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This is a verbatim transcription of the official English Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel card storylines. The following information is presented in a format closely mimicking that of Master Duel.

The Absolute Monarch[edit]

"March of the Monarchs"
In this world, some beings embodied the concept of destruction.

Their dignified appearance and behavior were like those of "Monarchs."

No one knew for what purpose the "Monarchs" sought the destruction of the world.

They wield their paranormal powers and reduce everything in their sight to nothingness.

Thunder booms before them, and trees turn brittle.

They boil the mountains and crack the earth.

They conjure storms and submerge all into unfathomable darkness.

The world steeped in turmoil and rage, subsumed by violence.

And when there is nothing more to destroy, they move to the next land, searching for further destruction.

All that witness this great destruction shudder in fear.

It is the fate of any unfortunate enough to be in their path to disappear in an instant.

"Domain of the True Monarchs"
And— among the destroyers of this world, there is an Alpha.

Its overwhelming power of intimidation lays other destroyers prone, and it possesses untold strength.

"Erebus, the Underworld Monarch"

"Erebus, the Underworld Monarch" sits on his throne in the darkest of darkness, looking on at the destruction of the world as if were the most natural thing.

"March of the Monarchs"
The advances of the Monarchs, who embody the very concept of destruction, continue.

How many countless worlds must they have destroyed?

"The Monarchs Awaken""The Monarchs Stormforth""The Monarchs Erupt"
Lightning storms, blizzards, lava, and seismic catastrophy. All manners of destruction assail this world.

As they advance, the Monarchs grow ever stronger, perpetually pushing the boundaries of destruction.

Their power defiles all matter equally.

There is no way to discern whether or not the Monarchs are aware of what they destroy.

They advance, thoroughly expunging all that enters their field of vision, no matter the scenery.

"Restoration of the Monarchs"
However, in a land reduced to rubble, from the heavens descended a Creator.

"Ehther the Heavenly Monarch"

A savior descended, as if a miracle, to a land awaiting its destruction.

Whether this Creator could be counted as one of the Monarchs is unknown.

The ground in which the Creator has landed slowly begins to revive.

A day will surely come when this land, regenerated by the Creator, will be destroyed again.

Nonetheless, with no reward, "Ehther the Heavenly Monarch" fills this ruined world with the light of rebirth.

The Warriors of the Six Elemental Lords[edit]

"Pyrorex the Elemental Lord""Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord""Grandsoil the Elemental Lord"
"Phosphorage the Elemental Lord""Windrose the Elemental Lord""Umbramirage the Elemental Lord"
The world is comprised of six elements: earth, water, fire, wind, light, and darkness.

The elements were brought to earth by six "Elemental Lords."

The world is at peace as long as the six elements are in equilibrium. However, when that balance is disturbed, the "Elemental Lords" appear.

"A Wild Monster Appears!"
When the "Elemental Lords" physical forms have increased in density enough to be seen by humans, disaster occurs.

The "Elemental Lords" have appeared numerous times, causing natural disasters throughout the world.

"Palace of the Elemental Lords"
The ancients built temples to calm these recurring natural disasters.

People prayed continually. But the "Elemental Lords" did not possess the capacity to answer those prayers.

However, the people's desperate prayers would be answered miraculously after hundreds of years.

Another power that had nothing to do with the "Elemental Lords" may have taken pity on them.

"Elementsaber Makani""Elementsaber Malo""Elementsaber Aina"
The "Elemental Lords" chose a handful of humans.
"Elementsaber Lapauila""Elementsaber Nalu""Elementsaber Molehu"
They were called the "Elementsaber." They served the "Elemental Lords" and maintained the order of the elements.
"Elementsaber Lapauila""Elementsaber Nalu""Elementsaber Makani""Elementsaber Malo"
The "Elementsaber" now protect the temples, which pilgrims no longer visit.

And day to day, they manage the elements that comprise the world to not flare out of control.

"Pyrorex the Elemental Lord""Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord"
Let's say, for example, the element of fire flares up.

The "Elementsaber" would enhance the power of the water element. It would rain throughout the land, extinguishing the flames.

When one element gets out of hand, the forces of the opposite element are increased, restoring balance.

"Elementsaber Makani""Elementsaber Nalu""Elementsaber Aina"
The "Elementsabers" inherit only a fraction of the "Elemental Lords" authority and cannot exercise all their power.

Nor should that power make them feel as if they are gods.

"Elementsaber Lapauila""Elementsaber Molehu""Elementsaber Malo"
They use their ability to command, train, and do right.

Training never ends for the "Elementsabers."

Ruin and Demise[edit]

"Demise, King of Armageddon""End of the World""Cycle of the World""Ruin, Queen of Oblivion"
When a world is about to perish, it is seen on its way by two beings.
"Ruin, Supreme Queen of Oblivion""Cycle of the World"
The first is a red being that envelops in golden light and draws the curtain on the world.

She is an androgynous goddess garbed in red robes.

She is a god with no believers. That's only natural.

A world visited by the goddess "Ruin" is on the path to destruction.

Any intelligent life that would believe in and worship that God would soon cease to exist.

"Demise, Supreme King of Armageddon""End of the World"
The second is a black being that envelops the world in blue flames which pulverizes the earth.

A towering, omnipotent demon king adorned in black armor.

He is a king with no vassals. That's only natural.

A world visited by the demon king "Demise" will soon meet its end.

Those who would respect and serve that king would soon have their very lives destroyed.

"Ruin, Queen of Oblivion""Turning of the World"
The red being, "Ruin, Queen of Oblivion," brings to the world a reversal of time.

When evil has spread throughout a civilization, and when the world's end is in sight,

the red being returns the world to a state before that cause of evil occurred.

There are cases in which this reversal may restore the world to a primordial state full of intelligent life.

In this way, the world is reborn with hopes that life will transpire on the correct path.

For those living in the current world, this would be synonymous with "extinction."

The process of rewinding the world promote the proper development of life.

What if the world continually takes a wrong path no matter how many times it restarts?

"Demise, King of Armageddon""Breaking of the World"
The black being, "Demise, King of Armageddon", brings about the true end of the world.

Its formidable powers crushes the world's very foundations and eradicates all living things.

There remains no trace that the world was there, only absolute nothingness.

