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"Ophiel", "Och", and "Hagith" in the artwork of "Megalith Portal".
"Ophiel", "Och", and "Hagith" in the artwork of "Megalith Portal".
  • メガリス
  • Megarisu (romanized)
  • Mégalithe
  • Megalith
  • Megalito
  • 메가리스
  • Megariseu (romanized)
  • Megálito
  • Megalítico/a

"Megalith" (Japanese: メガリス Megarisu) is an archetype of EARTH Rock Ritual Monsters which debuts in Ignition Assault.


The monster names of this archetype are taken directly from the Olympian spirits, which are seven spiritual entities mentioned in Renaissance and post-Renaissance works such as Arbatel de magia veterum, The Secret Grimoire of Turiel and The Complete Book of Magic Science. Visually, the monsters appear to be statues made of white and black stone adorned with gold.


Monster Olympian spirit
Aratron Aratron
Bethor Bethor
Hagith Hagith
Och Och
Ophiel Ophiel
Phaleg Phaleg
Phul Phul

Playing style[edit]

All monsters of this archetype can perform a Ritual Summon without the need of Ritual Spells. Like many Rock monsters, most "Megalith" monsters have higher DEF than ATK. However, this is easily changed as the game goes on; "Phaleg" is easily able to boost the ATK of all your monsters to high values, as the Deck will naturally dump numerous Ritual Monsters while climbing up to it. Combined with its fellow high-Level "Megalith", "Aratron", this can make it a challenge for the opponent to get rid of your board as any attempt can be immediately negated alongside the goat "Aratron" can recycle used a Ritual Monsters. Combined with "Block Dragon", the archetype becomes quite capable of maintaining field presence. "Phaleg" and "Aratron" can also be used from the hand to immediately perform a Ritual Summon. Another helpful member would be "Bethor", which upon Summon can target and destroy numerous cards the opponent controls provided you have enough Ritual Monsters in the GY with different names. Two other members, "Ophiel" and "Hagith" are highly recommended as well seeing as they can search other "Megalith" monsters and Spells/Traps when Summoned, respectively. "Och" can provide draw power to the Deck, but will also cause you to discard a card. "Phul" is unique in that it can modify its own Level to facilitate more Ritual Summons upon being Summoned itself (which is rather easy due to it being merely Level 2) and will also retrieve the monster targeted for this effect from the GY. "Phul" is also able to Ritual Summon straight from the Deck as opposed to being limited to the hand which can get your boss monsters out even during the opponent's turn.

"Megalith Unformed" is a Quick-Play Spell capable of Ritual Summoning, which can make it useful in a pinch provided one has enough materials at least twice the Level of the monster you wish to Summon, but can also decrease the attack of all opposing monsters by 500 for each Ritual Monster on the field. "Megalith Promotion" can double the Level of any Level 4 or lower monster you control, making many of your monsters ideal for not only Ritual Summoning, but also Synchro and Xyz Summons. "Megalith Emergence" can help with gathering materials as it revives monsters. "Megalith Portal" is the archetype's Field Spell, which provides protection from battle destruction for each Ritual Summoned monster once a turn and can further help with recycling.


  • Since they are a Ritual-focused archetype, they rely heavily on Special Summoning and Tributing, so any cards that shut down Special Summoning and Tributing can really cripple this deck. The Deck also suffers from a major lack of recovery effects, the only in-theme ones being "Megalith Portal" and "Phul", the former of which is a hard once per turn.
  • Cards that banish without destroying such as Topologic monsters can severely annihilate the Deck.


  • The members that debuted in Ignition Assault are collectively the first Rock Ritual Monsters.