Summoned back to the player's side of the field using the effect of one of the archetype's ace monsters, "Marincess Great Bubble Reef", by exchanging it with 1 WATER monster in the hand. In addition, "Great Bubble Reef" is also packed with its own banishing effect during each player's Standby Phase to let the player draw a card. Furthermore, this banishing strategy would gradually, but temporarily, boost "Great Bubble Reef's" ATK by 600 each time a monster is banished face-up. Most Link-2 and higher "Marincess" Link Monsters need WATER monsters as Link Materials, thus "Scrypton" is a good addition since it is a WATER Cyberse monster and can Special Summon itself from the hand by banishing 1 Cyberse monster in the GY. Also, it can recycle any banished monster back into the Deck after it is sent to the GY for the Link Summon of a Cyberse Link Monster.

The minor playing style, as mentioned above, is having "Marincess" Link Monsters the player controls equipped with other "Marincess" cards, usually by the effect of "Marincess Battle Ocean". This strategy is mainly utilized by the other two "Marincess" ace monsters: "Marincess Wonder Heart" and "Marincess Aqua Argonaut", and is supported in a small-scale by "Marincess Sleepy Maiden". If the player Link Summons a "Marincess" Link Monster to the Extra Monster Zone while they have "Marincess Battle Ocean", the Field Spell would allow them to equip up to 3 "Marincess" Link Monsters from the GY to that Summoned "Marincess" monster. Additionally, "Battle Ocean" grants "Marincess" monsters 600 ATK for every "Marincess" card equipped to themselves. These "Marincess" Equip Cards can later be brought into play by using the effect of "Wonder Heart" via battle, or by the effect of "Aqua Argonaut" as a means of disruption. Since this strategy works in conjunction with the use of Extra Monster Zone and "Marincess Crystal Heart", it would usually be exploited in late game.

Through careful planning, a "Marincess" Deck can achieve an Extra Link within 2-3 turns using their own gameplay and the archetype's Link Monsters. The player can access Extra Link situation by combining both the banishing strategy and the equip-based strategy of this archetype, especially via "Great Bubble Reef" and "Aqua Argonaut". It is also possible to instantly rearrange the position of "Marincess" Link Monsters on the Main Monster Zone so that each may be co-linked, by using the effect of "Marincess Cascade".

Combo Example[edit]

By using a single "Marincess" monster, this archetype can perform multiple Link Summons and climb up to a Link-4 "Marincess" Link Monster. This is mainly supported due to toolbox strategy the archetype offered through fast Special Summoning and recycling effects among their Main Deck and Extra Deck monsters. By Normal Summoning "Marincess Sea Horse" alone, the player can subsequently Link Summon at least up to the Link-3 "Marincess Marbled Rock" in the same turn, without reducing the number of cards in their hand.

  • Normal Summon "Sea Horse" to Link Summon "Marincess Blue Slug", which will trigger its effect to return "Sea Horse" back to the hand, then Special Summon that "Sea Horse" using its own effect to the zone "Blue Slug" points to.
  • Link Summon "Marincess Coral Anemone" using "Blue Slug" and "Sea Horse", then activate the effect of "Coral Anemone" to Special Summon the same "Sea Horse" from the GY to the zone it points to.
  • Proceed to Link Summon "Marbled Rock" using "Coral Anemone" and "Sea Horse". When "Coral Anemone" goes to the GY, its effect triggers, which allows the player to return "Sea Horse" from the GY back to the hand.

This combo was demonstrated by Skye Zaizen in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 09090: "For a Friend", during her Duel against Bohman, and also impressed Ai for the play.

A more complex combo to access stronger "Marincess" Link Monster can be explored via "Marincess Pascalus" and "Marincess Blue Tang":

  • Normal Summon "Pascalus" to Special Summon "Blue Tang", then the player can activate "Blue Tang's" effect to send "Marincess Mandarin" from the Deck to the GY.
  • Link Summon "Blue Slug" using one of them, then "Marincess Sea Angel" by using the other. Link Summoning "Sea Angel" can grant the player access to one of currently two "Marincess" Spells from the Deck.
    • The player can add "Marincess Dive" to revive "Blue Tang" as preparation for further Link Summon, or if "Marincess Battle Ocean" is already on the field, they can call forth any "Marincess" from the Deck, instead.
    • At the same time, "Blue Tang" will trigger its effect upon being sent to the GY as a material for the Link Summon; the player can excavate the top 3 cards of their Deck and pick 1 "Marincess" card among them to add to the hand.
  • Since they controlled two "Marincess" at that moment, "Marincess Mandarin" that is in the GY via "Blue Tang" earlier can revive itself to the player's zone that "Sea Angel" points to for more Link Summon, but "Mandarin" would get banished if it ever leaves the field after that.
  • At this point, the player can Link Summon "Coral Anemone" under "Blue Slug" and revive a "Marincess" from the GY, then they can perform more Link Summon for stronger monsters.

Recommended cards[edit]