"Ruin, Queen of Oblivion""Demise, King of Armageddon"
The "Queen of Oblivion" and "King of Armageddon".

What lies in the heart of a being who witnessed the destruction of the world countless times over eons?

That remains unknown to those who disappear.

The Mystery of the Megalith[edit]

In ancient times, many monumental stone structures were built. Stone circles and pyramids are some examples of this.

However, in many other worlds, there are various types of colossal structures.

Let's take a look at one of these, the grand stone structures known as "The Megalith."

"Megalith Ophiel"
The "Megalith Ophiel" is a white statue that resembles an angel.

Her wavy hair hangs down to her shoulders, and her eyes are closed in a gentle expression.

What catches the eye most of all are the wings on her back, like those of an angel.

Her radiant holiness inspires reverence and modesty in all who behold her.

"Megalith Hagith"
On the other hand is the black demon, "Megalith Hagith."

A statue of a haggard devil, crouching with contorted limbs.

Its face hides behind a mask; the only clue at its expression is it's slightly exposed mouth.

The thorns that are driven into the side of its body inspire dread in the beholder.

"Megalith Och"
The sculpture of two children, the white and black, "Megalith Och." They appear a lovely pair of twins.

By the shape of their wings, the white sculpture appears to be an angel, while the black sculpture appears to be a demon.

It's also notable that they wear contrasting facial expressions.

"Megalith Portal"
The pedestals of the "Megalith" are comprised of an unknown material, not of natural stone.

Their distinct features include a heptagonal decoration and a pattern imbued with mysticism.

What kind of power is hidden in these pedestals, which emit a gentle light?

The pedestals of the "Megalith" may act as a door to another world or a stake connecting another creature.

"Megalith Phaleg"
Appearing from the pedestal of "Megalith Ophiel," "Megalith Phaleg" boasts two pairs of wings.

A far cry from the gentle "Ophiel," this ferocious angel is adorned with a helmet and shield, wielding a spear.

"Megalith Bethor"
Appearing from the pedestal of "Megalith Hagith," the great devil "Megalith Bethor" has four wings.

It is a devil of formidable build, with glaring, golden horns.

"Megalith Emergence"
From the pedestal of "Megalith Och" blazes the many-headed dragon "Megalith Aratron."

Its momentum threatens to flatten the earth and to swallow all.

It can be said all these comprise but one form of the power born from the "Megalith."

But that is not all.

"Megalith Unformed"
The "Megalith" have the power to create a kind of force field even after destroyed.

How were they made, and what is the true identity of their hidden power? The "Megalith" are entities shrouded in great mystery.

"Megalith Phul"
The key to solving this mystery may be a truth that emerges from beyond the "Megalith" themselves.

The Pyroxene Warriors[edit]

"Gem-Knight Sapphire""Gem-Knight Garnet"
Pyroxene warriors the "Gem-Knights," with hearts of justice.

Diligent in their training but reclutant to utilize their prowess in battle, they led a peaceful existence.

"Laval Judgment Lord""Lavalval Dragon"
However, those calm days were threatened by the flame people, the "Laval."

This aggressive nation of flame warriors sought to invade the land of the "Gem-Knights."

Averse to this fruitless conflict, the "Gem Knights" did not aggressively engage them.

But for the "Laval," the inaction of the "Gem-Knights" was only fuel to the fire.

Day by day, collisions increased between the "Laval" and the "Gem-Knights."

At last, the "Gem-Knights" resolved themselves to a full-on conflict to protect their homeland.

"Gem-Knight Fusion"
The "Gem-Knights" possessed a "Core" that shone like a gem, which they activated as a force to aid them in battle.

In addition, they could utilize the "Core" to fuse with other knights to become even more powerful warriors.

The fused "Gem-Knights" include the following.

"Gem-Knight Ruby""Gem-Knight Aquamarine""Gem-Knight Topaz"
"Gem-Knight Ruby," who repelled the enemy.

"Gem-Knight Aquamarine," who defended its companions.

"Gem-Knight Topaz," who tormented its enemies.

"Laval Judgment Lord""Lavalval Dragon""Gem-Knight Ruby""Gem-Knight Aquamarine"
At first, some of the "Gem-Knights" laid in waiting for their enemies, but eventually, they decided to join the fight, one by one.
"Gem-Knight Amethyst""Gem-Knight Zirconia"
In the midst of the fierce battle, the "Gem-Knights" fused further into an even more powerful force.

However, this clash between the tribes was only the beginning of the turmoil that followed.

The "Gem-Knights," who had risen to protect their comrades, were now caught up in the swell of battle.

"Steelswarm Caucastag""Gem-Knight Prismaura""Gem-Knight Citrine""Gem-Knight Seraphinite"
At first, they loathed the conflict, but to counter that great evil, they eventually fused with other races to grow more powerful, such as the "Vylon," who descended from heaven, or even the "Laval" themselves.

The "Gem-Knights": the Pyroxene warriors with hearts of justice.

Their fate shall unfold in glorious detail in another tale.

The Glory of the Gladiator Beasts[edit]

In ancient times, a great empire ruled the world. The city was prosperous, and its inhabitants lived in peace.

War was a thing of faraway lands, and the aristocrats, unknowing of the danger, decided to build a great amphitheater, the "Colosseum."

Therein "Gladiator Beasts" fought to the death for sport.

Tournaments were held day and night to satisfy the latent bloodlust of the aristocrats.

Long live the empire! Salute the dying heroes!

At the blast of a horn, a fierce battle would begin, in which the beasts would fight with claws, fangs, and any weapon available.

At the "Colosseum," those who captivated the crowds were lavished with praise.

This spurred on the "Gladiator Beasts," who risked great peril for the spectators' cheers.

The empire enjoyed the very height of prosperity, but a small spark would set it on the path to destruction.

And with the decline of the empire, the frequency of fighting tournaments decreased.

The aristocrats sealed the "Colosseum" for eternity, for fear that the "Gladiator Beasts," who'd lost their battlegroud, might revolt.
"Colosseum - Cage of the Gladiator Beasts""Gladiator Beast's Respite"
Many years passed since the fall of the empire, and the "Colosseum" decayed over time.
"Gladiator's Return"
But one day, the ground with faded bloodstains shined, and the "Gladiator Beasts" appeared.

