Meteor Dragon (Tag Force 1)

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Meteor Dragon
Meteo Doragon
Attribute EARTH
Type Dragon
Level 6
ATK / DEF 1800 / 2000
Rarity Common
Internal number 4718
Password 64271667

This dragon appeared from the heavens and crashed to earth.

Obtained by

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Deck Recipes

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Character Deck Level Qty
Jagger Princeton Rolling in Money 7 2

Other languages

Name Lore
French Dragon météore Ce dragon surgit des cieux et s'écrase sur la terre.
German Meteordrache Dieser Drache kam aus dem Himmel und stürzte auf die Erde.
Italian Drago Meteora Si narra che questo drago sia arrivato dal cielo e sia caduto rovinosamente sulla terra.
Spanish Dragón de meteorito Este dragón aparece desde el cielo y se estrella contra la tierra.