Mark of the Dark Signer

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"Mark of the Dark Signer" has begun! Accumulate points to obtain Dark Signer Kalin Kessler's exclusive Reward Cards!

— Event description
Mark of the Dark Signer
Mark of the Dark Signer
EnglishMark of the Dark Signer
Japanese迫りくる脅威 不滅のダークシグナー
RōmajiSemari Kuru Kyōi Fumetsu no Dāku Shigunā
TranslatedThe Approaching Threat, Immortal Dark Signer
Event information
  • May 23, 2019 – May 30, 2019

Mark of the Dark Signer is a Duel-A-Thon event that took place in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links from May 23 02:30 (EST) until May 30 23:59 (EST). During this event, Dark Signer Kalin Kessler appeared as a Roaming Duelist in Duel World (5D's).

Event Details[edit]

During the event, players could complete Duels against various opponents, in order to earn points to fill up their Duel Meters and subsequently claim rewards from doing so, similar to a Duel-A-Thon. However, the unique difference that set it apart from Duel-A-Thons was the addition of random appearances of Dark Signer Kalin Kessler in Duel World (5D's). Additionally, the player could accelerate these incoming appearances by Dueling in Ranked Duels or with any Duelist (Standard, Legendary, or The Vagabond) in any Duel World, excluding Duels with The Vagrant or at the Gate. Specifically, by doing so, the player would accelerate the immediate next appearance of Dark Signer Kalin Kessler.

Kalin would only appear in Duel World (5D's), and could not be accessed at the Gate.

Event Points[edit]

Each day, a player could complete up to 6 Duel Meters (referred to collectively as a "Daily Duel Meter"), each of which required a different amount of points to sequentially complete. If one of these Duel Meters were completed, the player received a corresponding reward, and any excess points were transferred to their next Duel Meter (if applicable). When a new day began - which it did at 13:00 (EST) each day - any earned points from an uncompleted Duel Meter would be converted into an equal amount of Gold for the player, and the player could no longer earn points for the previous day's Duel Meters.

The various amounts of points earned from Dueling opponents during the event were as follows:

Opponent Victory Loss
Dark Signer Kalin Kessler 150 100
The Vagabond 100 70
Ranked Duels 60 40
WCS Qualifiers 60 40
Legendary Duelist(s) 25 20
Standard Duelist(s) 20 15

If a player disconnected (and did not resume) or surrendered from an applicable Duel, they would not receive any points from that Duel.

Also, if a player Dueled with a Reward Multiplier applying (such as the one used for Standard Duelists or used at the Gate), any earned points would be multiplied accordingly.

Duel Meter Bonus[edit]

Whenever a player completed one of their Duel Meters as part of their "Daily Duel Meter", they would receive a one-time multiplier for the next time they earned points on their next Duel Meter. The multiplier applied for these Duel Meters in the following order: x2 → x3 → x4 → x5 → x6. However, if a player earned enough points in a single instance to fill up at least 2 of their Duel Meters, they would not receive a multiplier based on the first of those Duel Meters - only based on the last.

During "Bonus Time", which was enacted on May 26, 2019, 13:00 (EST) for the remainder of the event, the multipliers were adjusted to apply in the following fashion instead: x3 → x4 → x5 → x6 → x7.

Friend Points[edit]

Whenever a player earned points from Dueling, they could potentially earn up to an additional 15 points each time (referred to as "Friend Points). In this event, a player's Friend Points were determined by the number of Duel Meters filled up that day by players on the given player's Friend List, with 1 Friend Point earned for each of their "completed" Duel Meters, and with new days starting at 13:00 (EST).

During "Bonus Time", which was enacted on May 26, 2019, 13:00 (EST) for the remainder of the event, the Friend Point maximum was increased to 30.

If a Reward Multiplier was in effect for an applicable Duel, then Friend Points were multiplied accordingly, which could surpass any Friend Point maximum as a result.