Among the seats long empty of spectators, the starting horn once again echoed.

"Gladiator Beast's Comeback"
Long live the empire! Salute the dying heroes!

Inside the "Colosseum," framed by that decaying city, the "Gladiator Beasts" fought once again.

And in jubilation of their heroic travails, the cheers of the aristocrats could once more be heard.

"Gladiator Beast Charge"
The "Gladiator Beasts" enacted various contests as if in response to the voices of invisible spectators.

One-on-one combat, platoon battles, sieges, naval battles...

And when their excitement peaked, the seal that bound the bravest of the "Gladiator Beasts" was broken.

"Gladiator Beast Nerokius""Gladiator Beast Dragases"
In close-combat platoon battles, they were the "Gladiator Beasts", beasts proud of their iron physiques.

In the large-scale sieges, they were bird "Gladiator Beasts" most active in raiding parties and airal [sic] assault.

"Gladiator Naumachia"
In the naval battles at the "Colosseum," they were the "Gladiator Beasts" of fish and sea serpent form, who drew their prey down into the dark waters.
"Gladiator Beast War Chariot"
And the deadly machines they'd wielded, "Battle Machines" and "Chariots," were revived.
"Gladiator Beast Heraklinos""Gladiator Beast Domitianus""Gladiator Beast Gyzarus""Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz"
The "Colosseum" regained its glory due to the brave heroics of the "Gladiator Beasts."

When the fervor of their contests reached an epic crescendo, the gates of the "Colosseum" were reopened, and their terrifying death march commenced.

Studying the Origins of the Karakuri[edit]

"Karakuri Anatomy"
Have you heard of a tome called "Karakuri Anatomy"?

What are the inner workings of the "Karakuri"? How did they come to be?

All one could want to know of the Karakuri is contained in this tome.

Let us unravel the mysteries of this tome, and delve into the deep world of the Karakuri.

"Karakuri Showdown Castle"
A long time ago there was constant conflict between the nations. The turmoil was the very picture of hell on earth.
In the midst of that era, in order to quell the strife, one feudal lord assembled the greatest Karakuri craftsmen. The feudal lord proclaimed to the engineers:

"I want you to develop soldiers stronger than firearms. This is an important command. I want you to give your all."

Immediately the engineers set out to develop devices capable of wielding greater power.

Crucial to the devices were Golden Gears located in a faraway country.

The feudal lord granted the engineers' wishes, successfully acquiring the Golden Gears. And thus, mysterious devices of untold power were forged.

"Karakuri Soldier mdl 236 "Nisamu"""Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 "Sazank"""Karakuri Ninja mdl 7749 "Nanashick"""Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 "Saizan""
After several years, "Karakuri" equipped with the Golden Gears were completed. The workmanship of the "Karakuri" was unrivaled. Their handiwork was impressive to all who beheld it.

Fortifications included the "Karakuri Castle," a cornerstone of armor and defense. They were now prepared for battle.

"Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei"""Karakuri Ninja mdl 919 "Kuick"""Karakuri Muso mdl 818 "Haipa"""Karakuri Bushi mdl 6318 "Muzanichiha""
Under the command of "Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 'Burei'," the Karakuri soldiers went headlong into battle.

After so many battles, what a blessing that an era of calm had been ushered in.

"Karakuri Anatomy"
The era of war had come to an end. Now we'll explore what lie in store next for the Karakuri.
"Karakuri Anatomy"
So in times of peace, what became of the Karakuri?

Delving yet again into the tome "Karakuri Anatomy", next we'll examine how the Karakuri lived.

"Karakuri Cash Inn"
Since "Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 'Burei'" had become ruler, many years had passed. Around Karakuri Castle there was unparalleled prosperity.

On the highroads not only Karakuri, but townsfolk, such as zealous merchants, were common sights.

"Karakuri Gama mdl 4624 "Shirokunishi"""Karakuri Gama Oil""Karakuri Gold Dust""Karakuri Barrel mdl 96 "Shinkuro""
Merchants peddled "Karakuri Gama Oil" and "Karakuri Gold Dust" on the street, wares that were medicine for the Karakuri.

These were in high demand, and for the merchants they proved most profitable.

"Karakuri Trick House"
The fortress in which the Karakuri live is long unchanged. The Gears that keep it functioning work as well as the water wheels by the river.

The Karakuri live a peaceful life, though there is one thing alone that they fear. That thing is fire.

"Karakuri Cash Shed"
When a fire starts in town, even if it isn't an area of great concern, the Karakuri can help each other extinguish it. Because the karakuri live by lending each other a hand.
"Karakuri Anatomy"
The Karakuri exist to this day. That much we know from the many books that remain.

As this story continues to unravel, new discoveries await around every corner.

Specter Slaying Flames[edit]

In that era of warring states, heroes across the lands were in conflict with each other.

As some strived to unify the homeland, nations formed and perished, and countless battles were waged.

No place escaped the flames of battle, and the long-enduring wars wrought havoc not only on the fields but also in the hearts of the people.

"Mayakashi Mayhem"
And when the world was devastated, a unique type of monster appeared: The Specters.

The Specters misled the people, and sometimes manipulated the wise into calling for more war.

There was a young samurai who devoted his life to battling the Specters.

"Shiranui Spectralsword"
The samurai studied not only various schools of swordsmanship but also the art of exorcism.

Using the "Shiranui-style" method, a fusion of the various arts, he sparked a "war" before anyone knew, along with like-minded people.

The name of the samurai who vanquished countless Specters had spread like ripples among them.

In seeking his death, the Specters attacked with a large army. Without losing a step, the "Shiranui-style" confronted the assault,

"Shiranui Spectralsword"
but no matter how strong he was, the samurai was merely a human. In the end, he was overcome, and the Specters trapped his spirit inside his beloved Katana.

Meanwhile, the Specters decreased in number and lost much of their power, slinking back to the darkness from whence they came.

The Specters disappeared, but the time will come when they will reaccumulate power and reappear...

Though now a spirit sealed within his Katana, the lore of the battle and the "Shiranui-style" techniques were passed on to posterity by his surviving comrades.

Soon after the dark war between the young samurai and the Specters, the world ceased to be at war.

