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The Memory Game is a minigame in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus that allows the player to earn extra DP and cards. It can also allow players to obtain certain cards earlier than they would be able to otherwise.

The Memory Game is played after defeating opponents in both Story Mode and World Championship Mode, and each character has a unique set of cards the player can obtain as rewards. These rewards can change depending on whether it was a Ground Duel or a Turbo Duel, and they also vary depending on whether it was Single Duel or a Tag Duel.

It cannot be played against characters faced only during story events, it is not played after mandatory duels, and it is not played after defeating downloadable Ghost opponents in Free Duel Mode.


  • All cards are laid out face-down. The player chooses any two cards to play.
  • If the player chose two identical cards, the game will continue.
  • Effect Cards and DP Cards will activate by drawing only one of them, so they will not count as a card drawn.
  • If the player manages to match up a pair of cards, they receive those cards as a reward.
  • If the player defeats the same character without dueling anyone else in the meantime and without resetting the game, the cards will still be in the same position as they were before, so they can continue where they left off.


  • When the player first plays the Memory Game after defeating any specific character, 1 star will in the top left corner of the bottom screen. 1 more star will lit for every 5 victories against that character, up to a maximum of 5 stars.
  • Each character can give out 6 cards, which are listed as question marks in the top screen until the player can match a pair of them out of a sheet - the top 3 cards listed are rare, while the bottom 3 are common.
  • The more stars are lit, the more likely the player is to find rare cards, but more potent Effect Cards also begin to appear as more stars are lit, and many of them have negative effects.
  • Single Ground Duels, Single Turbo Duels, Tag Ground Duels and Tag Turbo Duels are all counted separately for the purposes of the Memory Game.
  • As both opponents in a Tag Team share the same win/loss counter against the player, both members of every Tag Team that can be faced in Story Mode give out the same rewards.

List of Effect Cards[edit]

Image Name Description
DP Card Gain a small amount of DP. The amount of DP gained increases with the number of lit stars.
One-Free-Miss Card If you miss once, you can try again.
Surrender Card Immediatly ends the game, but any rewards and DP obtained will still be received.
Spy-One-Card Card Allows you to view one random card.
Shuffle Card Shuffles all down-facing cards.
Reset Card Changes the sheet and restarts the game. All earned reward cards and DP will be forfeited.
Spy-Three-Cards Card Allows you to view three random cards.
Increase Traps Card One pair of Present Cards (2 cards total) will become Traps.
Destroy Traps Card Reveals all Trap Cards in the current board and removes them.
Present Forfeiture Card Ends the game, and all cards and DP earned will be forfeited.
Present 2x Card All rewards and DP on this sheet are doubled.