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Blue Maiden and Aqua with "Marincess Blue Slug" and "Sea Horse".
  • マリンセス
  • Marinsesu (romanized)


Anime appearances

Marincess is an archetype of female WATER Cyberse monsters used by Blue Maiden in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


Each member is based on a type of sea creature from marine life, with the Link Monsters being poisonous ones:

Marincess Origin
Blue Slug Blue sea slug
Coral Anemone Coral + Sea anemone
Crown Tail Crowntail
Mandarin Mandarinfish
Marbled Rock Marbled rockfish
Sea Horse Seahorse
Sea Star Starfish

Playing style[edit]

The Deck revolves around Link Summoning and the usage of Trap Cards that have additional effects when controlling Link Monsters with higher Link Ratings.

Recommended cards