Peace had been restored, and an era when few knew of war was ushered in. The battle between the "Shiranui-Style" and the Specters continued on.

"Shiranui Samurai"
The current generation's successor is known as "Shiranui Samurai." In this post-warring state world, the young warrior shows bravery and courage.
"Shiranui Style Synthesis""Shiranui Shogunsaga"
Along with "Shiranui Style Synthesis," he united with the spirit of the founder of "Shiranui" and dove headlong into the battle with the Specters.
"Yoko, the Graceful Mayakashi""Gashadokuro, the Skeletal Mayakashi""Tengu, the Winged Mayakashi"
Though the world of humans had become peaceful, the battle between the "Shiranui-Style" and the Specters continued.
"Shiranui Shogunsaga"
The "Shiranui Samurai" and the spirit of the founder united into "Shiranui Shogunsaga."

He had slashed a great many Specters, but he could not eradicate them.

The "Shiranui Samurai" was highly trained mentally and physically and possessed great skill but they couldn't reproduce the grandeur of the founders' battle prowess.

"Shiranui Spiritmaster"
To seal off the Specters, comrades of the "Shiranui-Style" rushed to prepare the final measures.
"Shiranui Style Samsara"
The Specters that noticed this sieged upon the fort that acted as their base.

Meanwhile, the "Shiranui-Style" were readying the "Shiranui Style Samsara."

By combining "Shiranui Spiritmaster" and "Shiranui Solitaire," they created a so-called "gate" connecting their world and the spirit world.

"Shiranui Solitaire"
What is to be done with that gate? In the cold atmosphere, the practitioners' chants reverberated.
"Tsuchigumo, the Poisonous Mayakashi""Yoko, the Graceful Mayakashi""Tengu, the Winged Mayakashi""Gashadokuro, the Skeletal Mayakashi"
The Specters surrounded the fort and gradually focused their siege.

At the peak of the practitioners' chants,

"Shiranui Sunsaga"
the ultimate "Shiranui-Style" force appeared through the gate. The founder and apex.

It was the form of "Shiranui Sunsaga."

The Specters were terrified. Among the Specters, some still remembered being felled by this young samurai.

The power of "Shiranui Sunsaga" was tremendous, as he cut down the remaining Specters and successfully sealed them away.

And so the war waged for hundred of years between the "Shiranui-Style" and the Specters came to an end.

Gears of Justice dispatch![edit]

The world was in great turmoil thanks to the evil Dr. Gearck, who had plans to conquer the world!

Created by Dr. Gearck, the "Warugiano" troops held the earth in terror!

Will the earth be conquered by the evil human Gears..?!

But where there is evil, there is justice! For every clockwise Gear, there is a counterclockwise one!

It just so happened that Professor Kurosu, an authority on Gear engineering, secretly created Gears of Justice, "Geargiano"!

To the scene at top speed!
Check out this cornering!
Marine surveys check!
Deep sea water pressure, no problem!
Fly to the other side of the earth!
You've cleared Mach speed!
Blast through whatever's in your path!
My heavy artillery will decimate hostile entities!
This drill can pierce anything!
I'll show you how deep I can dig!
Double shield aren't just for show!
I can withstand any attack!
And double barrel rolls will awaken the giant!
"Gear Gigant X"
Super Gear weapon "Gear Gigant X"!

These Gear weapons of Justice sortie again in order to foil Dr. Gearck's plans!

"Geargiarmor""Gear Gigant X""Geargiattacker"
The large "Warugiano" army led by Dr. Gearck presented "Geargiano" and the others with quite the struggles!

Various Gear units were wrecked, and even the ever-reliable "Gear Gigant X" was on the brink of powering down due to drop in output..!

Will the Gears of justice be defeated before the Gears of Evil!? Was the rotation speed of the Gears of Justice inferior to that of the Gears of Evils!?

It couldn't be that they were out of gas and the pressure was too great!?

Just as all hope seemed lost, A Gigant Carrier trailing smoke rushed to the scene!

Gears of justice! It is now complete!

"Geargia Change"
All holler! Three "Geargiano" shout in unison!

"Geargia Change"!!!

At that moment the Gigant Carrier emits a great noise, separating, then merging with "Gear Gigant X"!

"Geargiagear Gigant XG"
Feast your eyes on this! A top-level elite Gear Unit!

The ultimate Gear Weapon! Gears united! "Geargiagear Gigant XG"!!

Powered by three "Geargiano"! "Geargiagear Gigant XG"'s power was tremendous, quickly dispatching the hordes of Warugiano!

However, Dr. Gearck suddenly disappeared without a trace..!

Dr. Gearck will surely strike again! But no matter how many times he returns, Professor Kurosu and the Gear Warriors will surely prevail!

Fight, "Geargiano"! Never give up, "Geargiagear Gigant XG"!

Digital Bugs in Cyberspace[edit]

The rapid progress of cyber networks has brought great benefits to humanity.

They are now integral part of our lives.

However, that rapid progress and change left several minor "bugs" in the corners of the network.

Initially, they were just meaningless data with little impact.

However, the "bugs" accumulated data progressively learned over time.

"Digital Bug LEDybug"
And by the time we'd noticed, they'd taken on the appearance of insects.
"Digital Bug Cocoondenser""Digital Bug Centibit""Digital Bug Websolder""Digital Bug Registrider"
Experts theorize that their primary objective are proliferation and evolution.

Despite their differing qualities, the peculiar thing is that they act as if they were one species with a singular purpose.

In our world, we observe a symbotic relationship between ants and aphids, in which ants drive away ladybugs, the aphids' natural enemy, to obtain nectar from the aphids.

However, ants and aphids are different species whose objectives don't align.

Might it be that the "bugs" were born out of a singular datum, and only because their appearances differ are they assumed to be different species?

It will take some time to get to the bottom of this.

In any case, we cannot overlook the "bugs" spreading throughout the network.

"Digital Bug Scaradiator""Digital Bug Corebage""Digital Bug Rhinosebus"
Network administrators have come to refer to these "defects," who've achieved rapid growth and evolution, as "Digital Bugs."

Henceforth they've taken action to exterminate these defects.

"Digital Bug Scaradiator""Digital Bug Corebage""Digital Bug Rhinosebus"
"The 'Digital Bugs' are pests that devour the cyber networks."