During the event, once the player logs into Duel Links for the first time since the event started (or if already logged-in, once the player enters a Duel World Area, if they weren't at one already), they will be greeted by a cutscene.

Jack, Crow, Akiza, and Luna (accompanied by Leo), notice their Marks of the Dragon starting to glow, confused as to why this is happening. Trudge notes this shouldn't be happening, as his previous investigations had not reported anything out of normal.

Yusei, also affected by the Mark of the Dragon, asks a yet unknown person what they're doing in there. This person, revealing himself to be Kalin Kessler, in his Dark Signer appearance, announces he has returned to "repay the favor", and declares the war between the Signers and Dark Signers has begun.


Daily Rewards[edit]

The following rewards could be earned from filling up the "Daily Duel Meter" in the event. However once "Bonus Time" was enacted on May 26, 2019, 13:00 (EST), the normal reward amounts were permanently doubled for the remaining duration of the event.

May 23 (first)
Points Reward
20 5 Gems
60 1 "Madjinn Gunn"
120 5 Gems
220 20 Gems
300 2000 Gold
380 50 Red Gate Keys
May 23 (second)
Points Reward
20 5 Gems
100 1 "Witty Phantom"
200 5 Gems
320 50 R Jewels
440 2000 Gold
540 50 Blue Gate Keys
May 24
Points Reward
20 5 Gems
100 1 "Phantom Hand"
200 5 Gems
320 20 Gems
440 2000 Gold
540 50 Green Gate Keys
May 25
Points Reward
20 5 Gems
100 1 "Wave-Motion Inferno"
200 5 Gems
320 1 SR Jewel
440 2000 Gold
540 50 Yellow Gate Keys
May 26
Points Reward
20 10 Gems
100 1 "Madjinn Gunn"
200 10 Gems
320 40 Gems
440 2000 Gold
540 100 Black Gate Keys
May 27
Points Reward
20 10 Gems
100 1 "Witty Phantom"
200 10 Gems
320 100 R Jewels
440 4000 Gold
540 100 White Gate Keys
May 28
Points Reward
20 10 Gems
100 1 "Phantom Hand"
200 10 Gems
320 2 SR Jewels
440 4000 Gold
540 100 Gate Keys
May 29
Points Reward
20 10 Gems
100 1 "Wave-Motion Inferno"
200 10 Gems
320 2 UR Jewels
440 4000 Gold
540 20 Duel Orbs
May 30
Points Reward
20 10 Gems
60 10 Gems
120 10 Gems
220 100 R Jewels
300 4000 Gold
380 100 Gate Keys

Cumulative Rewards[edit]

Whenever a player earned points for their Daily Duel Meter, they also earned an equal amount of points for their Cumulative Duel Meter, even if they had maxed out their Daily Duel Meter. By doing so, players could earn rewards for the point milestones they attained during the event, in addition to viewing event-exclusive dialogue cutscenes. Once a player had obtained all of the Cumulative Rewards in the event, they received 1000 Gold for every 1000 points they earned afterwards.

Points Reward
500 10 Gems + Cutscene
1050 30 Gems
1650 10 Gems + Cutscene
2300 30 Gems
3000 5000 Gold + Cutscene
3750 1 "Infernity Beast"
4550 30 Gems + Cutscene
5400 10 Gems
Points Reward
6300 50 Gems
7250 15000 Gold
8250 1 "Infernity Beetle"
9350 30 Gems
10550 10 Gems
11850 200 Gems
13250 50 Gems
14750 10 Gems

Duel Rewards[edit]

In addition to the following, standard Duel Rewards were also available by Dueling Dark Signer Kalin Kessler at Level 30 or lower.

Rarity Card
UR "Infernity Mirage"
SR "Infernity Knight", "Infernity Beetle", "Infernity Inferno", "Infernity Patriarch"
R "Phantom Hand", "Wave-Motion Inferno", "Infernity Beast"
N "Madjinn Gunn", "Witty Phantom"