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Blue Maiden and Aqua with "Marincess Blue Slug" and "Sea Horse".
  • マリンセス
  • Marinsesu (romanized)
  • Marincesse
  • Marinzessin
  • Marincipessa
  • 마린세스
  • Marinseseu (romanized)
  • Marincesa
  • Marincesa
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Marincess (マリンセス Marinsesu) is an archetype of female WATER Cyberse monsters used by Blue Maiden in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


The archetype displays some similarities with "Trickstars", which has also been used by Skye. Nearly all the members are humanoid females dressing in colorful idol-like attires (each using a shade of blue somewhere), inspired by, and incorporating accessories based on, the physical traits of sea creatures (several of which being poisonous ones). Main Deck monsters tend to be younger girls, while Link Monsters are often older women.

The "Marincess" crest.

The archetype's crest seems to be an heart-shaped golden jewel with an intricate, deep blue gem embedded in the center, as well as six lighter-blue crystals arranged on the rim. Almost all members wear it somewhere in their outfits, usually as badge.

Marincess Origin
Basilalima Basilan Lima (Limaria basilanica)
Blue Slug Blue sea slug
Blue Tang Blue tang
Coral Anemone Coral + Sea anemone
Crown Tail Crowntail
Great Bubble Reef Sea foam + Great Barrier Reef
Mandarin Mandarinfish
Marbled Rock Marbled rockfish
Pascalus Pseudanthias pascalus
Sea Angel Sea angel
Sea Horse Seahorse
Sea Star Starfish

Playing style[edit]

The Main Deck members of the archetype have effects that Special Summon themselves from the hand when an Extra Deck member is on the field to facilitate further Link Summoning. The Extra Deck members, in turn, have effects such as Special Summoning more of their members from the GY or add cards from the GY to their hand. The archetype also has Normal Trap Cards that can be activated from the hand when an Extra Deck member is on the field to disrupt counterplays.

Recommended cards[edit]