The network administrators concluded and implemented a large-scale removal plan.

The removal plan, which mainly involved network engineers, was successful, and they eradicated the "Digital Bugs."

The defects were fixed, and peace was restored.

However, that peace was short-lived. The network became more vulnerable than before the offensive was launched.

Some "Digital Bugs" appeared to have survived the attempts at eradication.

The engineers who suspected this conducted a through scan.

Naturally, they found no "Digital Bugs." Meanwhile, waves of interference swelled globally.

What could be the cause of these problems? What changed so much before and after the interference?

The answer was clear. It was the existence of the "Digital Bugs."

After some deep deliberation, the engineers decided to release the stored "Digital Bug" data back into the network.

"Digital Bug Centibit""Digital Bug Websolder""Digital Bug Registrider""Digital Bug LEDybug"
This decision immediately sheds light on the perplexing obstacle.

There was only one explanation.

The "Digital Bugs" repaired fatal errors and helped stabilize the network—

It was almost as if there were a symbiotic relationship between humans and the "Digital Bugs."

By providing a place for bees to live, humans can get their honey.

Similarly, by providing a cyber network for "Digital Bugs," the "defects" are extinguished.

"Bug Matrix"
Since then, those that cause noticeable disturbances are removed, but thorough removal is avoided.

Humans have decided to co-exist with the "Digital Bugs."

The Steam Dinosaurs of the Uncharted Lands[edit]

"Dinomists Howling"
A great river rushing with pristine water, a forest inhabited with a bounty of creatures, a volcano brimming with boiling lava...
"Dinomist Pteran""Dinomist Ceratops""Dinomist Rex""Dinomist Stegosaur"
Those are unexplored lands full of the wonders of nature. Therein creatures with their own unique ecology live; mechanical dinosaurs.

Known as "Dinomists," their novelty lies in the steam engines that power their hulking forms.

The key to their survival in that great wilderness is that their bodies are suited to the harsh environment.

This time let's take a closer look at the shrouded ecology of the "Dinomists."

"Dinomist Plesios"
Drifting with the gentle flow of the river is the long-necked "Dinomist Plesios."

It derives its energy from water absorbed through a pipe in its tail.

Not only is stabilizing energy produced by its hover unit supporting the beast's own weight,

the balance between the water imbibed and the steam released prevents flooding of the river.

As a result, land-dwelling companions are protected from potential flood damage.

"Dinomist Pteran"
Flying freely through the great skies is the winged "Dinomist Pteran."

Turbines on both wings collect moisture in the air and generate energy for high-speed flight.

The water vapor released is cooled by the atmosphere, turning into rainclouds and hydrating the earth.

Among the known "Dinomists," those in the waters and skies are a rarity.

Next let's take a look at the many "Dinomists" that dwell on land.

"Dinomists Howling"
This time we direct our gaze to the land. Here a great many "Dinomists" can be observed.
"Dinomist Rush"
Raising a great dust as they trample the earth are "Dinomist Ceratops" and "Dinomist Stegosaur."

Hardly a competition, theirs is closer to a patrol that protects the territory.

"Ceratops" use sharp protrusions on their bodies to crush the boulders spewed by volcanic eruptions, making the land more suitable for their companions.

"Stegosaurs'" backs are lined with fins in the shapes of swords that monitor the surrounding climate.

Fluctuations in temperature and wind velocity that pose potential danger to the land are sensed by those fins.

"Dinomists Howling"
In the unknown lands where the "Dinomists" live there is one particularly perilous place. Namely, the volcano belt.

Herein colossal creatures glare at each other, vying to be the boss of all "Dinomists."

Those are the "Dinomist Spinos" and "Dinomist Rex."

Both convert their steam engines' energy into electricity, and their power surpasses that of other "Dinomists."

The two are rivals, but when a foreign enemy invades they band together to protect their territory.

That is their role as bosses.

And so the "Dinomists" perform their symbiotic roles as they coexist in those unexplored lands.

The Colossal Mechanical Conch[edit]

"Naturia Sacred Tree"
On this planet, there grew a great tree they all called the Naturia Sacred Tree.

Life is born from this magnificent tree, and in death, all return to it.

This cycle of life, which could be called reincarnation, has been carried out on this planet for eternity.

There came a time, however, when a war was waged over the "Naturia Sacred Tree," this sacred source of life.

"El Shaddoll Winda""El Shaddoll Construct"
However, the Shaddoll forces relentlessly attacked the Sacred Tree, as if on a mission.
"Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree""Evilswarm Exciton Knight"
In the face of this threat, the protectors of the Sacred Tree rose and fought back against the Shaddolls.
"Ritual Beast Ambush"
The battle reached a fever pitch, with the fate of the entire world riding on it.

The A. Forces created a protective barrier for the Sacred Tree, and cooperating with the forces that were already in battle, they seemed to succeed in pushing back the Shaddoll threat.

However, disaster struck when somehow, someone managed to destroy the barrier. El Shaddoll Winda had pushed her way through to the Sacred Tree.

"El Shaddoll Fusion"
With her divine powers, she broke the seal of the Sacred Tree, and
"Qlimate Change"
the great tree tore itself from the earth and began to rise up toward the sky.

Hidden within its roots underneath was an enormous life system.

This system was the very crux of the planet's life cycle.

As if returning to the system, the Cores it had once lost began to float toward it, and were then sucked inside.
"Qlipper Launch"
Using the recovered Cores as their source of power, the Qliphorts, weapons hidden within the system, began to activate.
"Qliphort Scout""Apoqliphort Towers""Qliphort Helix""Qliphort Cephalopod"
As each Qliphort sprang to life, they flew out into the distance, all across the land. Only time would tell what the Qliphorts were after...
"Qliphort Scout""Qliphort Carrier""Apoqliphort Towers""Apoqliphort Skybase"
When the Naturia Sacred Tree was uprooted, the Qliphorts were activated.
"Qliphort Helix""Qliphort Disk""Qliphort Monolith""Qliphort Shell"
These machines were a group of autonomous mobile weapons created to maintain equilibrium within the life system of the planet.
"Qliphort Cephalopod""Qliphort Stealth"
When the Qliphorts sense an abnormality in the life system, they will mobilize to eliminate whatever it is.
"Qliphort Cephalopod""El Shaddoll Winda"
This time, what they sensed was The "Shaddoll" as a threat to be removed.

