Maze of Fire

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Maze of Fire
Maze of Fire
EnglishMaze of Fire


Ho no Meiro

Game details
GameShadow Game
Winner(s)Dark Yugi
EventHanasaki's vigils
LocationCanal yard
Chapters23: ""American Hero (Part 2)""

Maze of Fire[1] was a Shadow Game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga played between Dark Yugi and a group of delinquents.

Using a can of spray paint, Dark Yugi was able to setup a trap to save Tomoya Hanasaki from the delinquents that Hanasaki thought he could defeat while dressed as the vigilante Zombire.


Prior events[edit]

Hanasaki's father paid a trio of delinquents to stage crimes and allow Tomoya Hanasaki to break them up, while he dressed as Zombire and thought he was a superhero. However while pretending to have kidnapped Yugi Mutou, the delinquents demanded more money than Hanasaki's father could pay and threatened to beat-up Hanasaki if he did not pay.

As Hanasaki got beaten-up by the delinquents, who told they had been paid the whole time, Dark Yugi and Hanasaki's father arrived. Dark Yugi broke up the fight by challenging the delinquents to a game.

The game[edit]

One of the delinquents threw his cigarette on the ground, next to a spray paint can they had used to graffiti tag the area and asked if Dark Yugi thought he could take them on. Dark Yugi picked up the spray can and began to run, while the delinquents chased him with knives.

Hanasaki's father tried to take Hanasaki away while the delinquents were distracted by Dark Yugi, but Hanasaki refused to run away, while Yugi was in danger.

Dark Yugi sprayed lines on the ground, while the delinquents chased him. Eventually he was cornered, but he directed their attention to the paint he had sprayed and the cigarette butt, which was being used as a fuse. As the cigarette burned out, its fire hit the paint, setting it all alight.

The delinquents were separated from Dark Yugi, as they got trapped in his "Maze of Fire". With the legs of their pants on fire, the three of them ran out of the yard, leaping into the canal.


Hanasaki apologized to Dark Yugi and thought that he had been foolish for thinking he could be a super hero, but Dark Yugi still insisted that he could. Meanwhile Hanasaki's father realized that he was wrong and the true hero's face had been behind the mask; the face that got bruised defending its friend.