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Mirror Trap
"Mirror Force"

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Mirror Trap is a series of Trap Cards. Their effects are usually activated in response to an attack.

Mirror Force[edit]

Mirror Force (フォース Fōsu) is a series of Normal Trap Cards that are activated in response of an opponent's monster's attack and that affect all Attack Position monsters they control (except for "Dark Mirror Force"), each one in a particular manner, and some of them have their names and artwork tied to an elemental Attribute and their effects are also somehow reminiscent of the Attribute they are related to.


Card Attribute Effect
Mirror Force N/A Destroys all opposing Attack Positon monsters.
Dark Mirror Force DARK Banishes all opposing Defense Position monsters.
Quaking Mirror Force EARTH Permanently changes all opposing Attack Position monsters to face-down Defense Position.
Blazing Mirror Force FIRE Destroys as many opposing Attack Position monsters as possible and inflicts damage to both players equal to half of the combined original ATK of those monsters.
Radiant Mirror Force LIGHT Destroys all opposing Attack Positon monsters, provided the opponent controls 3 or more monsters.
Drowning Mirror Force WATER Returns all opposing Attack Position monsters to the Deck, provided the declared attack was a direct attack.
Storming Mirror Force WIND Returns all opposing Attack Position monsters to the hand.


  • "Shining Silver Force" is an exception to this pattern. Despite also being a member of the series (the presence of フォース on its Japanese name), it is a Counter Trap Card, that must be activated in a very specific situation, that destroys all face-up Spell/Trap Cards the opponent controls.
  • "Mirror Force Dragon" can be considered a "monster counterpart" of the original "Mirror Force". It must be Special Summoned with "The Fang of Critias" by using the original "Mirror Force" as Fusion Material and destroys all opposing cards whenever a monster on its side of the Field (either "Mirror Force Dragon" itself or another one) is attacked by an opponent's monster or targeted by an opponent's card effect.