The Shaddoll forces were battered relentlessly and brought to the brink of destruction by the Qliphorts.

"Nephe Shaddoll Fusion"
However, things took a sudden turn for the worse when they attempted to restrain and absorb El Shaddoll Winda.
"Void Launch"
The divine powers within her ended up freeing the vanguards of destruction that were slumbering within the Qliphorts, sealed until this moment.

Contact with El Shaddoll Winda also affected the Qliphorts.

Her power, a force equal to that of god itself, was never meant to exist.

Once the Qliphorts sensed that, they realized that there was a fatal error in the life system.

They decided to eradicate all life on the planet in order to purify it, essentially resetting it. Will life prevail, or is the world destined for ruination?

This is but just one part of the star's unending battle.

You'll surely come to know the fate of this planet in another story.

The Legend of the Star Heroes[edit]

Enforcers of Justice[edit]

"Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid""Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon""Wulf, Lightsworn Beast""Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress""Jain, Lightsworn Paladin"
Sword in hand. Clad in armor. Body adorned in robes.

All shine brightly like platinum, the heroic platoon's display of power.

They're known as the "Lightsworn." From whence did they come, and for what do they fight?

The wishes of those praying for peace, the cries of those suffering under tyranny, the innocent tears of children—

They appear suddenly, an army of light breaking through the barrier of space and time.

"Charge of the Light Brigade"
To each they aid, their justice embodied a different form.
"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin""Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress"
Some see a knight in shining armor. Others see a graceful wizard.
"Celestia, Lightsworn Angel""Judgment Dragon"
Still others see a divine angel, or a dragon so great it eclipses the mountain with a single wing, they claim.

Regardless of the form the enforces take, their mission is unchanging.

After annihilating the wicked, they vanish without a trace.

"Realm of Light"
They live in the radiant "Realm of Light."

In a world existing in another plane of space and time, they continually train in preparation for dispensing justice.

"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin""Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress""Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter""Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner"
Though the "Lightsworn" possess ultimate power, sometimes even for them the evils that appear are too great.

When the enemy is too fierce, have they no choice but to give up on justice? That is not an option.

Deep within the "Realm of Light" lies a tighly sealed treasure chest.

When a mighty enemy appears, the treasure box's heavy lid opens.

"Twilight Cloth"
Neatly folded robes of black await a warrior of justice. Possessing the power of darkness, therein slumbers the "Twilight Cloth."
"Jain, Twilightsworn General""Lyla, Twilightsworn Enchantress""Ryko, Twilightsworn Fighter""Lumina, Twilightsworn Shaman"
When adorned by a "Lightsworn," that warrior of justice is imbued with the powers of both light and darkness.

They who wear the "Twilight Cloth" show no mercy to the forces of evil.

"March of the Dark Brigade"
Joining forces with the black "Punishment Dragon," those warriors will not relent in their onslaught until all wickedness is vanquished from the world.
"Glorious Illusion"
The "Lightsworn" cannot inhabit this world for long.

This is because they require enormous magical power in order to maintain their forms while in this world.

Hence, as soon as the evil is destroyed, they vanish in rays back to the "Realm of Light."

"Realm of Light"
Transcending time and space, their battle for justice never ceases.

Some have honed their skills in the "Realm of Light" to receive new roles as enforcers of justice.

"Lightsworn Sanctuary"
The "Lightsworn" have great hopes that the people's hearts will be at peace.

Hopefully one day the world won't need such enforcers of justice.

Until that day comes, they will continue to dispense justice wherever it is called for.

The Fairies Who Paint the Weather[edit]

A little girl gazed out the window at the scenery outside as it rained.

Watching the girl, her mother called to her.

"You don't like rain, do you? "

"No, I don't. It's boring when it rains, because I can't play outside. "

The girl replied without turning around, but her voice betrayed her sour mood.

"...Mom, why does it rain? "

The mother replied to the child, whose inquiry was so direct.

"The Weather Painter Rain""The Weather Painter Snow""The Weather Painter Sun""The Weather Painter Cloud"
"It rains because the weather fairies are working on behalf of all of us."

Perhaps due to the unexpected answer, the girl now turned to her mother with an intrigued expression.

"The Weather Rainbowed Canvas"
Her mother began to speak.

"There are weather fairies in the sky who use magical paint, brushes, and crayons, to deftly draw pictures in the sky."

"The pictures turn into weather, delivering blessings to all."

Seemingly fond of the expression "drawing pictures in the sky,"

the little girl left the window to sit on her mother's lap on the sofa, where she waited for her to continue the story.

As she gazed out the window, the mother continued her story.
"The Weather Painter Rain"
Rain is depicted by "The Weather Painter Rain."

She is a bit shy, but she's most diligent. It rains so that trees and flowers around the world may be nourished.

"The Weather Painter Snow"
Depicting the show is "The Weather Painter Snow."

She is a bright, cheerful, hard-working maiden. The snow this child makes blankets the villages and mountains white in winter.

"The Weather Painter Cloud"
Depicting the clouds is "The Weather Painter Cloud," a handsome young man.

Sometimes he's in his own world, but with a magic marker he can draw any cloud imaginable. You must have seen clouds that look exactly like other objects, right?

"The Weather Painter Sun"
It is the job of "The Weather Painter Sun" to draw sunshine.

An old man with a fluffy beard, he kindly watches over the others.

On laundry days it's most helpful when he decides to draw sunshine.

"The Weather Painter Thunder"
Lightning is etched by "The Weather Painter Thunder." A boy who's a bit of a prankster.

He sketches lightning in order to surprise everyone, and sometimes his overly zealous artwork shocks even himself.

"The Weather Painter Aurora"
The one who draws the sky curtain Aurora is "The Weather Painter Aurora."

The Aurora she paints are of such beauty, I hope one day we can glimpse them together.

"The Weather Painter Rainbow"
"The Weather Painter Rainbow" depicts rainbows.

The ringleader. Using seven colors of paint, she builds a rainbow bridge in the sky.

Not only are rainbows beautiful, but treasures lie at their feet... Or so the story goes.

