Metal Reflect Slime (manga)

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Metal Reflect Slime
Metaru Rifurekuto Suraimu
Card type Trap Monster[note 1]
Property Normal

Activate when a player's Life Points are reduced by half or more by an opponent's monster's attack. A Slime Token appears on the field with DEF equal to 3/4 of the ATK of the opponent's monster and it takes the form of the opponent's monster. It cannot attack.

Viz Media lore?: (The English manga by Viz Media sometimes uses lores which are inconsistent with the Japanese lore or how the card worked.): Activated when a player's Life Points are reduced by more than half by an opponent's monster. After activation, this card is treated as a Normal Monster Card with DEF equal to 3/4 of the opponent monster's ATK, and is Special Summoned to your Monster Card Zone. The "Slime Token" takes on the form of the enemy monster. It cannot attack.

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Japanese メタル・リフレクト・スライム 敵モンスターの攻撃によってプレイヤーのライフポイントが半分以下になった時に発動。敵モンスターの攻撃力の3/4の守備力を持つスライムトークンを場に出現させ その姿は敵モンスターとなる。攻撃はできない。



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  1. This card is a Continuous Trap Card in the English translation.