Miho Nosaka (later Yami Yugi) vs. Warashibe

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Reason for challenge[edit]

Convinced that Miho is his destined love, Warashibe tries to woo her but fails. Thinking that Yugi's friends are the ones that caused his failure, Warashibe causes Yugi's friends (minus Miho) to fall sick by drinking contaminated water. Miho realizes this and challenges Warashibe to a game of Capmon.

Later, after discovering that Warashibe cheated by rigging the capsule machine, Miho decides not to play the game. Warashibe refuses to let Miho out, accidentally injuring her in the process. Yami Yugi then shows up and takes Miho's place in the game.


  • The game is a game of Capmon. Players each take turns getting Capmon from a capsule machine.
  • Higher-level monsters can destroy lower-level monsters. Monsters of equal levels destroy each other.
  • The player to eliminate his opponent's monsters wins.
  • In this Shadow Game the monsters can come to life when battling.


In the manga, Mokuba Kaiba makes the challenge, to try and gain revenge for Seto's defeat to Yugi at Duel Monsters. The game is rigged so Mokuba gets the high-level Capmon.

The game[edit]

  • Warashibe's Capmon: Dinosaur Wing (LV5), Head Zocker (LV5), 2 unknown LV5 monsters and an unknown LV4 monster
  • Yugi's Capmon: Torigan (LV2), 3 unknown LV1 monsters and one unknown LV4 monster
  • Both LV4 monsters destroy each other.
  • As the game progresses, Yugi's LV1 monsters also get destroyed.
  • Yugi reveals that Warashibe's monsters are aligned in a straight line, and his Torigan can defeat them all with its special ability.
  • Warashibe still refuses to let Yugi and Miho out, and he is subject to a Penalty Game.

Penalty Game[edit]

Warashibe is imprisoned in a giant Capmon capsule.