After hearing the story, the little girl exhaled with satisfaction, as if she'd finally remembered to breathe.

"There are so many fairies in the sky! You know so much, Mother, but have you ever met one?"

Her mother smiles gently, and stroking her daughter's head, replies,

"Yes, when I was about your age. If you're a good girl surely you'll meet your own fairy one day."

—Perhaps among the people you've encountered, there may be some that met a fairy.

The Herald's Guidance[edit]

"Herald of Ultimateness"
The rule of the gods had ended, and humans had ruled the earth for many ages.

Though many gods had fled, many people continued to believe that the gods watched over the world, even as their visages changed.

In a remote domain on a distant continent, gods had long been worshipped by the people living there.

It was a God that spread its wings and emitted a blinding light from their entire body: The "Herald."

Among those living there, a few have seen or even heard the voice of the "Herald."
"Herald of Orange Light"
Though their depictions differed, they insisted they'd seen the "Herald."
"Herald of Green Light"
The atmosphere about it and its afterglow was precisely that of an angel they'd pictured in their minds, they told.
"Herald of Purple Light"
And according to those who'd heard its voice, it hadn't actually made a sound.
"Herald of Perfection"
The meaning of the words came not through their ears but directly into their minds, they told.
"Herald of Orange Light""Herald of Green Light""Herald of Purple Light""Herald of Perfection"
And when asked if they'd seen or heard the "Herald," their replies were eerily consistent.

It was always in moments of confession that it appeared.

All assert they fainted soon after but awoke with a comforting feeling of "forgiveness" throughout their bodies.

Some find it hard to believe these people's stories.

Nonetheless, the "Herald" is worshipped by many people.

"Dawn of the Herald"
In the frontier, the "Herald" is enshrined in a temple.

As for when this temple was constructed, nobody knows.

It is old but well maintained and has a sacred, solemn atmosphere about it.

However, depending on who you ask, that structure may have an unusual aura about it.

It appears not to have been built as a place of worship, but to contain something, merely covered up as a "shrine."

The central part is hidden, and it is said there are gods' statues inside.

"Diviner of the Herald"
And, into that inner sanctum, only a select few priests, or "Diviners," are allowed.

The "Diviner of the Herald": The person who receives the oracle from the "Herald."

She claims that from a certain age, she began to hear the "voice."

After many trials and tests, a priest determined that the voice she heard belonged to the "Herald."

This "Diviner" is not one who commands the people. her role is to correctly decipher the oracles for people and protecting them from natural disasters.

Her resolute power and connection with people had helped pass along to future generations her role of "Diviner."

And one girl will continue as the new "Diviner" to connect people with the gods.

Indomitable Warriors of Unwavering Loyalty[edit]

"Shien's Castle of Mist""Tenkabito Shien"
The nation is embroiled in conflict as warriors fought to unite it under their name.

And within this time of chaos, there stood one military commander who, with his wit and knowledge, came closer to achieving his goal than anyone else.

He was known to all as the "Great Shogun Shien."

With ambition burning fiercely in his heart, he watched the world with eyes sharper than the finest blade,

combined with charisma that allowed him to command any soldier. As a commander, he was one-in-a-million.

"Great Shogun Shien"
Whenever he donned his crimson armor and took to the battlefield to lead his troops

with that fiendish glint in his eyes, his enemies stood no chance and were lucky if they could escape.

Shien charged through his foes and they toppled at the slash of his sword like sticks.

But although his strength was unrivaled, this era was not one where Shien could rule the nation by himself.

"Six Samurai United"
His work was supported by retainers, of whom he had many.
"Shien's Castle of Mist"
In the light of day loomed a dark figure— the shadowy towering form of "Shien's Castle of Mist."

It was from this castle that Shien ruled over his territories.

But to bring this turbulent country stability, he required more than a sturdy castle.

To build a nation that is truly strong and prosperous, he needed a team of sharp wits by his side.

"Enishi, Shien's Chancellor""Hand of the Six Samurai""Chamberlain of the Six Samurai"
Shien employed a number of talented minds to work on domestic affairs, his military, and even as spies.

He hoped that this way, he could begin to lay the foundations for his ideal nation.

"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai"
And, with the help of the "Grandmaster of the Six Samurai," he gathered six elite warriors to be his personal army.

He called them the "Six Samurai," and together, they dominated countless battlefields.

"Shien's Dojo"
The Six Samurai did not only have superior fighting prowess to boast of— they also had a very strong sense of justice and honor.

They were as fearless as their stalwart hearts were strong, and nothing could shake their convictions or the loyalty they had for their master.

"The Six Samurai - Yaichi"
There was the famed archer who, with focus clear as unrippled water, can shoot any target once he has his sights set on it— "The Six Samurai - Yaichi."
"The Six Samurai - Kamon"
The explosives genius who, with his bombs formulated for extra power, can blow any army to pieces no matter how strong their defense— "The Six Samurai - Kamon."
"The Six Samurai - Yariza"
The warrior who, with his honed lance in hand, can break through any enemy line— "The Six Samurai - Yariza."
"The Six Samurai - Nisashi"
The swordsman who, with two blades of differing lengths, whirls through his foes like a devastating storm— "The Six Samurai - Nisashi."
"The Six Samurai - Zanji"
Then there was the man who wielded a naginata blade so deadly no one who saw it flash by would live to tell the tale— "The Six Samurai - Zanji."
"The Six Samurai - Irou"
And finally, the samurai who built quite the reputation cutting down enemies from the shadows with his long blade— "The Six Samurai - Irou."

Each one of these men were the best in what they did and had their own forces that they commanded skillfully.

"Swift Samurai Storm!""Breakthrough!""Double-Edged Sword Technique"
Shien had immense faith in his Six Samurai.

And, as proof of his trust and approval of their proficient commanding, he would gift them with powerful steeds and armors made by the finest craftsmen.

The secret behind the Six Samurais' strength was not their power as individuals, but their power as a unit.

And with their common goal of taking the nation for their master, they trusted one another to have each other's backs.

With the utter confidence they had in one another, they took victory after victory.

Whatever battle the Six Samurai joined, they were sure to win,

with their mere presence giving a huge morale boost to their allies and even causing some enemy troops to flee.

