Mech Mole Zombie (Tag Force 1)

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Mech Mole Zombie
Zombie Lump
Attribute DARK
Type Zombie
Level 2
ATK / DEF 500 / 400
Rarity Common
Internal number 4203
Password 63545455

This creature attacks by launching missile-like arms.

Obtained by

"Mech Mole Zombie" is available in the following packs:

Deck Recipes

"Mech Mole Zombie" is in the following Decks:

Character Deck Level Qty
Aite Halloween Corpse 3 2

Other languages

Name Lore
French Zombie Mech Taupe Cette créature attaque en lançant des armes ressemblant à des missiles.
German Mechan. Maulwurfzombie Diese Kreatur greift an, indem sie ihre raketenähnlichen Arme nach vorne wirft.
Italian Zombie Talpa Meccanica Una creatura che sferra tremendi colpi scagliando le proprie braccia a mo' di missile.
Spanish Zombi de topo de Mech Esta criatura ataca lanzando armas semejante a misiles.