However, the path to unifying the nation will not be an easy one,

as our warriors are about to find out...

The Danger Files[edit]

"Realm of Danger!"
There is a lone island, somewhere out in the wide ocean, that people say is the last untouched corner of this planet.

Some think that it may be the land of legends lost to time.

The waters around the island were always turbulent and the weather unpredictable, as if nature itself was trying to reject anyone who tried to step foot on it.

Thus, humans have never been able to ascertain what the island even looked like in full, let alone the ecosystem within.

But one day, a certain team was dispatched to explore the island in secret. And, they had only just returned recently,

with the fruits of their exploration to be disclosed at a debriefing session.

The media outlets that caught wind of this information were dying to get their hands on what could be the discovery of the century, and flooded the team with countless press applications and requests.

"Danger! Response Team"
The debriefing opened to a full but silent room with air as heavy and thick as mud.

No one was quite sure what to make of the explorers who were about to report their findings, as their appearance was... not quite normal, to say the least.

It was almost hard to look at the explorers wrapped in bandages, and some of them trembled as their fearful eyes darted about. Just what terrors had they experienced during their exploration?

What dangers had lied in wait for them as they ventured into the island?

A single team member cleared their throat, and the debriefing began.

"Danger!? Tsuchinoko?"
File No. 0028: "Danger!? Tsuchinoko?"

Lives in grassy areas and wetlands. Appearance is akin to that of a snake with a rounded torso, and it seems they shed their skin too.

No live specimens were found, but we succeeded in collecting its shed skin. Analyzing it may lead to further discoveries.

"Danger! Thunderbird!"
File No. 0159: "Danger! Thunderbird!"

A giant, monstrous bird that circles above the island. Covered in a thick plumage of colorful feathers.

The biggest out of all the creatures the team members discovered, with its full wingspan about the size of a mid-sized aircraft.

It appears to be surrounded by some sort of electricity. The creature was sighted to have bolts of lightning emanating from its body.

Once it spots prey, the creature dives down from the sky and uses its sharp talons to capture whatever it is.

Although we were caught in its path, we were able to escape safely to a nearby cave.

"Danger! Response Team"
While we took shelter, we discovered one of its feathers nearby and brought it back with us.

As the audience listened to the report, they ruminated among themselves.

Some researchers were elated by the fact that there was physical evidence of these never-before-seen creatures.

Others, such as the sponsors from the scientific organizations that sent these explorers out, pondered how they should handle this island in the future, as the creatures were more dangerous than they had thought.

Before they could find their answer, the conference continued on.

"Danger! Bigfoot!"
File No. 0232: "Danger! Bigfoot!"

A gigantic, muscular creature with black hair growing from its body,

standing tens of meters tall, if not more. Bipedal, it barrels through the trees as it roams the forests and mountains it lives in.

It has an extraordinarily bad temperament. We observed it to attack not only our team, but also other creatures living in the area.

"Danger! Zone"
File No. 0257: "Danger! Nessie!"

A dragon-like creature with a long neck observed to have been fighting with Bigfoot.

This creature is also extremely large, appearing to be just as big as Bigfoot. It is extremely dangerous.

"Danger! Nessie!"
While the team was out on the lake, this creature emerged from the water without warning and capsized the boat, causing us to lose much of what we had gathered.

It was a miracle that we were able to return alive after encountering the creature at such a close range.

"Danger!? Jackalope?""Danger! Dogman!""Danger! Mothman!""Danger! Chupacabra!"
The explorers continued their report on some of the other life forms they had seen.

Among the audience present, there were a few who found these episodes a little too tall to believe.

But even they could not deny the fact that the explorers had returned with real, tangible samples.

"Realm of Danger!"
Everyone on the team agreed that

although the island still had many mysteries left to uncover, it was also much too treacherous.

"Second Expedition into Danger!"
Shortly after the conclusion of this conference, a second team would be sent to explore the island further.

They invested in new equipment and more manpower, and set off with the intention of not only learning more about the mysterious island,

but also capturing a few live specimens to take home with them.

Who knows what they will find on the next expedition? Or even if they will return alive...

Worshippers of the Sacred Phoenix[edit]

"Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys"
"Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys."

A god enrobed in flames, who came to the mortal realm blazing so brightly it could have been mistaken for the second coming of the sun.

It was worshiped and revered in a certain land where dry winds billowed and desert stretched in all directions.

"Nephthys, the Sacred Preserver"
Each generation had a priest with powers to embody this deity.

With the power of their strong soul, they would offer the prayers and hopes brought forth by their ritual to manifest Nephthys and start many miracles.

Those who were especially devout to the Phoenix God had built statues of the priests' dynasty and enshrined them in a particular part of the desert that was declared sacred land.

They thanked the god for watching over them and toiled every day with its blessings to build their homeland bigger and better.

But one day, disaster struck

without a single warning when a tremendous entity arrived in their land.

The soldiers armed themselves for battle immediately.

"Rebirth of Nephthys"
They had faith that all evil would bow to their god, and the standing priest at the time manifested the Phoenix God once again.

Little did they know, the bringer of ruin they faced had even greater power.

"Last Hope of Nephthys"
The Phoenix God's strength was insufficient, and the desert land was left defenseless against this calamity.

The only hope the people had to protect their home was a young girl who many believed had the potential to become the next priest.

When they tried to appeal to their god again, there were no offerings, no music, no dancing—

only the whispers of the girl as she devoted herself to prayer while her homeland burned and crumbled around her.

The god heard her genuine wish and answered to the cries of her heart.

"Awakening of Nephthys"
In the girl's soul dwelled a power so divine and unheard of in its intensity that she was able to awaken "Nephthys, the Sacred Flame."

The crimson Phoenix God descended with its flames of gold, and with one swoop of its wings, the fires ripping through the land disappeared.

Once the catastrophe had settled, the god became a statue once more.

A few months later...

Peace had returned to the people's homeland and they were once again holding a ritual in honor of the great Nephthys.

"Conductor of Nephthys"
Among the worshipers was the girl who had been the sole ray of hope in the disaster.

She seemed more mature now, and carried the air of one who was determined to be ready for whenever the next tragedy struck.

She clasped her hands together and prayed for another day of peace and wellness.